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Hyper Japan – Day 1 Part 2 (super long and photo heavy!)

Hello, hello! I am back again with part 2 of day 1 at HYPER JAPAN!! Let’s jump right back to where we left off!
P1030154 P1030161So after we had something to eat, I decided to check out the HYPER KAWAII stage because KPP was no longer showing on the screen; I’m sure the schedule leaflet we got said something would be happening around this time. Not many people had gathered yet, so we took our places right up to the stage.
P1030162 P1030164HYPER KAWAII was being supported by MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON; MMN is a project to involve people outside of Japan in things such as fashion, music and culture! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu appears on a show with the same name, in attempt to teach people about Japan!

To start the show, we had twin Japanese fashion models Ema and Eri Tanioku dressed in traditional kimonos walking the catwalk whilst holding the MMN sign (please forgive me if at any point I mistake them for each other, they really do look identical as you can see!)
P1030165P1030169P1030170P1030171I was very lucky to be up so close! My little camera really did capture those on stage really well despite the weird and colourful lighting! Next up we had another model; I am not sure if this is her real name or not, but her IG name is Ines Arjoun! I think she is French? She is very pretty though. Pixie said to me as soon as she saw her, ‘she’s so pretty…and she knows it.’ Lol.
P1030173P1030174Next up is Hime Zawa/Hime Zawako; she is a German girl who lives in the UK and has a YouTube channel under the same name. Again, I am not sure of her real name but you can search her up under the alias above and you’ll find her on both YouTube and IG!
P1030175P1030176P1030177Next up is Kozue Kaede, better known as Kaede Cyori! I did have many photos of her but a lot of them were blurry so this is the only decent one that I got! I loved her presence on the stage, she was very cheerful and did lots of cute poses as well as smile and wave to everyone!
P1030179Unfortunately I am not sure of this models name either; she was very cute and her fashion was really bright and colourful, super happy to look at!
P1030181The next model that came out, my jaw literally dropped; I recognised her instantly but still I could not be sure if it was her really or not…I mean, how many other Japanese models do I know with pink hair…? She walked straight to the front holding the MMN sign.
P1030184Then she came back to my side of the stage and I was like OH MY FREKKIN GOD IT IS! IT’S EVA PINKLAND EVERYONE!!!! *FANGIRL ATTACK* Another one of my favourite Japanese models and Harajuku inspirations!!!!
P1030187P1030191She is so freggin beautiful IRL. I love everything from her fashion to her pink hair!! I was super excited after this, I can remember practically slapping Pixie in amazement going,’ ‘IT’S EVA PINKLAND, I LOVE THAT GIRL!’ Lol. Next is another model that I am unsure of the name…I don’t think it is Pochi but because I am not familiar with these models, she may be someone completely different! I can’t find any photos of the girls I am unsure of with any definition of who they are! Sorry =_=”.
P1030193P1030196P1030197She was super sweet and looked directly at my camera, doing lots of cute poses and smiling! Can’t believe that my photos came out so good and I wasn’t even using flash! I really wish I knew who this model was though…If you know, please leave me a comment!!

