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Photo post and a day in the land of cheese

Heeey blog,

It’s that time again where I purge the photos on my phone, which was A LOT thanks to it being hijacked 3 times!! So many selfies on there it was unreal, I was surprised that my phone could hold anymore photos.

It was my father’s 50th celebration a few Sunday’s ago and I left my phone with my friend whilst I went to the restroom; I thought nothing of it since it has never happened before but on the iPhone you can use the camera without having to unlock the phone, and so it began…
ImageSELFIE ATTACK. There were about 7 of these and the other photos had more of my family members in but I decided to post this one in because my little cousin is being blocked out and she isn’t in the others. This is my eldest brother and my other brother’s girlfriend, she was the friend that I left my phone with lol.
ImageMeet more of my family members! The main poser is my brother with his girlfriend from the photo before, my eldest brother perched on his shoulder, and my dad’s girlfriend’s daughter along with the next door neighbour’s little girl who I don’t know. I went to the restroom again and got hijacked for the second time in one day and there were about 30 photos of this lot pulling stupid faces…The funniest part are the next photos…
ImageImageImageImageThis is the point where I come back into the garden and find them all crowded around my phone =_=”. They obviously notice me entering the garden when…THEY CONTINUE TO POSE. So annoying, they all got a good whack especially when my battery died on me there and then from all their camwhoring! I went to see my sister the next weekend and left my phone unattended again, my brother told me I shouldn’t have done it and found my phone with another 100 odd photos of his face pulling stupid expressions…Yet my nan nor my dad failed to stop him or wonder wtf he was doing.
ImageI suddenly got a boost of followers again! I previously had 151 but then Instagram deleted all of the unactivated accounts and I lost 47 followers!!
ImageWithin a couple of days I had another 5 followers, and I think I have 158 atm but I haven’t really posted in a while because I honestly haven’t felt like camwhoring or anything because my life has been a bit hectic and I’ve been pretty miserable…
ImageHere’s my IG pic of my Hatsune Miku cards that I purchased back in London when I went to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu; they only cost me £4.00 but I thought they were good to add to my shelf. I haven’t ever watched anything to do with Hatsune Miku, I understand it is a mascot for a Japanese music company or something but I think it has a small cartoon of its own…
ImageHere are some super cute star hoop earrings that I purchased on eBay, they only cost me £1.99 per pair and I loved them so much I ordered the last pair in blue!! Super kawaii pastel colours!!
ImageI’ve recently been loving fruit prints!! One of my favourite shops to go to is Select, they update their fashion every week with new items and they are reasonably priced! The polka dot skirt originally cost £8.00 but was put down to £5.00 (only had been on their shelf for a few weeks), and just as I paid for it I found £5.00 on the floor! The watermelon print crop top cost me £6.00 or £6.99 but is super cute, and the cherry earrings were purchased on eBay for £2.97!! I think fruit prints are sooo cool and refreshing, retro at the same time!!
ImageI mentioned in my recent Japanese Candy post that I hadn’t tried these yet, well I did and they were much better than the other candies I tried! You’ve got to get used to the taste at first, quite sweet and artificial (as I always seem to say) but I was able to eat them easily but I probably won’t purchase them again.
ImageMy nan found this little guy in a secondhand shop!! He’s a 1993 Mattel Lion King Simba plush!! I’m a TLK nut and this little guy is rather rare, and in good condition except for a bit of dirt on one of his hind legs; he doesn’t smell and although his fur is a bit worn from age, he’s still in great quality. I’m sure TLK was released for cinema in 1994, which means he was made and ready to be sold before TLK was released for viewing!!
ImageSo, moving on to the ‘day in the land of cheese’ part of the title; today I went to Cheddar Gorge where famous cheeses (including Cheddar) are made!! It’s a little honeypot place and people flock there to buy cheese and cider! If anyone reads Cheeserland’s blog, you’ll know that she visited there in her early blogging days when she visted the UK. I really needed to get out of the house (although I would’ve felt 10x better had I not been hungover), my nan wanted to treat me so I let her buy me some bubblegum fudge to try. It’s super weird because you expect to chew it since it is bubblegum flavoured but it just melts in your mouth, strange but pleasant!
ImageImageImageImageImageImageJust some photos of the cliff face; there is a man climbing that rock in the picture above, I don’t think I could ever do it! The weather was fairly nice, a bit cooler than I wanted it to be considering yesterday it was so warm; I was wearing a skirt and there was quite a breeze so not only was I chilly but I nearly kept flashing everyone…I felt pretty miserable today to be honest and even though Cheddar is beautiful, there isn’t actually a lot going on there for people my age.
ImageImageSome cool sculpture heads, I really like the tiger one but the gorilla one is cool too only it costs SO much money, like £150.00 or something…
ImageImageImageImageWe were busy looking around the last shop when the heaven’s opened up and THIS came down O_o. You saw the sky in my earlier pictures right? There was no warning of this whatsoever! We went to leave the store and had to wait until it had stopped (luckily just a quick shower, welcome to the UK), we were lucky that we were in the last store and were just about to walk back to the car; I still ended up with mega soggy feet. 😦

So that’s everything, not a lot has been going on with me really; just need to get this week out of the way and then we’ll be able to see where life leads me…Until next time, bye!~

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