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More Japanese candy! ♥

Omg, are you surprised to see me post something else so quickly? We’re on the subject of Japan lately so why not continue? These photos have been sitting in my blog folder for a few weeks now, so it’s time to put them up here!

As you guys know, I went to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in London at the end of April! I took Pixie with me to China Town before we went there and I purchased some more Japanese/Asian candy to try because I love trying foreign sweets!
ImageImageImageI purchased some Doraemon Soda (same as Ramune marble soda) and Dragon Ball Z Cola (for novelty) from the Japan Centre, and some Melon Milk from Oriental Delight in China Town, but I was made to throw these out during the bag search for the concert because I wasn’t aware there was a bar!!
ImageHere’s all the sweeties I got!! I purchased Green Tea Oreos, 100 Grape Gummy Candy, Green Tea Melty Kiss Chocolates and Kabaya Petit Pudding Mini Chocolates!!
ImageThese are the green tea Oreos that I purchased from Oriental Delight; they had many other flavours too like banana, strawberry, even peach and grape together!! I’ve been trying green tea/matcha flavoured things because I like green tea, and I LOVE green tea ice cream and Kit Kats; how come every time I find something new in green tea flavour, it just doesn’t taste right?? I LOVE Oreos, but the Oreo flavour is terribly dull, not sweet enough (not compared to the Oreos I’m used to) and the green tea cream has a slight cooling aftertaste which just doesn’t seem to taste right. Unfortunately, these have gone into the bin because no one was really a fan of them.
ImageMELTY KISS! These are a massive rave, I always see these mentioned on Asian blogs and videos; again, I decided to get the green tea flavour because I want to keep trying sweeties with this unique flavour! I think these cost about £4.00/£4.99 for a small box, really tiny and expensive but I guess makes for a decent present that will be unique to the receiver.
ImageImageImageExcuse the chocolately mess; I love that many Japanese candies come individually wrapped which means they will last longer and are easier to share or travel with! When I unwrapped it, I was a bit disappointed tbh; I imagined this chocolate to be fluffy and covered with chocolate dust like the package makes it look, kinda like a Belgian Truffle.
ImageBut it wasn’t, instead it was rather waxy; I know it looks dusted but that is just the odd texture of the chocolate. It did melt, but it was rather plastic-like…I don’t know how to explain it, you all must think that I’m mega fussy with these Asian sweets but honestly chocolate and sweets are completely different here in the UK, I guess it is just what you’re used to. I have countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland and even the UK that produce the world’s best chocolates, countries that are famously known for their art in chocolate; I’m honestly not being fussy, I guess I am just comparing it to what I’m so used to! The chocolate itself was waxy and didn’t have a lot of flavour; the green tea flavour did come through but again, wasn’t what I expected. I could eat them but I don’t think I will be purchasing them again.
ImageImageI purchased these gummy sweets because they are incredibly popular, and they’re not half bad! They cost me £3.99 from Oriental Delight and I wanted to get them last time but I had bought too much already! You get quite a big bag, and once again they are individually wrapped!
ImageImageHow cute are they!? They are heart shaped and come in cute pink packaging! Seems silly for just one gummy candy but as I said, easier to share and travel with! At first I was a little knocked back by the smell, it’s very strong but grape smell often can be strong. Once you get over that and the strength of the taste, the sweet is quite pleasant; it has a pleasant texture, but I feel you can’t eat too many at once.
ImageLast but not least are these Kabaya Petit Pudding Mini Chocolates; I got them from the Japan Centre but tbh, I haven’t tried them yet! I’ll let you know how they are when I get round to trying them, but I haven’t really had an appetite lately.

I will keep trying different sweets, it is fun to try them out and see what I like! I don’t want to go to Japan and stock up on sweets, and then find out that I don’t like them because that would be a waste wouldn’t it? Even if I end up not liking them, I enjoy writing about them and sharing them with friends and family; they are so different from sweets we have here in the UK (I won’t say Western sweets because European sweets differ from American sweets quite a bit too). Maybe I’ll do a blog post on sweets we get here in the UK?? ♥


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