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So my first Lolita buying experience was a little…Neh…

Okay, so as you guys know that I am going to be dressed in the Sweet Lolita style for Hyper Japan; this is my first ever time buying anything Lolita and whilst I was looking forward to it, it hasn’t been as successful as I had hoped…

Firstly the shoes were too big; I selected the right size that clearly stated UK 3, the bottom of the shoe had a sticker saying 36, and underneath the sticker had the size 35, so 36 is my size and 35 is smaller. I’m a little confused by it because size 36 is my size but these shoes were too big! Luckily by adding a padded insole and adding 2 extra holes on the straps they now fit me fine, it’s just a shame because this seller has loads of kawaii shoes and I’m worried that the same thing will happen again! I know some conversion charts show a European size 36 is a UK size 4, but all of my UK size 3 shoes show size 36 on them and the options showed size 36/UK3, so how can they be too big?? It doesn’t make a lot of sense but since they tecnically sent me the right size, I had to give them their positive feedback. I’ll purchase from them again and see what happens, if it is fine then it must just be the shoes but if not then it must be that their sizing is incorrect.

Secondly the dress doesn’t appear to be the same as the photo; the bows aren’t cute and rounded with a slight shimmer, they are just normal square bows. The dress was said to be strapless with clear straps, but there are non-adjustable straps where the straps would go and although these might be used for hanging, there is no where for me to attach removable straps and no clear straps came with them! The bows on the straps to create the bow at the back are small compared to the picture, and the straps don’t look big enough to create such a big bow (but not entirely sure about this bit). On top of all that, the bust doesn’t seem to fit all that great; the bust area itself does but the actual bust line (what I think looks like frosting) is flappy and keeps coming forward, not good because I don’t want to be that kind of Lolita…SO, I have asked my dad’s girlfriend to help me use the straps to turn it into a halter neck dress which will help to keep the chest piece up and at the same time solve the problems of the annoying straps, as well as the concern that I thought my neck area was going to be rather bare. We are also going to sew the bows flat to the dress because at the moment they are only sewn on at the middle and are rather flappy; a good iron and I think the dress will look pretty good!!

So this is my first time and this is the trouble it has caused me so far lol; still as long as I can wear it all comfortably then I guess there is a level of success there right?? Let’s hope it all works out on the day of Hyper Japan, at least the dress and shoes came well in time for me to wear it all in and get used to it!!

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