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Kawaii_Kanae gets a makeover!

The blog not me! I decided to give the blog a more ‘kawaii’ feel to it and found this cute teddy bear pattern panel on Google images; not sure who it belongs to but all credit goes to them! It’s been floating about Pinterest so I’m not sure if anyone actually knows who the original owner is anymore. I also swapped my title’s colour from pink to lilac; I still love pink, but the old theme was what the blog setup came with, and was a little bit boring.

Yay! It’s so cute now; it’s like giving your fence a fresh lick of paint and making it look brand new! Okay, way too excited over my blog’s makeover… I really ought to be working right now but I can barely be bothered, I’m too sleepy because I was up between 12-1am watching a massive lightning storm (will post pictures later).

On another note, so happy that my blog has been reaching 100+ views since it hit 100 views earlier this week! Thank you so much and I hope I continue to interest you all! ~♥

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