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Hyper Japan – Day 1 Part 1 (super long and photo heavy!)

Hellooooo everyone! *Yawns* Oh dear, I am so unbelievably tired after my weekend and now I have to work 9-5 all week! You know what I got up to right? If you follow me on Instagram (Kawaii_Kanae), then you will know that this weekend I attended HYPER JAPAN!! I have to say that it was an amazing experience, and I left far more satisfied than I could’ve imagined; every day there was something new to see and learn, and it was definitely a confidence booster in so many ways!

I have always loved the Japanese culture and recently my wardrobe has been attaining unique, Harajuku inspired clothing that can be difficult to wear here in the UK without getting some odd looks! It was so nice to be able to wear what I wanted, how I wanted, without being judged! I now have much more confidence in wearing my style properly without being concerned about what other people may think, and my family have realised that my love for Japanese culture and fashion is serious, happy that I have found something that I thoroughly enjoy!

Without further ado, let’s get on with the post! If you have not been to HYPER JAPAN before and are debating about whether or not to go, I hope that this post will be informative enough to give you a good idea what to expect!

Be warned that this post is super long, BUT it is packed full of photos and information on HJ! I hope you will read it until the very end and enjoy learning about the convention, as well as what I got up to!~♥

Day 1 Part 1:

Me and Pixie arrived in London on Thursday evening; as always my train was delayed by like 15 minutes and she had to wait by herself but she was okay because there was still so many people around. We got the tube but forgot to switch so ended up heading the wrong way (luckily tubes are easy to use and fast, you don’t have to worry about your connections so much); we got to Earls Court and made our way to our hotel.

FANCY PANTS MUCH. The hotel was very modern and posh, and our room was also very swish; twin beds pushed together made a massive king-sized bed which we shared! There were chocolates, air con, and alcohol and such that we didn’t touch; we even got our own lovely bathroom (you can tell that I have never stayed in a proper hotel before).
P1030015P1030016P1030019We had to get up early the next day because we wanted to be there in line fairly early; I woke up at 06:50 but Pixie refused to get out of bed – ‘5 more minutes…’
P1030020After much running around, pulling hair into twin tails, applying falsies…We were ready!! Here are some selfies and outfit photos that we took before we headed off!
P1030025P1030028P1030029P1030037 P1030039 P1030041 P1030042 P1030043 P1030044 P1030045 P1030047 P1030049P1030051P1030052After all the selfies (sorry for bombarding you with camwhored vom), we made our way to Earls Court Exhibition Centre where HYPER JAPAN was being held!
P1030054We got there around 10:15 and luckily weren’t that far up in the queue; it was really hot and poor Pixie was suffering hot flushes lol. I got sunburnt on my chest and shoulders but it calmed down throughout the day and isn’t noticeable anymore. I took some photos of some of the people passing us whilst we waited that were in costume or dressed up.
P1030055P1030056P1030062P1030063P1030064P1030065There was a girl in front of me dressed in full Gothic Lolita (I think), heavily inspired by Victorian styled clothing; her dress was printed with piano keys and roses, so intricate!
P1030058Finally we were allowed in, and me and Pixie got our HYPER JAPAN wrist bands for our 3 day pass which was pretty and pink! We kept complaining that they were too loose until we realised that they don’t undo and it was loose so we could slip it off =_=”.
P1030066A girl who was stood next to me in the queue was dressed up as a Sailor Espeon! She was really cute and had gone all out, she also looked strangely familiar so maybe I have seen her picture somewhere before…
P1030067I also got a proper photo of the Gothic Lolita girl; she had a black bonnet on, I wouldn’t even know where to look to purchase one! She was really sweet and talked to us whilst we waited in the line.
P1030068When we were finally let in, I immediately ran over the HARAJUKU KAWAII section (ofc); I was determined to shop ‘til I dropped to ensure I got everything I wanted before it ran out of stock! The whole area was decorated with HYPER KAWAII flags and blow up stands that were cute and colourful!
P1030071P1030073P1030074P1030075They had a massive HYPER KAWAII stage which later on would feature HYPER KAWAII shows; throughout the morning they were showing footage of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concerts – perfectly fitting for the KAWAII section! We immediately headed for the first stall which was ‘Dreamy Bows’ and ‘Tofu Cute’ in a joint stall; you can see Pixie has already made her way over.
P1030077There was lots of super cute clothing ranging from Angelic Pretty to Kokokim; all so beautiful but so expensive!! T_T I would have loved to have purchased a piece! Super kawaii!!~♥ They sold lots of super cute items ranging from false nails, eyelashes and make-up (including Dolly Wink), fluffy Alpacasso and more!!
P1030078P1030079P1030081P1030082P1030083I was just about to purchase some items (including a giant pink alpaca hehe) when we were approached by the HYPER JAPAN press! Emilylovesjapan and Heatherg33k (IG usernames – Emilylovesjapan also has a blog under that name) were going around taking photos for the HYPER JAPAN BOOK that is due to be released, and they wanted us to feature! We filled out a form and had photos taken, so we are looking forward to that!!

