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Do you have a Flower Boy living next door??

I’ve been keeping myself rather distracted lately, I had a week off with no will to do anything but be a bum; but I did manage to watch a new Korean drama, and I finished it in less than 2 days!!

Introducing: Flower Boy(s) Next Door!!
ImageAlso known as ‘My Cute Guys’, is a 2013 romantic comedy based on the webtoon ‘I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day’ by Yoo Hyun-Sook. It revolves around the life of a girl who never ventures outside of her own home, but after making some new friends is slowly brought out of her shell. The show was aired on tvN for 16 episodes, a nice short K-Drama which is much less dramatic than some of the other ones I’ve watched, probably because there is much less unrealistic drama.
ImageGo Dok-Mi (Park Shin-Hye) is a shy, quiet freelance editor who rarely leaves the comfort of her own home; the last time she was properly out, was in the park on an autumn day where she fell in love-at-first-sight with a man called Han Tae-Joon, who just happens to live in the apartment building opposite. Believing this to be fate, everyday she uses her yellow binoculars to watch him as he goes through his daily routines, but one day she notices Tae-Joon leave a hot kettle balancing on the table with his puppy sleeping underneath. It falls, and for the first time she properly leaves her apartment to chase after Tae-Joon to inform him that his puppy may be hurt but is very quickly distracted by her feelings for him and that she is outside for the first time in a long while; she is then interrupted by some gentleman who listens to her story of falling into unrequited love. She remembers the reason why she is out and rushes to the apartment building to the door of Tae-Joon, where she tries to call the puppy to see if it is okay; suddenly she is interrupted by Tae-Joon’s young cousin who has arrived to stay and dashes off in embarrassment. Whilst sneaking peeks, she is caught by Tae-Joon’s guest who accuses her of being a pervert, but later comes to the understanding that she was just trying to check up on the puppy who luckily is okay. And so her journey begins, as does their unique friendship…
ImageEnrique Geum (Yoon Si-Yoon) is Tae-Joon’s younger cousin fresh from Spain with the intention of playing Cupid’s arrow; a genius who created his first game from an early age, Enrique is a fun-loving, child at heart with a love for football. He has feelings for his best friend Yoon Seo-Young but is aware she has feelings for Tae-Joon, so decides to play Cupid for them both. He doesn’t think much when he finds Dok-Mi outside his cousin’s door, but when he catches her peeping into the apartment he accuses her of being a pervert. He does some investigating and realises that she was concerned about the puppy when he retrieves the recorded phone call that she made from the emergency line. His curiosity gets the better of him when she refuses to talk to him and doesn’t leave her apartment; he becomes insistent on drawing her out…
ImageOh Jin-Rak (Kim Ji-Hoon) is Dok-Mi’s next door neighbour with a secret past, and is secretly in love with her; he has never had a real conversation with her, nor entered her apartment but is stubborn about protecting her. Unlike Enrique’s wish to draw her out, Jin-Rak wants to protect her withdrawn lifestyle as he believes she is suffering from Enrique bothering her; he is a rookie webtoon artist, and begins a webtoon based on his love for Dok-Mi.
ImageOh Dong-Hoon (Ko Gyung-Pyo – left) is Jin-Rak’s room mate and drawing partner; he also has a secret that Jin-Rak is unaware of, quite often finding himself out of money and living off of Jin-Rak’s generosity. Watanabe Ryu (Kouki Mizuta – right) is the building’s newest member, originally from Japan who is visiting Korea to learn Korean cuisine.
ImageCha Do-Hwi (Park Soo-Jin) is Dok-Mi’s old school friend, a business woman who runs her own shopping mall; she shares a rather upsetting past with Dok-Mi, and her friendliness does not extend to Dok-Mi especially when she falls for Jin-Rak and discovers that he is in love with Dok-Mi. Recognise her? She’s from BOF too!!
ImageYoon Seo-Young (Kim Yoon-Hye) is Enrique’s first love and best friend; he returns to Seoul to ‘play Cupid’s arrow’ but realises she has feelings for Tae-Joon. He tries his hardest to forget his feelings and help them to be together, but unfortunately it does not work out when Tae-Joon decides to leave Seoul. Understanding that her love was not returned, she plans to return with Enrique to Spain but ends up leaving without him.
ImageKim Seul-Gi (Kim Seul-Gie) is the editor of Jin-Rak and Dong-Hoon’s webtoon; she’s loud and fiesty, shouting at them whenever they arrive unannounced, but she develops a soft spot for Dong-Hoon who uses this to his advantage when problems arise with the webtoon.
ImageHan Tae-Joon (Kim Jung-San) is Enrique’s older cousin and Dok Mi’s first love from afar, also being loved by Yoon Seo-Young; he is the owner of Hippo the puppy, who Dok-Mi refers to as ‘Blackie’ because she does not know his real name.
ImageHong Soon-Chul (Lee Dae-Yeon – right) is the security guard of the apartment building that Dok-Mi lives in; he is enthusiastic about getting them all together and he has a crush on Jung-Im (Kim So-Yi – left), who is a resident of the building.
ImageBae-Bok (Kim Da-Ye) is a stalker fan of Enrique; she doesn’t play a massive part until towards the end, but she’s just SO cute (especially when you first meet her), I nearly fell of my chair. ♥
ImageLast but not least, this is Hippo the puppy(ies)! No idea what breed it is, although I used to see a woman walking 2 dogs that looked very similar but they were orange instead of black. So adorable! And here are some funny photos…
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageOverall, I thought the drama was very good and rather normal tbh; so many of the dramas are overdramatised with all these insane situations popping up (BOF is a very good example for this), and whilst this makes for good cliff-hangers it can get a bit silly. This drama is about a slow and confusing love, what happens to many real-life people; I didn’t get bored watching it, or wish for it to speed up because it moved at a good pace. The characters were good, their back stories are easy to understand which makes it even more realistic; I was shocked that Dok-Mi was Park Shin-Hye, I’ve heard a lot about her but I don’t find out who plays the characters until after when I write up a blog post! I thought she was very good, and played a shy, withdrawn character very well. Enrique was my favourite because he’s so light-hearted and innocent, he acts like a child and I found myself ‘aww’ing’ at him so many times I lost count!!

If you want an easy drama to follow, I recommend this one! I think my drama rates as below:

  1. Boys Over Flowers
  2. Baby-Faced Beauty
  3. Flower Boy Ramen Shop
  4. Flower Boy Next Door
  5. Personal Taste
  6. Faith

Faith might be the last one but I still thought it was amazing!! None of these have been bad so far, BOF is still my favourite though and that’s probably because of Lee Min-Ho as Gu Jun-Pyo!! ♥

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