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Frightening Electrical Storms

PikachuSo last night at around 12:15am, I woke up to some serious thunder; here in the UK we get plenty of rain and sometimes thunder, but our storms don’t tend to reach the full extent of a highly dangerous electrical lightning storm. You may get plenty of thunder and the odd flash or two if you’re lucky, but most of the time its bark is bigger than its bite. Last night however was not the case. The thunder was so loud and there was flash after flash; I swear at one point, one of the claps I heard was lightning striking nearby and not thunder. Storms don’t frighten me, I’m perfectly happy to sit and watch it; usually I don’t because, as mentioned earlier, they’re not worth watching or they simply don’t wake me up.

I decided to film a few minutes of the storm and Snapchat video it to others, I thought it was right on top of us but how wrong was I when I woke up to find out that there was much better footage than what I had caught! It just goes to show what kind of scale the storm was on, that not just the South-West, but right across England people were experiencing the same storm. People from Swansea, Wales right across to London were having this storm around this time of night; some pictures were even caught in the very early hours of dawn by the sea! It was rather exciting, there were so many flashes and I even caught a couple of bolts; I thought my iPhone video had done a pretty good job of picking them up as I posted them on Facebook until I saw the photos that people had been posting to BBC Points West!!

IMG_6662IMG_6660IMG_6661These are my screenshots that I got from the video; I thought the last one was really cool because it was so bright! It lit up the entire sky, it’s actually the same bolt as the picture above but just a second before; now here are the ones from BBC Points West…
IMG_6668This is a photo of a lightning bolt in Chippenham, Wiltshire.
A spectacular lightning bolt over Evercreech, Somerset.
Over Frome, Somerset.
Almost looks like an alien abduction; this was over Keynsham near Bristol.
This was over Brimley Heath, Bristol; it’s so amazing, it looks like hands!!
This was over Severn Beach, Bristol; the sky was really angry red at the beginning of the storm!
Last but not least is my favourite of them all; this is so amazingly beautiful, I expect the guy who took this was driving at the time. He happens to be the partner of my friend’s, friend. This was taken in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Eventually it seemed like the storm was moving away, so I decided to go to the bathroom since I was already up; I saw that my dad’s door was open and his lamp light on so I decided to see what he was up to. Turns out the lightning had turned his touch lamp on which I assume woke him up; he then decided to film the storm too, and told me that the lightning had turned next door’s outside light on as well (I thought they had turned it on to watch outside). Through a gap between the houses I could see that people were still driving about in cars, I thought they were crazy! My colleague told me this morning that the church in our town had got hit too and it was really loud. By the time I got back into bed at 1am, the flashes and thunder weren’t so powerful and I was able to drift back to sleep.
170824-a55f59c05bc3b8e298072e5fbf2f698d_superYeah this was totally me because it was still too damn hot to be in clothes under the duvet, so I was hugging my pillow all night; why does that make not sleeping under the covers more comfortable??

So the day started overcast and miserable, it was going to be 6 degrees cooler than yesterday so I put some thin jeans on; I was hoping that the torrential rain we also experienced last night would clear the air but it is still as muggy as ever. With a sky like this, you’d never have thought that we had had a massive thunder storm!
IMG_6674Anyway, we are supposed to be having more rain later and a very rainy day tomorrow; unfortunately for me, I will be heading to the city and will need my brolly! I am determined to not let the foul weather ruin my mood, it will be enjoyable!! Either way, it is still sooooo hot! I really hope the humidity clears up by next week for Hyper Japan, I would hate to get all sweaty in my Lolita dress!

I hope you have a nice weekend! Did you experience the storm? I bet your snaps were better than mine! Bye-bye~♥

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