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Hyper Japan Lolita Outfit ♥

A little while ago I posted what I might wear to Hyper Japan this July; with the hotel being so expensive, we decided to skip the school cosplay but the Lolita cosplay is still on!! Here’s what I have purchased so far, they should be here on time!!
ImageI originally wanted this gorgeous Lolita choker with the Japanese style wings, bow and kitty bell but it would cost me £18.00 or so for the item and shipping! I am already spending so much on the whole event, let alone the outfit itself that I decided to go with a simple velvet bow choker in light pink. I purchased 2, both in pink with bows on the side of the neck instead of the middle, because I will alter the other one with a cute white sequin star and see which looks better. I definitely wanted something around my neck since the dress I am planning to get is strapless, and these chokers only cost me £1.75 each!
ImageI’m not sure if I will wear these but since they were only £1.28 each I decided to get a pair in white and pink. I’m not sure if they will go with the shoes, but I am sure they will be worn at some point anyway.
ImageHow gorgeous are these shoes!? They have a thick kitten heel, so will give me the elegant Lolita flair I require without ruining my feet throughout the day. The bows and heart detail are so adorable!! Most of my stuff comes from eBay but whenever I put ‘Lolita shoes’ into the search I could never find anything in my size! I’m a size 3 and finding unique shoes in my size is really hard!! Luckily I found an eBay seller with a ton of kawaii Japanese and Korean style shoes!! They are fairly affordable considering the prices that Lolita shoes can go for, I got these for £25.98!! A little bit of a splurge in my mind but these are cheap compared to what most people will pay for a pair of shoes!
ImageLast but not least is my bag that I just purchased!! It’s a super kawaii Lolita pony bag!! I got it in purple because the dress I am planning to get is mostly pink but has pastel purple bows around the bottom; I’m worried this bag won’t be big enough for my camera because I want to take my Lumix camera with me, but I only want to take my phone and purse as well so hopefully it will squeeze in. I expect if I remove the lense then it will fit but I’d rather not seperate the two because it can be a pain putting them together each time I take it out my bag (although I plan to take loads of photos, possibly even vlog so it will probably stay around my neck the entire time). Unfortunately the majority of Lolita bags are tiny, the one I was planning to get before I found this one was even smaller; I think this one has a bit more length to it so it should be okay. This bag is going for anything between £15.00-£40.00 depending on where you get it from; if you’re like me and are a bit of an expert on eBay then I am sure you can find it for the cheapest, I purchased this for £16.99 (even if I found another one for £15.99 afterwards =_=”).
ImageImageThis is the dress I am planning to buy; it is strapless which I think will be brilliant for the weather which is most likely going to be hot. It comes with a petticoat and is a corset so I can adjust how tight it is, I have checked the measurements and it should be okay although I have emailed the seller to see if they can tailor the skirt to 45cm instead of 50-60cm like they told me because of my short legs lol. I’m sure this is not a problem but I have emailed them just to confirm. I love the design on the back, it reminds me of a Cardcaptors costume or something. This dress will cost me £53.99 which I think isn’t too bad since it comes with a petticoat as well, most dresses cost this much and require you to buy the petticoat seperately if you want that added poof.

That’s it for the moment, I’m just going to flip through my kawaii clothes and make 2 other outfits out of what I already have; I didn’t realise that I have accumulated quite a collection of kawaii clothes! I should fit in nicely, I can’t wait for everything to arrive! ♥

2 thoughts on “Hyper Japan Lolita Outfit ♥

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait for it all to come; even though I have loved Japanese things since I was 11 and first watched Cardcaptors, this is my first time doing anything like this! I don’t understand how girls who are still in school manage to afford this lifestyle! Lol 🙂

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