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A bit of everything – Photo post

Heeyy blog, first of all I’m not caring much for this new post editing, I can’t find the preview button and adding photos is completely different, I liked being able to see on my edit post what the photos looked like next to the text and now I can’t!? Wtf…? Have to do it via the dashboard now which is much more hassle…

Anyway, other than some drama at work not a lot has been going on for me; so it’s that time again where I purge my phone of photos and share with you guys little snippets of my life! Here goes!
IMG_5705Here is a super cute photo of a Mallard duck who appears to be sat on the wing of an aeroplane!! He must be freezing but thankfully someone captured this super cute moment as he looks in!!
IMG_5708Here is a photo taken weeks ago of me and my brother (back when they hijacked my phone…) and I decided to dress it up with some Purikura! My brother is such a poser lol.
IMG_6021 Ugh, all the photos are so difficult to edit now… I used to just click ‘New Post’ and it would be done via the main WordPress instead of my blog’s dashboard, but now I have to do it this way in order to upload the photos seperately instead of as a ‘gallery’; like why would I want to upload it that way? I want to explain each photo and to use pictures to seperate my paragraphs! I hope they change it back and stick the preview button back on… Anyway, just a camwhore shot of me before heading out to meet my friends at the pub; my fringe was getting long so I had to sweep it to the side but I got it cut again shortly afterwards.
IMG_6028I love gaming, when I was a child it was all about the Playstation and Playstion 2; me, my mum and dad used to play this game called Ico, and it is about a boy with horns who is sent to an evil castle as a sacrifice but he manages to escape and comes across a girl who he tries to escape with. This is a book written by Miyuki Miyabe, a take on the story behind Ico; the game itself doesn’t give you much idea on things like: Why does Ico have horns? Why is he sent to the castle as a sacrifice? Why is Yorda locked in a cage? Why is the castle empty? Who is the queen? What happens at the end? This book is Miyuki’s own attempt at trying to explain everything you want to know (even if there is no further explanation on the end *dammit*); this was approved by the makers of Ico, so could be considered official even if the story doesn’t come from the directors themselves. Overall it was a good book (although it did drag on a bit too much with Yorda’s story) and I am glad I purchased it; it gave me an insight into the game of things that I didn’t take much notice of before, and although the castle itself is slightly different than that of the game, I am sure there are elements that I will take more notice of next time. Here is the song ‘Castle in the Mist’ which the book is named after – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtPym3pK7fQ&list=PLB766B6B451C9F768&index=4

