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Hyper Japan – Day 2 Part 2 (Photo heavy!)


Was supposed to go to the beach but I’m absolutely shattered and unwell with headaches and sore throats! So I’m pretty sad that I’m not going to the beach, but at least I’m being productive by writing another blog post!

I had just had photos with Eva Pinkland and Neeko, and me and Pixie were back to just wandering around. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something massive and brown; it was a giant DOMO-KUN! OMG. It’s a giant Bourbon biscuit with a face (my brother says he is a Weetabix – totally wrong), and I just had to have a photo! NHK World (a Japanese channel in English) was allowing us to line up and have photos with him!
P1030458We wandered around the gaming area again and I decided to take a photo with a Pikachu cut-out; Pixie told me that I should make it look like I am tickling his chin hehe. Lol, don’t know what is going on with my bag…
P1030462At 14:15 the event was being closed for an hour; I’m not sure what for but because we had 3 day passes, we were allowed to wait upstairs before being let back in before everyone else. We went on the escalator that took us up high into the building, so I took some photos of the convention above so that you could see how many people there were! You can see a Domo-Kun girl and a little girl that Pixie found adorable because she was dressed in a little pink kimono.
P1030466 P1030467 P1030468 P1030469 P1030470 P1030471 P1030472 P1030473 P1030474I did moan at Pixie a few times that day because she has a terrible habit of being glued to her phone; she’s not talking to other people, she’s just being incredibly vain and editing all of her photos to upload to IG! So to drag her away from her phone, I did the only thing that someone as vain as her (yes even more vain than me) would enjoy; take selfies.
P1030476 P1030478 P1030480 P1030485 P1030488 P1030493When we were let back downstairs, it was time to try the Sake Experience (the reason we missed events at the MMN booth T_T).
P1030499At this point I wasn’t feeling too great; does anyone else get this hunger pang that literally feels like you are going to pass out? I had eaten a cheese and ham baguette that morning, but it’s like, because I walked and ate it that my stomach doesn’t have time to digest the food and cure the hunger because it is too busy ‘using the fuel’ as it comes in. So I was left feeling starving all day and feeling very grumpy; halfway through, I had to leave the event and sit down for a bit because I felt that bad.

Pixie decided to stay on trying the sake though; I had managed to try quite a few (and they ain’t so careful about the measurements either :S). It tastes a bit like vodka but no where near as strong; some were actually quite cooling and refreshing, especially the sparkling ones! Anyway, whilst I was sat down I was approached by this girl who I can only describe as looking like a doll! She was so pretty and after she took a photo of me, I asked for one of her too.
P1030501I then decided to go back and join Pixie; each table had between 2-3 sake types on them from that brewery but I kept to tasting only the ones that we would be voting for as my stomach was still horrid. We voted (I as best as I could) and Pixie was holding onto me as she came out because the sake had gotten to her lol. She’s a wine drinker, whereas I’m a spirit drinker so it wouldn’t really effect me, however we can let her off for being a light-weight because she did have more than me and some of them weren’t so careful with their measurements (meant to be less than half a shot glass)!

We wandered around a bit more but we left early because we were meeting someone; we freshened up and got changed before heading out to Nandos! But first, selfie time!
IMG_7344 IMG_7347 IMG_7345 IMG_7346Afterwards we were really pooped and a little sad; tomorrow would be our last day there and it felt like this had come around so fast and was finishing just as fast! We still had people wanting to take photos of us or with us, and we even had some of the stalls and sake tables asking us for photos holding their products!

Pixie also had some excitement of her own; her favourite model, Yura, was leaving the backstage area for the HK stage to go to the MMN booth. Pixie was really nervous to jump her but after a bit of pushing, she went and asked Yura for a photo! Yura was sweet and obliged to take photos with us (which are unfortunately on Pixie’s camera >_<); people saw Yura was taking a photo with us and asked her for photos too, but she gestured that she couldn’t and ran off! Our luck, I got a photo with yet another one of my Japanese inspirations! Again, those that I had jumped (Seto, Eva and Yura) were all models that I didn’t get the chance to have a photo with at the booth; there are lots of people who got to have a group photo with all of them! T_T it makes me sad, but at least I got my own photo with them where I had built up the confidence and asked myself. I always think of myself as quite a shy person but this event has really boosted my confidence in speaking to strangers!

Abrupt end of post here; will post the final parts of my HYPER JAPAN experience soon, so stay tuned! ♥

3 thoughts on “Hyper Japan – Day 2 Part 2 (Photo heavy!)

    1. Thank you! I still have day 3 to blog about which will hopefully be up tomorrow. And ofc I am going to Hyper Japan in November for the Christmas Market, so that is not the end this year! 😀

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