So, the fashion show was over and the presenter came back on, this time with Neeko/Nishihagi Isuzu/Hagi Suzui (I am not entirely sure which of the two names is her real name as she comes under both); she was dressed in a boy’s school uniform and claimed to be a ‘naughty, rebellious student.’ She has a really bright and fun character and her voice is high-pitched and cute (probably because she is a voice actor for Anime)!
P1030199 P1030200 P1030201They decided to give us a lesson on Kyoto, including what items and foods are native there; Ema and Eri came back on stage dressed in Japanese schools uniforms (cute!) They handed out question sheets with multiple answers and they asked the audience if they knew the answers; unfortunately people either didn’t know or were too shy to answer, so it was up to the twins to give us the right answers!
P1030203 P1030210Afterwards, Zipper and KERA model Yura came on stage!! I’m sorry, I forgot what they were talking about because I was too busy snapping away at Yura’s beauty and being all fan-girly over yet another of my favourite inspirations being on stage!! Pixie was also very taken with her and was busy snapping away as much as I was. ^_^
P1030211 P1030212 P1030215 P1030218Lol, I love the look I captured on Yura in the last photo. Yura was one of the few models very aware of my camera; as I said earlier, I wasn’t using flash but she always looked directly at me so I got lots of nice photos of her!! I think they were moving on from Kyoto to Harajuku here and that is what they were discussing. Next on stage was the beautiful ANNA YANO!!
P1030221 P1030222 P1030224 P1030225 P1030226She is just too adorable O_O I really wish I looked like her, so cute and with beautiful features!! Her songs were lovely; catchy and fun, you can listen to her main one on YouTube by the name ‘Shape My Story’. I fell in love with her as soon as she came on, she seems so shy and cute!! Afterwards she spoke in her best English, and told us that if we purchased her CD then we could get it signed and take a photo with her! The show was taking a break and people started to move away; I dashed to the MMN tent and immediately purchased her CD!!
P1030227 Pixie was sweet and snapped a photo of me getting my CD signed by Anna! When I opened the CD, the case broke and I was really disappointed; I handed it to Anna and showed her that I had broken it whilst pulling a sad face. Bless her, she became so concerned that she started speaking Japanese and frantically looking around but I told her it was fine and made the gesture for her to just sign it. She signed it and then accidentally smudged something she was writing and panicked even more lol. So adorable! Here’s a photo of me and her with my signed (half) CD case; please excuse my fatty arm, my arms are fatty much of the time but I stupidly had it pressed against my body whilst taking the shot and it looked uber fat!!
P1030230We then headed back to the stage where my camera decided to die on me!! Luckily I had got my place up front of the stage and my iPhone picked everything up fine. Anna Yano sang another song before they introduced some ninja cartoon; Ema and Eri came on stage dressed as ninjas to talk about it and show is ninja poses!
IMG_6955 IMG_6959 IMG_6961The final act was the singer Yun*Chi who sung us a few of her songs; you could go and purchase her CD too, and I think she would sign a poster and take a photo with you but since I had already purchased a CD, I didn’t buy another one. Here are some pretty pictures of her singing, you can see the speaker so you know how close I was!!
IMG_6973 IMG_6984 IMG_6987 IMG_6989 IMG_6993 IMG_6995Yun*Chi having a quick drink lol, see I was right next to her!! After her act, something happened that had me having another fangirl attack… SETO AYUMI CAME ON THE STAGE. I was like O_O and went back to shaking Pixie about who it was! I have been following Seto for a while now and I really love her clothing (I even own one of her t-shirts!) She came on stage to discuss her clothing line ‘Aymmy in the Batty Girls’. She’s so pretty… Can’t believe she is 2 years younger than me and is famous, a model and has her own clothing line *sob*sob*!
IMG_7009 IMG_7013 IMG_7015 IMG_7016 IMG_7018 IMG_7022I probably over snapped (there are even more than these but these are the best ones) but I was just too excited and happy, and she is just so, so pretty!! Then the models came on modelling clothes for SPINNS, a Japanese brand; the current design is Sailor Moon themed!! Here are some cute photos!
IMG_7058 IMG_7038 IMG_7041 IMG_7043 IMG_7069 IMG_7072 IMG_7076 IMG_7082 IMG_7089 IMG_7093 IMG_7097 IMG_7110 IMG_7111 IMG_7116 IMG_7119The models then started to line up next to each other; I actually video’d them stood next to each other because the main Japanese models were dancing to the music which I think was The Powerpuff Girls lol. They then stood at the front and held a massive MMN sign; it was cute to see the friendship between Seto and Yura as she shared the sign with her.
IMG_7127 IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7138 IMG_7149They then decided to take a ‘selfie’ with us; this has become very popular to do during big events, and if you remember my post about the KPP concert, she did it too but we were too far back to be visible in the photo. This time however, I was up close to the stage so I really hope that when I find the photo I am in it (Anna Yano so close hehe)!
IMG_7156 IMG_7157Anna Yano was so sweet; when she came back on stage and saw me at the front, she kept waving to me!! She is such a lovely girl and you can follow her on IG at Anna_inthesea!

After the show, it was time to battle the toilet; I hadn’t been all day and using the loo whilst dressed in tights, petticoat and Lolita dress was a challenge!! I conquered it though even if I did take a little while =_=”. Whilst I was washing my hands, Eri Tanioku came in; I was super excited (and unaware that you could have photos with the models throughout the HJ event) that I raced outside, gave Pixie my phone and jumped her when she came out! Even though you could get professional photos taken, it is still nice to have the courage to approach someone and ask them for their photo!
IMG_7162She is so cute! It was right at the end of the day and people were starting to clear out; Pikachu, who btw I had been chasing to get a photo with all day but the guy guiding him was being a jerk about how often he could stop to take photos (even with children and he gave one of them a dirty look!), actually stopped for a second and having begged the guy twice already, he let me have a photo!! Pikachu is my favourite Pokemon!!
IMG_7166My feet would’ve been in the photo had it not been for Pixie’s stupid Rilakkuma case getting in the way of the camera and giving a yellow frame! The Pikachu costume was cute and a little scary, especially when it was stationary; its ears moved and everything just like Pikachu’s does!

