Disney ♥

Maleficent was AMAZING!! ♥♥♥

There is no need for a clever title, I just went to watch Maleficent and it was AWESOME!!! I wanted to watch it since I first heard about it, which was quite a while ago because the beauty bloggers were raving about it, excited to do a make-up tutorial on it closer to the time.

Seriously, Angelina Jolie was brilliant as Maleficent, no one else could’ve done it better. You think you know the story but you’re constantly hanging on because it twists and turns so much that you don’t quite know how they’ve gone about it. I love the story, I love the ending, I love the graphics, I love EVERYTHING!! Definitely one of my top films and one that I will be purchasing on DVD when it comes out (something I rarely do); such a shame that it probably won’t be out until Christmas time when everyone will be buying it whatever price, which will probably be expensive. No spoilers here, I just urge you to go and watch it if it is still out in your area, perfect for all you hardcore fantasy lovers!! Go, go!!!

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