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An interesting week ♥

I’m doing very well with my blogging if I do say so myself, many updates and interesting posts this week! I haven’t done very much, but I did have nice, eventful weekends for once.

My dad had a garden party and invited a lot of friends but unfortunately the majority dropped out and ended up being mostly family; still we had a nice time, and I got to see my adorable little nephew walk by himself!! He is one next month, and already knows how to walk (at least 6-7 steps) by himself and say ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’. I love him so much, can’t help but want to eat him and get high off of his baby smell.
IMG_68046As mentioned in my Pokémon post, my cousin was stuck to me like glue when she saw all of the Anime/Pokémon collection; she made me a ring out of those loom bands and asked me to play on her team for a game bless her. When it was time to leave, she said she didn’t want to go home and would miss me (d’awww) and said she would look forward to seeing me at Harry’s birthday party.

Pixie popped over quickly to pay me back for the hotel when we stay in London next week; she got to meet Harry who thought it would be funny to try and get into her luggage bag before chucking her iPhone across the garden (and at dad). She gave me a MLP Best Friends necklace; she has Rainbow Dash and I have Pinkie Pie!!
IMG_6534On Sunday I went to a nearby city with a special someone and had a lovely day; I was dressed head to toe in kawaii pastel colours!! I wore my pink hair bow, mint Tokyo sweater, floral jeans, mint sneakers and crystal heart ring!!
IMG_6602IMG_6620We ate Pizza Hut and had a Ben’s Cookie (mine was praline and he had milk orange – omg it was all so, so good); you definitely have to try one of these if you find one of their shops or stalls!!
IMG_6609Unfortunately, many of the shops that I used to enjoy looking around seem to have disappeared (including the Disney shop that has been there since I was a little girl)!! However, there is this old fashioned toy shop that is home to a spectacular wooden castle that always amazes me when I see it; how I would have loved to have had that castle and played with Sylvanian Families in it!!
IMG_6616I visited an old fashioned sweet shop and bought the infamous Jelly Belly Bean Boozled jelly beans!! I searched and searched for these online, and they were all mega expensive!! For a small box (perfect for a once only try – ick) they cost me just £2.99; the flavours are well and truly disgusting!! Stinky socks, lawn clippings, rotten egg, toothpaste, vomit, canned dog food, booger and baby wipes; if you’re lucky then you’ll get one of the nicer flavours – tutti-fruitti, lime, buttered popcorn, berry blue, peach, chocolate pudding, juicy pear or coconut!!
IMG_6630IMG_6634IMG_6627I want to vlog myself and someone else doing this one day, but my brother and his girlfriend really wanted to do it there and then! They really wish they hadn’t, some of their expressions are too funny!!
IMG_6817IMG_6818IMG_6824IMG_6827IMG_6828IMG_6829IMG_6835IMG_6839IMG_6843IMG_6847They were not impressed lol; his girlfriend had to leave when he tried the canned dog food bean because there was only one haha, she said it smelled so bad, she went into the bathroom to heave! I really didn’t want to try any because I didn’t want to ruin when I come to vlog it; I did smell a couple which smelled okay but I ended up with stinky socks and lawn clippings!! YUK. I did manage to get a berry blue which was very nice, but I ended it there. I have wanted to try them since I saw Bubzbeauty do it, and no their reactions are not OTT at all! =_=

Now for some random photos! I absolutely love decorating my house and character on LINE PLAY; everything is so kawaii that I wish I really had a room that looked like the way I have decorated mine! I also dressed my character up in some kawaii Harajuku-style clothes! Hopefully I can purchase some adorable decorations at Hyper Japan (especially an Alpaca plush).
IMG_6496IMG_6498 I purchased some really cool clothes online and they arrived; I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with the bunny top!! It says ‘HIP’ on the front and ‘HOP’ on the back with a little tail, so cute!!
IMG_6515IMG_6516I also purchased this cool, white spaceship print skirt! So unique and the skirt is really comfortable!! I can’t wait to wear it out but I’m not sure what to wear it with lol – still, so cute!!
IMG_6514I did purchase a popular t-shirt with a pastel cactus print but the quality was no where near as good as I thought it was going to be; it is made of a heavy, shiny fabric and although the print is good, the t-shirt is halfway between a full-length top and a crop top. To me it just seemed out of shape and I don’t know what I’ll wear it with; I thought it was going to be a normal cotton t-shirt, so I’m quite disappointed with it.
56171_originalLast but not least, I ordered some pompom bracelets/hair bobbles on eBay from a seller called Gobbolino; they are really cute and were super cheap, I just wanted something to put on my wrists because I felt that my Lolita dress was a little bare since I have been rather short on cash lately to purchase accessories.
IMG_6652I am really excited for Hyper Japan; I must start wearing in my Lolita shoes too, I’m going to do the thick socks and blow-dryer trick to warm and stretch the leather so that they are not so tight. Pixie also received her shoes and is happy. I need to get everything finally altered this weekend such as my petticoat and dress straps and I should be set to go! Booked my train tickets last night, I am so psyched for this!!