We wandered around some more, buying bits here and there when we decided to get a drink and take more selfies! This time featuring Ichigo the Alpaca!!
P1030087 P1030088We passed the gaming area where there were many games out to be tested! The main games that was being advertised was the latest version of ‘Nintendo Smash Bros’; the queues for this was massive, so me and Pixie just wandered about taking photos of what was going on. You can sit down and play different games that are being advertised, there was even a massive screen that people were playing 4-player Smash Bros on!
P1030090P1030091We didn’t hang about for very long and headed back to the KAWAII section; it’s all a bit manic at first because you want to check out every stall before everyone else, so often we would find things that we didn’t notice the first time round! The KAWAII section is super colourful!
P1030092There was even a glass case that contained Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s original PONPONPON costume!! I did not see this at first but it was very cool to see!
P1030093There was a stall that was advertising some new Japanese cartoons; the stall only sold fans but I really wish that they sold the posters too because I would have loved to have purchased the Ninja one!
P1030095Opposite the stall was Tofu Cute, so we took photos next to the giant alpaca cut-out stand; it’s so big, taller than me! Of course I had to take a photo with my alpaca! My face looks really puffy in my photo lol, I think the gap between my face and my hair makes my cheeks look super chubby!
P1030096P1030098Pixie wanted to purchase herself a little alpaca so she asked me to hold her drink, but Ichigo offered to look after it instead… Sneaking sips but I don’t think Pixie noticed…
P1030101There was this guy going around filming HYPER JAPAN; he must be putting together a short film or documentary or something… He filmed us earlier so we might appear in it!
P1030102Pixie purchased herself a little alpaca that is light blue with a little badge on its chest that says ‘I Love You’; it caught her eye amongst all the others and she just had to have him!
P1030103There were so many cute stands and many of the stall owners were also dressed super cute!! They were very happy for us to snap away at them and their stall! I absolutely loved the rainbow alpaca, such a rarity but I didn’t want to spend so much on such a small plush.
P1030105P1030106P1030107P1030108P1030109 P1030110 P1030111 P1030112 P1030113 P1030114 P1030115 P1030116 P1030117 P1030118 P1030119 P1030120 P1030121 P1030122 P1030125 P1030126 P1030127 P1030129The girl in the pastel outfit is Pixie_Late, go follow her on IG under that name! She is so cute and her shop is lovely! She is such a super pretty, kawaii girl! Adorable! I loved how she was dressed for the day!

We ended up looking at the Anime and Manga section at the front of the gaming section; we came across some cardboard cut-outs and had our photos taken! Pixie LOVES Link, and my brother told me that if I saw Kirby then I should get a photo!
P1030130 P1030131There was even a small Pokemon section where you could sit at a table and learn how to draw your favourite Pokemon; lots of children particularly liked this section!
P1030133We continued to walk around and snap away; I have to admit that I wanted to take everything home with me!! I think I purchased more than most people, but that didn’t stop me wanting more than I could carry!
P1030134P1030135P1030136We ended up in the Flea Market section where people were selling their own handmade crafts and talents! There were loads of people doing Manga portraits and such, or selling art that they had drawn themselves.
P1030137The one that really blew me away was this lady below; she did caricature portraits using water colours, and she caught my attention when she told us that we were ‘kawaii’ and asked us for a photo. We obliged and took an interest in her art, and when she was asked how long they took, we were shocked to hear that it took her just 15-20 minutes!!
P1030138Here are some more snaps of stalls and colourful characters that were there; I really like the girl in the purple and pink wig! It makes me want to buy one!
P1030139P1030140P1030141P1030142Stopped for a quick photo of a poster advertising a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu toy; not sure what they are meant to be or do, but I wanted a photo anyway!
P1030143 P1030145Time was getting on and we realised that we hadn’t eaten all day! Too overcome with excitement, we forgot about food until our stomachs had enough energy to fold in on themselves and make us realise that we were seriously hungry!! I’m not a fan of fish, so Japanese food was out of the question since that is mostly what the food stalls consisted of (that and the queues were super loooooooong); so we headed for the café and I purchased a yummy hot dog! Yum!
P1030149LOL. This post has become really long, there are so many photos to share and I don’t want to risk boring you all so I am going to do the posts in 2 parts per day! We’ll stop it here, but stay tuned for part 2 very soon!


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