THEN one of the luckiest things happened to me (especially since I did not get the chance to have a photo with her again over the entire weekend); there was some performance going on near the front of the hall and since it was near closing time, all of the models were having a wander around and were watching the performance. I didn’t realise this until SETO AYUMI passed me and walked back to the stage area by herself, assumably to collect her things! I didn’t have my phone to hand so I told Pixie to get her phone out and I chased Seto down! Poor girl, I think I frightened her because she seemed in her own world whilst playing on her phone; she was happy to take a photo with me for a moment, can’t believe she is leaning in so close to me!! ♥♥♥
IMG_7168SO, SO, SO HAPPY!!! I loved how she was dressed, she was so sweet and nice to take a moment for me to have a photo with her. I definitely built my confidence up with approaching people who are strangers to me; even though they can’t speak my language, that is even harder!!! It’s such luck that I was in the right place at the right time because I missed out on photo events at the MMN booth. Just as we were leaving, the rest of the models walked past us but because they were in a model pack, me and Pixie felt too nervous to ask them for a photo even if it would’ve been cool to have a group photo! I wanted a photo with Eva Pinkland and Pixie wanted a photo with Yura… Maybe tomorrow eh? We could always try our luck. 2 models and a Pikachu isn’t that bad for one day.

When we got back, I immediately jumped on the phone to my dad and told him everything; I sent him a photo of my alpaca, which his girlfriend loved, and went through everything that I had purchased with Pixie. We stayed up all night talking about our day; it was so exciting and we were just as excited for day 2!!

We felt like models for the day; we had so many people asking to take photos of us or with us! At one point we got mobbed when near the end of the day some guy wanted a photo with us, then his girlfriend; we obliged like we had all day despite feeling tired and poop, but as people passed and saw that we were posing for photos, they wanted photos too! Suddenly, 3 massive men all with professional photography equipment raced towards us and stopped right in front of us (you know like in a cartoon where they are all running then someone stops and the others crash into them one at a time? Yeah just like that), asking if they could take our photos. The amount of times I put my sweets down and went to pick them back up before Pixie was tapping at my arm for me to leave them and pose again was hilarious! By the end, I was looking about just to see if it was safe to pick up my shopping lol. We then wandered around by the food court before being approached by the HYPER JAPAN press; we were about to tell them that we had already been photographed (we had been asked 3 times already that day), when they asked if they could film interview us. I was happy with that but Pixie went almost mute bless her; I’m suprised I had the confidence to talk to someone about what I was wearing and my new alpaca friend whilst being filmed!

On top of that interview was the interview I had in the queue during the morning; a photographer approached us wanting to take photos, he then interviewed me in broken English (and some Japanese at which I was like o_O at) about what style I was wearing and whether I had any inspirations; I ofc told him I was going for the Sweet Lolita style and ‘kawaii’ which he understood, and that my inspirations were Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Seto Ayumi, which he also recognised. We had random people, people from the stalls, people of professional photography and the HYPER JAPAN press constantly asking us if they could take photos of us! I have to admit, that it was an incredibly nice feeling and I am so glad that we dressed up on Friday and not the other days, otherwise we wouldn’t have been noticed at all; luckily no one was really dressed up on Friday!
10552643_252511334946372_8611411583644832575_n IMG_7165 IMG_7322Above are just some of the photos that we have found so far that other people took of us; the photo above is from the kawaii alpaca girl, we look like we are about to feed a herd of multi-coloured alpacas all waiting to be fed!! We even made it on the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Facebook page and I was included on the main photo for Model Press with Anna Yano!!
IMG_7255IMG_7256IMG_7320*PHEW* So that was just DAY 1 of HJ!! I was so exhausted and I am exhausted just writing this post haha! There are so many photos to sift through, it is unbelievable!!

If you made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS! Lol, and thank you for reading until the end! I hope this post has been informative so far on the HYPER JAPAN event! I have many more photos to upload but thankfully not as many as these 2 blog posts have contained. Stay tuned for day 2 part 1 very soon!! Apologises if there are some spelling and grammar errors, it is currently 23:19 GMT time and I have been blogging this post since 19:00!!!

Thank you, bye-bye~♥

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