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Hyper Japan – Day 2 Part 1 (Photo heavy!)


Day 2 of HJ was a bit more relaxed than the first day since we had managed to have a really good look around and buy everything we wanted already. The convention opened at 9am, so we didn’t get there until 10:30am which meant no queuing! We decided to focus on taking photos of everyone else because the cosplay events had started and everyone was dressed up; as I said in my last post, we were lucky to have got all the attention on Friday because no one was dressed up!

Me and Pixie wore our KPP concert t-shirts, and I wore my rainbow Lolli Punks skirt with a green petticoat skirt underneath; we wore a pink leather glove each and wore matching star hoop earrings, mine were pastel pink and Pixie’s were lilac. I wore my pink lace frill socks with my mint sneakers, and my hair in low twin-tails; this day was going to be much more comfortable (or so I thought).

We had a wander around and decided to check out the back of the hall where they had martial arts going on; unfortunately, both me and Pixie had turned our cameras off before they did an awesome flip move. We didn’t hang around long before moving over to the Flea Market.
P1030234 P1030236In the Flea Market area was a blank wall where people were sticking up blank pieces of paper and getting people to draw; there were some very talented pieces, one being the girl with no eyes which someone had started and others appear to have carried on.
P1030237 P1030238 P1030239I met PastelHorror and bought some awesome jewellery pieces from her; I got 2 rings (both which snapped because I wasn’t careful with them, I’m such a clutz and got them caught on things because I wasn’t paying attention =_=” but they are easily fixed!) and a necklace. She had lots of cute pieces, I wanted to buy it all and I’m seriously thinking of getting those stockings! Go check out her shop at
P1030242P1030246These photos are going to be a bit random in order as in between areas I was snapping away at different people’s outfits; this girl appeared to be dressed in some sort of Classical Lolita/Mori Girl outfit.
P1030248 P1030251Came across Pixie_Late again who was dressed with her friend as Anna and Elsa from Frozen! They are both so adorable and really make a great Anna and Elsa!
P1030254Came across another Lolita girl who was dressed in shades of really pale pink; she seems a bit more classical and she looked really cute, so I asked her for photos too.
P1030257P1030260Whilst wandering around, I was keeping my eye out for another little celebrity that I wanted a photo with: Scarlette! You may remember me mentioning a little girl from the KPP concert who was dressed in her PONPONPON outfit and got to meet Kyary backstage! I have been following her on IG and her uncle replied to me and said she would be at HJ on Saturday in another KPP outfit and that she would of course take a photo with me. I saw a little figure having her photo with someone else whilst being dressed as…FASHION MONSTER!! If you love cosplay and KPP, go follow her on IG at Scarlette6!
P1030265 P1030266We had made our way back down to the cosplay area and I found some more costumed peeps willing to take a photo! Not sure who they are dressed as I’m afraid.
P1030270Suddenly a Pikachu appeared! He hadn’t been spotted yet except by us and a few others, so Pixie jumped in for a photo because she didn’t get to have one the day before!
P1030272Some more cosplays; we have a pink haired girl (not sure who she is meant to be sorry) and Merida the Disney Princess! I also passed a pink kimono girl who was manning the Tofu Cute and Dreamy Bows stall that day, so I took a photo of her too!
P1030273P1030275P1030281Then I came across one of the best cosplays that I had seen over the whole weekend; I am not sure who she is dressed as but isn’t her costume so pretty!?
P1030282P1030283Then I noticed that something was going to appear on the HYPER KAWAII stage because they were playing the MMN trailer; I decided to pull some poses next to the MMN wall and then got my place up close to the stage.
P1030289 P1030290Neeko appeared on stage wearing a cute outfit (love her DUCKS top) along with the presenter; I believe this show was going to be about Lolita fashion!! ANNA YANO AS A LOLITA, SO CUTE!
P1030293 P1030296 P1030302 P1030307 P1030312 P1030313 P1030314 P1030316 P1030318 P1030322 P1030324 P1030326Then the fashion changed to something called ‘Putumayo’; I’m not sure but this seems more of a darker version of Lolita style and perhaps a bit more casual.
P1030329 P1030332 P1030334 P1030337 P1030340 P1030341 P1030346 P1030348 P1030350 P1030351 P1030353 P1030357 P1030359 P1030362 P1030364 P1030365 P1030368The models then lined up next to each other after one more walk on the catwalk; Anna Yano looks so adorable, so I snapped some more photos of her! Lol she even looks at my camera again *fangirl attack*.
P1030373P1030377P1030379P1030382P1030387P1030388On one side were the Lolita’s and the other side were the Putumayo’s; Yura was stood right next to me and I got lots of wonderful photos of her because she kept looking at me! She is so beautiful IRL! I really like both outfits of the girls stood next to each other, especially the one on the left (I really want to call her Pochi, but I’m not sure! I usually confirm these things on IG but there are no photos of her in that outfit!)