So I went out again this weekend, this time to a different city! I went with that special someone again, but after the hectic week I had I really wanted a relaxing weekend!! He was on his train to meet me but there was flooding between my town and the next (7 minute train ride) and so they had delayed ALL of the trains! Then they cancelled my train and a woman who had spoken with one of the staff said that they were planning to send us to a stop that is like an hour away so that they could turn us around on a different track to get to the city!! She also said that due to flooding in the next town, the coaches refused to come out!! The train driver then told us that he was going to send the train to READING (over an hour away) to turn us around and come back on a different track; I was furious at being messed around that I left and went home. I informed my friend who said he was happy to wait and hopefully the trains would start again soon; I managed to sign for my tshirts that arrived before going back and managing to catch a train to the city with no problem (obviously the flooding wasn’t that bad). ¬_¬

Anyway, here is an OOTD photo; I wore my LAME pink sweater (which I think every kawaii girl owns and I’m glad to be one of them), a lilac skirt, crystal heart ring, loom band bracelets, pastel striped socks (I had to wear wellies because of the torrential rain we were having) aaaaaaaaaaaaaand MY LOLITA PONY BAG!!! IT CAME!! And I had everybody in the LUSH store ‘awww’ing’ over me and asking me where I got it from, I got so shy!!
IMG_6777IMG_6811Here are my loom band bracelets that my brother and his girlfriend made me! I asked my brother to make another one using medium pink, blue and purple; they are the latest craze here in the UK at the moment. I don’t know how to make them but I do think they are adorable! They really dress up and outfit and went perfectly with what I was wearing!

We went to Wagamama’s for some food because we were both starving; I had Teriyaki chicken with greens and shredded carrot on a bed of white sticky rice! The chicken tastes like sweet roast chicken, the rice had a honey-like sauce on it and was a little too sweet for me but would have been nicer had they not put so much on. IMG_6780IMG_6792The dish came with a side dish of Kimchi, the traditional Korean side dish of pickled/fermented spicey cabbage; it’s so weird because it is fridge cold but the chilli flakes make it have a heat. I have to get used to it because I am really not a fan of cooked food that has gone cold or refrigerated.
IMG_6787My friend had a Chicken Firecracker dish with brown rice and chillies; the chicken was nice and the heat only turned up when he thought it would be a good idea to eat a chilli.
IMG_6793IMG_6801We then decided to go to Patisserie Valerie and had a chocolate gateux and chocolate mousse slice which we halved and shared; it was SO yummy, I was so full afterwards and it really satisfied my chocolate craving. I have wanted to try these cakes for a really long time!! ♥

Everything was really nice, the weather came out good and we wandered around the Harbourside festival that was going on; eventually it was time to catch the train and I had arrived at the station just in time to catch the next one. There was this super drunk guy being guided onto the platform, but I didn’t think anything of it until he CHUNDERED EVERYWHERE on my carriage and had to be removed, delaying us 5 or so minutes whilst they dragged his drunk ass onto the platform. Then when I was like, 3 minutes away from home the train stopped again! I had no idea what was going on but everyone seemed to be staring out the other side of the train; there was a women on the tracks!! I’m not sure if she tried to kill herself or she was just out of it; someone was filming it and a guy I was talking to said he thought he saw bloodied bandages on her wrists. They had to get the police in and an ambulance, and chase her up the track; we were then told not to stare at her when they brought her safetly off the track past the train. I was so tired and I didn’t get home until 10pm; I got on the train at 19:49!!! Not to mention my battery died when I had just got on, so the only thing I had to stop me dying of boredom was my iPod…

Anyway, that was my weekends and it was nice to not be sat around doing jack for once! Let’s end the blog with some funny photos that I found on Facebook…
IMG_6671IMG_6672And last but not least, my favourite photo of them all; a super cute cow who has had a bath, been washed and blow-dried. You’re welcome. IMG_6663

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