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Anime boobs – Boobs that defy gravity… (16+)

Yesterday I was looking to watch another Anime, I haven’t watched an Anime series in a really long time so without knowing much about the show (thinking it was something similar to ‘Ah! My Goddess’ or ‘Tenchi Muyo’), I decided to try watching ‘Ah! My Buddha’ and within 2 minutes there was a pair of boobs and panties on the screen. In many Anime’s there is always some level of boob and panty shots but when I discovered that the main guy becomes some super buddha when he sees a naked girl, I knew that this was an Anime for the perverted =_=”. I decided to watch ‘Ah! My Goddess’ because I had only watched the OVA series and quite enjoyed it, so now I am on the original episodes.

For no real reason other than for laughs, I put ‘Anime Boobs’ into Google Images because I knew that I would find some ridiculously funny gifs, so I’m going to share some with you and hope they make you LOL like they made me. P.S. Guys, boobs don’t actually do this.
ImageImageImageImageSeriously what is with Anime!? Lol where do they even get the idea that boobs natural or fake have the ability to do these kind of things??? Not surprised that the blue haired girl looks so ashamed of her no-boobs…
ImageI will NEVER EVER understand this episode of Pokemon =_=”; I know James dressed up like a woman on many ocassions but where did James find such realistic boobs, and why did Jessie allow him to have breasts bigger than hers??
ImageWtf!? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Boob surfing…
ImageImageImageImageLol Tit Slap. Has anyone ever done that to you? I can’t count the amount of times my friends have accidentally slapped or elbowed my boobs, it hurts T_T.
ImageThis one seemed like a nice long little story gif until the end…I’ve no idea what the story behind this is supposed to be, nor why what looks like a book will make boobs look bigger…
ImageImageJust no…seriously, no Matrix boobs EVER.
ImageImageOkay that’s enough about big boobed ladies, what about us who are owners of little kittens?? How do you think we feel next to girls with big breasts? My bestie has DD=EE+ or something stupid, and here’s me with my little mosquito bites…Sometimes we do the following:
ImageAnd then we cry T_T LMAO. It’s so female orientated here, let’s man it up with this other gif I found…lololololololol..
ImageLol seriously Anime =_=” I’m not a fan of my breasts feeling sore each month let alone them bursting apart and shooting a hyper beam…
ImageGotta find some way to make yourself feel better haven’t you…Some of you may think that I spent FAR too much time researching Anime boob gifs, and you’re probably right. But some of them are so damn funny, why must Anime boobs defy gravity!? I think the most natural set of Anime boobs I ever saw was in Elfen Lied, but that was probably because it was more of a serious Anime than a comedy…I’m going to end this with a gif I found upon my search which is non-boob related you’ll be pleased to know, but it made me laugh all the same.

11 thoughts on “Anime boobs – Boobs that defy gravity… (16+)

    1. I know me too lol especially the ones that were really ridiculous. Trust me, there were some worst ones but I decided not to post them lol.

    1. Lol as wonderfully hilarious as they are, a little too R rated for my blog; although I did get the Matrix boobs in there! XD

      1. there was a scene shortly before the matrix boobs where a guy was firing a gun while using his ex’s breasts as a mount and the breasts were basically having a seizure after every gunshot. Damn, they must have killed after that.

    1. Hey I’m really sorry but I don’t know the actual names of the Anime! I literally just typed ‘anime boobs gif’ into Google and this is what came up! Search it and see, maybe you can find out what they are called that way! Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    2. on PC, copy the gif’s url, go to the google images websit, click the camera icon in the search bar and paste, google will find either the name of anime, the character or meme (if the gif’s involved with one)

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