There isn’t much to the soundtracks because the game is pretty silent except for the noises throughout the castle, very limited dialogue and the occassional music that plays during movie clips. If you love games with a Japanese essence and puzzles, definitely check this one out.
Okay, so I was lucky enough to enlarge this photo without losing detail, the other ones don’t like enlarging for some reason but this is an original photo taken by my Lumix so maybe that’s why. I purchased some Etude House cosmetics!! Here I have the Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion (sample set), Dear Girls Big Eye Maker and Cute Eyes Maker, BB cream sample, Precious Mineral Any Cushion, more samples, Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk (was accidentally sent instead of the Fresh Cherry Tint and I actually prefer this sheer lipstick) and a Pop Tint Stick. I am excited to do reviews on these!! I haven’t really updated my beauty blog but I will be expanding it and dramatically updating it as soon as I have everything I need together, I promise!! I have SO MUCH to review, so I promise it will be much better than it has currently been!!
IMG_6079IMG_6083Just some more camwhore shots of me; my fringe got cut again and I am so happy!! I get a lot of compliments now thanks to my hair style and I couldn’t be happier!! I always liked the side fringe but it was such a pain when it grew out and I was always aware that my forehead was on show! Now, not only does it frame my face much nicer, it makes me look a lot prettier!! I am so happy that I decided to take a risk and get my hair cut this way!! I think it brings my eyes out much more, plus this hair style isn’t that common, it’s nice to stand out!
IMG_6092So one really hot Saturday, I went out to meet someone and didn’t put any sun protection on because I did not think I would be out in the sun for 2 and a half hours!! Turns out I was and my thighs, thanks to the way I was sitting, got terribly burnt!! I slathered Sudocrem and Aftersun on for 3 days, this was like 4 weeks ago and I have only just started peeling now (very slightly from being dry). It was sore and uncomfortable but luckily didn’t stop me sleeping.
IMG_6093A sneak peek into the life of my darling nephew; Harry is just starting to stand and can crawl really well, he has an obsession with doing this face unless you get a camera out then he stops… He was about to cry here because mummy wasn’t paying him any attention and he was extremely tired (honestly this baba rarely cries unless he is tired or super hungry – every time I tried to capture this new expression he would stop lol). Too cute I just had to share! As much as I would like to parade him and show him off to everyone, I don’t but photos like this are priceless!!
IMG_6099IMG_6216Two more camwhore shots! Omg. Life has been pretty bad for me and I have only just started to be happy and confident enough to start posting selfies again. The bottom one I am on the train to work, I don’t care if other people see me camwhore lol; it was nice to have a photo in a different surrounding other than my office because I don’t take selfies at home (wear no make-up and slob clothes, only camwhore when looking pretty). I get a lot of comments about my eyes, they are by far my best feature (as mentioned already, especially now with my new fringe); I do use filters on my photos to even out my skin, but I do not make my eyes bigger this are how big they actually are. ^_^
IMG_6110Kawaii ice cream bubbles!! I got these for £1.00 and they came in a set of 3 (came with a chocolate one but I gave that to my cousin as part of her birthday present); I kept the yellow and pink ones to decorate my room because they are so cute!! I am thinking of purchasing some more and turning them into necklaces…
IMG_6226Grrrr this photo importing is SOOO annoying!! My photos are a little fuzzy if I want to make them bigger, I have enlarged this one because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it! This is my LINE PLAY house and character!! You can add me at Kawaii_Kanae!! Top left is my kitchen area, top right is my bathroom, bottom left is my ‘study’ and bottom right is my front room. It looks a little different now as I have added some more decorations, walls for my bathroom and a bed!! Currently you can earn between 300-5000 gems when you do your daily sticker!! As you can see I have a ‘kawaii’ theme going on; I love the little yellow teddy plush on the desk! I have just added a box of cute plushes and a unicorn plush too!!
IMG_6233So after I received my Etude House delivery, I realised I was delivered a lip stick instead of a lip tint; I emailed the seller and they told me I could keep the wrong item and they would send me the correct item out for free!! Here is the lip tint in a cute pale pink, but I actually prefer the lip stick lol. If you can’t tell, I have been using my new camera and light to capture these!
IMG_6242IMG_6241IMG_6240Here are the photos of my Lolita shoes that I will be wearing for Hyper Japan! If you have read my post already, you will know that these didn’t exactly fit and needed some alteration… But they are just soooooo pretty no??
IMG_6244This is how I decorated the photos to post them on IG! I fell in love with them, my Lumix captured them perfectly so everyone else can see how perfectly adorable they are!! ~♥
IMG_6258Just a random photo of my instant noodles (not Ramen just beef Supernoodles lol); I put my Korillakuma chopsticks in for decoration, they are not for eating slippery things!! I use them mostly to decorate my food, I can eat with chopsticks but it is hard to eat noodles with them and since I usually order noodles, I just end up using a fork so that I don’t fall behind everyone else haha.
IMG_6273So then I decided to try and eat healthy, and so for lunch (no matter how tempted by my work colleague’s cheese and ham toasted baguette from Gregg’s) I would eat a nutritious bowl of freshly chopped strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Yum! My iPhone captured this too, I used a LINE filter to make it look so bright and clear!
IMG_6305Sorry for bad quality, we all know that the front cam on iPhone is cruddy anyway; my hair looks ombre here hehe. I was trying on false lashes to see how they looked, this is the biggest sucess I have had yet! They actually felt in the right place but they were so dramatic that I thought I looked like my best friend who wears them on a daily basis, so I snapchatted everyone with a ton of ‘Pixie Poses’ and this one looked the best lol. I think I have some lashes that are a lot softer, more flexible and will be more suited to me for Hyper Japan (would like to do the Japanese make-up style which will include falsies).
IMG_6344What do ya know, here she is the one and only! My bestest friend! You might remember her from my Kyary Pamyu Pamyu post where we both dressed up; she still has short hair but is wearing a wig here. This is her Lolita dress that she purchased for Hyper Japan, I am so jealous of her hair bow it is so cute!! Yes she’s beautiful and stunning, we all hate her for it I know =_=.
IMG_6352Here is a sneak peek of my outfit!! Sorry the picture is blurry, the mirror is messy and I was struggling to keep the dress from falling down. The bows have now been properly sewn on and the straps have been replaced with a thicker ribbon and crossed over the back. All I need to do is get my bra and adjust the dress to fit whilst wearing it! Sorry about the state of my room as well lol, I just threw everything everywhere!!
IMG_6384So here is an edited photo of my kitty ear stretcher; don’t worry, I’m not actually stretching my ear because it is fake!! I thought it was so cute because it looks like the kitty is awkwardly hanging out of my lobe hehe.
IMG_6391Pixie is so sweet, she bought us MLP best friend necklaces!! She sent me the photo and was like ‘DIBS ON RAINBOW DASH’, I thought that was fine because Pinkie Pie is pink!! I love pink! So cute!
IMG_6392I’m not sure if I should upload this photo or not, but even though it is a little…erm…inappropriate lol, I really like it! You don’t get to see this side of me often, and when ever I manage to produce a somewhat sexy photo I always get really proud of myself lol.
IMG_6474Last but not least is a bunch of very boring looking clothes. My sister told me she needed some clothes my size and asked if I had any to donate; I went through my entire wardrobe and plucked out all the things that I am very unlikely to wear. I’m a clothes hoarder, and even though I still have some clothes that aren’t particularly my usual cute style, I still need normal things to wear for work. The majority of this stuff has either never been worn or worn only a few times (except the 3/4 lengths). It feels so good to clear out some of my wardrobe and knowing that it will go to a good home rather than in the bin; this is stuff that I used to wear ages ago that has just been sitting around doing nothing since I changed up my style.

So that is my photo compilation! I am so unbelieveably excited to go to Hyper Japan!!! I have all my money saved, the hotel is booked and I have my tickets and outfits!! The only thing I have to book now is the train ticket to London once I find out for definite what is happening with transport. I know I am going to have to get a train either way but I would need to know what trains to book.

That’s everything from me today! These past few months have been so expensive for me lol. Bye-Bye~♥

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