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25 things you probably didn’t know about Pokémon

Hello! Wow, I’m all about the informative posts lately aren’t I? Life has been dull (until next week for Hyper Japan!!), so to prevent boredom I wind up searching deeply into things; this time was Pokémon!
largeI can’t really remember how I ended up researching it as such, I know my cousin came to me on Saturday and randomly said that she was really into Pokémon at the moment; I showed her my bedroom, which contains my small trophy shelf of Anime merchandise, and she was stuck to me like a limpet for the rest of the day whilst letting her mother know at every given opportunity how badly she wanted my room. Who knew that my little cousin so interested in all things girly, princess-y and whatever is popular would be interested in Anime? She told me that she was getting very good at drawing the eyes of the boy and girl but had not yet got round to drawing the ‘Pokemon animals’ (bless her she thinks anything Anime-style is called Pokémon, so I taught her the correct terms); I said I would see what they had at HJ and bring something back for her but actually managed to purchase 25 figures from China for £2.99. She said she would keep an eye out for them but there is no way she would be able find them here in the UK anymore unless she was lucky enough to find them in a specialist shop (lucky girl actually has an Anime themed shop in her town); she won’t be fussed if they are ‘fakes’ and I’m sure the lot will contain some fakes, but at least she will have her own little collection.

ANYWAY, I know that Pokémon was on the brain and after talking about it with my brother that evening, I got onto researching things that not many people know about with regards to both the game and the Anime. So here is my list that I put together of 25 of the most interesting Pokémon trivia!