Then Neeko came back on stage to introduce the Gothic and Lolita fashion show; these models must’ve signed up to participate on the catwalk, as they were showing off their own outfits. One of the girls kept twirling around to her standing position, so I couldn’t get many decent photos of her!
P1030396 P1030397P1030399P1030403 P1030405 P1030406 P1030407 P1030408 P1030411 P1030413 P1030415 P1030416 P1030417 P1030419P1030423 P1030424 P1030426 P1030428 P1030429 P1030431P1030434After all that, they introduced the Fuji Instax Mini, aaaannndd…Seto Ayumi and Yura Peko came on stage!! Both mine and Pixie’s favourite models stood side-by-side, modelling the little Polaroid camera! Unfortunately, Pixie decided it was time to go to the toilet; just as she raced off, Seto and Yura began walking the stage and taking polaroids of people and handing them out! I wasn’t noticed because my partner had disappeared, so I missed out on getting a photo!! 😡 They then talked about the camera, and again I got some really nice photos of them both together.
P1030436 P1030438 P1030440P1030442P1030445P1030453After the show, Pixie went to the bathroom again and I went inside to wait for her; I was busy being in my own little world when EVA PINKLAND walked right by me!! Those toilets were a hotspot for finding models because they were right next to the staging area for HYPER KAWAII. I began to do a little dance; I wanted to jump her like I had with some of the other models and get a photo! But I just KNEW that Pixie would be faffing about in the bathroom doing her hair or whatever; so I asked a random girl who was waiting outside if she would take a photo of me. She was sweet and said she would soo…I GOT A PHOTO WITH EVA PINKLAND!!
P1030455Pixie came out without a clue of what had just happened; I told her and then moaned that she took too long in the bathroom that I had to disturb a stranger lol. I don’t know why that girl bothers with reapplying make-up and shiz when she is so pretty anyway; leave that to those who actually need to do it (ME) lol.

We were walking back towards the stage when I saw Neeko out having a conversation and photo with someone else; I thought it would be cool to get a photo with her too, so I asked. She obliged and said something in Japanese about me being small (I assume that was what she said because she patted my head when I stood next to her lol); she then started talking to me in Japanese but I had no idea what she was saying! I just frowned and shook my head to which she replied, ‘okay, thank you; bye-bye!’ It would have been nice to know what she was saying but she only knows very limited English it seems.
P1030457Anyway, I am going to end the blog post here! I will get part 2 up as soon as I can, there is still so much to go through! The second day was much more relaxed and gave us a chance to properly look around and enjoy everyone else’s costumes! I can’t believe I also had the luck to get a photo with Eva Pinkland! She is another of my inspirations and, like Seto, I missed out on the opportunity to get a photo with her at the MMN booth because we were busy doing something else at the time (plus HJ didn’t make it very clear about what times these things happened because they were in line with the show timings which were off anyway!)

I hope you are enjoying these posts, and that you are not too jealous that I am getting to meet all the awesome models (hehe)! Until next time! ♥

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