1) Ash’s age never changes, he has never managed to get past the semi-finals of the Pokémon League, and he has only caught 70 or so species of Pokémon – Over a decade and however many seasons, Ash has not aged or got anywhere close to being the Pokémon Master or catching them all; Ash might actually be a lousy Pokémon trainer with a big ego, but I guess, like the Simpsons (don’t even go there), Ash and his many friends exist in a world with an extremely slow time frame (but even so it is longer than a year and he therefore should have aged at least a bit).
ashash22) The Pokémon regions are based on real-life regions of Japan – That’s right, certain areas of Japan reflect the geography of the Pokémon regions on the map!
pkmnmap3) Pokémon has appeared on a currency before – In Niue, an island of the South Pacific, they print their own currency; the Government engraved Pikachu on their $1 coin and were made as a series of special coins for collectors.
pikacoin4) Ash was originally supposed to receive a Clefairy but was replaced with Pikachu – After all these years, we cannot think of anyone else following Ash around and perching on his shoulder other than his beloved Pikachu. When the show was in production, Ash was originally supposed to have a Clefairy and this can still be found in some of the very early artwork and Mangas; even so, I doubt Clefairy would’ve made as big of an impact on our hearts as Pikachu has.
firstday5) Diglett can be a mating partner to Wailord, as can Skitty – Whut!? Wrong but true. Wailord can indeed mate with both Diglett and Skitty; both are doomed to serious squishing, that is unless Diglett is in fact a massive, ripped person underneath the ground…Even so…
skitlorddigletbrock6) Driftloon is a child snatcher – The Pokedex entries for Driftloon state that the Pokemon tricks children into thinking it is a balloon and carries them away; how creepy and dark is that?
drifloon7) Parasect is technically a zombie – When Paras evolves into Parasect, the parasitic mushroom on its back actually takes over the host which explains the Pokémon’s blank, white eyes.
parasect8) Ash’s Japanese name is tribute to the creator of Pokémon – In Japan, Ash is in fact known as Satoshi, after the creator, Satoshi Tajiri.
satoshi9) ‘Mew’ was trademarked before the title ‘Pokémon’ – This may have been because Pokémon’s first choice name was ‘Capsule Monsters’ (Capemon?) but they had difficulty getting it trademarked; perhaps they had Mew already in mind and being a very easy and ‘cute’ word to come up with (especially in a country that is built with kawaii) they decided to get it trademarked as soon as possible before anyone else used it or stole their idea.
mew10) A Pokémon episode was banned due to causing seizures – The Pokémon episodes ‘Electric Porygon Soldier’ caused roughly 700 children to have epileptic fits due to the bright, flashing lights.
seizure11) Pokémon won a Guinness World Record – Haha, for ‘Most photosensitive epileptic seizures caused by a TV show’; you can still find this on the internet if you really want to watch it, but I would advise you not to just in case.
GWR12) Porygon and its evolutions have since then not made an appearance – Since that episode, Porygon and its evolutions have not appeared in the Anime episodes except for brief shots and momentary features in movie openings; I’m not sure why they removed Porygon, I think because it is still lodged in many people’s minds that this Pokémon was in that seizure episode and therefore there is a fear surrounding that Pokémon. Apparently the Japanese do not like to bring things back up that remind them of unfortunate events and Porygon would definitely remind everyone of the seizure incident. Over a decade since and Porygon evolutions still have not made an appearance, it should be safe to bring them back; remember that poor Porygon was banned because PIKACHU’S thunderbolt destroyed the rockets, which caused them to explode, which created the flashing (but the producers should have caught this when they previewed it).
porygon13) Cubone wears its dead mother’s skull – It’s morbid enough that the critter wears the skull, even more morbid when you wonder how the hell it removed the skull from its mother’s body in the first place.
cubone14) The music to Lavender Town causes some uneasiness in players – It’s true that this music is dead creepy; throw in a giant tower of Pokémon graves and a murdered Marowak and you’re good to go (and yes I creeped myself out with it – you can find it on YouTube).
lavendertown15) Koffin and Weezing were originally going to be called ‘Ny’ and ‘La’ – Why? Because New York and Los Angeles are notable for their bad smog.
nyla16) Jewish Psychic Uri Geller tried to sue Pokémon but lost – The reason being that the Pokémon Kadabra was apparently using his identity without authorisation; Kadabra’s Japanese name ‘Yungerer’ apparently has a resemblance to Uri Geller’s own name, whilst having psychic abilities and carrying a spoon. He also stated that the symbols on Kadabra’s stomach were the same as the Waffen-SS symbol, as well as the star on its forehead being similar to that of St.David.
uri17) In 2010, a creepy fan made game known as ‘Pokémon Lost Silver’ was released – I heard about this and there are videos surrounding this game. The story was that someone unknowingly purchased a hacked version of Pokémon Silver that actually contained Pokémon Lost Silver; the story is short and gruesome, and instead of having us enjoy the wonders of Pokémon, has us realising our own grim reality that regardless of whether you have a name or not, everyone dies and is eventually forgotten.
300px-The_Story_of_Pokemon_Lost_Silver_-_A_Halloween_Special1609232_med18) Apparently two other hacks known as ‘Pokémon Creepy Black’ and ‘Pokémon Rose’ were also made – Rose is supposed to be a hack that acts as if you were playing one of the original Pokémon games, whereas Creepy Black is supposed to somehow enable you to receive ‘GHOST’ as your first Pokémon with only the move ‘Curse’ that instead of fainting Pokémon, causes them to actually die.
oihxld tumblr_lgzkpivLVe1qzpbds19) People eat Pokémon – One of Farfetch’d Pokedex entries implies that humans nearly hunted the Pokémon to extinction, which confirms that people in the Pokémon universe eat Pokémon.
232qC20) Slowbro can de-evolve – Slowbro’s Pokedex entry says that if the Shellder on its tail is removed, it will revert back into a Slowpoke.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-20823-1389730843-021) Some of the Pokémon’s names are Palindromes – Girafarig, Ho-oh and Eevee are the only Pokémon whose names can be spelled the same forwards and backwards; on another note Ekans spelt backward is ‘Snake’ and Arbok spelt backwards is ‘Kobra’.
pal22) Rhydon was the first Pokémon created – Rhydon was also the first Pokémon to be entered into Red and Blue with the index number 001, and Dinosaur-like statues found all throughout Kanto are thought to depict Rhydon because of this reason.
2z6xjc723) The move ‘Splash’ was mistranslated from ‘Hop’ – In the original Generation 1 colour game it was mistranslated which is why it is a Normal-type move and not a Water-type move.
anigif_enhanced-buzz-3003-1389730551-2124) Psychic-type Pokémon are weak against Bug, Ghost and Dark types – Why? Because they are common fears of the human Psyche.
psychic_type_wallpaper_by_reshiramaster-d5y6a1725) The whirls on Poliwag, Poliwhirl and Poliwrath are a design referring to the small intestines of tadpoles – If you look closely at tadpoles, you can see their intestines through their transparent stomach and this is where the their design comes from.
transparent_tadpole_by_melvynyeo-d5de5qcSo that concludes this post! 25 things that you probably didn’t know about Pokémon! I really searched the internet but these were the most interesting that I found; actually this was quite a lot of fun, I think I will do another one some time… I know that there are many things on this list that I didn’t know about, and I hope you have as much reading them as I did! Peace out! ♥

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