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Hyper Japan – Day 3 Part 1 (Photo heavy!)

OMG we’re nearly there, we’re on the final day!! This post still has to be split in 2 I’m afraid but I didn’t take as many on the final day as the other two days. This day really was about relaxing and wandering around, you can see it in my face that I’m absolutely exhausted from the late nights and early mornings and not having a lie-in in these photos!

Lucky for us there was a cloakroom where we could store our suitcases for £2.00 each; I carried Ichigo around with me because I didn’t want him to get dirty in storage or for anything to get lost because the bag wasn’t sealed. After just a few minutes of walking around, we bumped in Totoro!!
P1030503 P1030504We passed the gaming area where people were still busying gaming on the new Smash Bros Wii U game; they even had a giant screen where 4 people were playing against each other!
P1030505 P1030541I bumped into another Totoro – Buttercupbunnycosplay! You can check her out under that name on her Instagram! She is soooooo pretty and she gave me a Soot Sprite that she handmade herself! He is hung up in my room right now and I called him Spira :). I told her that there was a giant Totoro walking around and that she must go and take a photo with him, she seemed excited by the idea hehe.
P1030508I was quite hungry so I decided to go and check the food stalls since it was still early; we were lucky and got priority entry whilst being fairly close to the beginning of the queue, so we were able to check out the food stalls whilst they were quiet. I still regret not trying the Japanese fried chicken, I think this was one of the most popular stalls; instead I got to try Taiyaki, which is like a waffle batter-shaped fish with sweet red bean paste inside. It smelled so good, and is best when it’s hot! I don’t like the texture of beans with their shell and soft insides, but I braved it to really appreciate this sweet treat; it actually tasted really nice, sweet but earthy is the best way to explain it.
P1030512 P1030514Then I decided to take a lot of random photos of things that I passed or thought was cute; I absolutely love the duck plushies and I really wanted the one with the little hat!!
P1030515 P1030516 P1030517 P1030518 P1030519 P1030520 P1030521 P1030522 P1030523P1030528 P1030529 P1030530 P1030531 P1030532 P1030533 P1030534We passed the SIRO-A stall for like the 100th time, one of the guys who had orange hair kept staring and smiling at me I swear!! Creeped me out haha. They do this awesome show with lighting and blank screens that are projected on; I didn’t get to see their show but I did get to see the trailer on their TV screen at their stall and I have to admit that I am disappointed that I didn’t see it! It looked really good, so if you are interested in a ‘magical’ kind of show with brilliant choreography then definitely check these guys out. There are more than just these 3 but the others had disappeared for the moment.
P1030527In the HYPER GAME AND ANIME PARK we came across people taking photos on some wooden throne and next to the throne was a box of game plushies! I got to see the Monster Hunter pig and take my hunger out on a big piece of game meat! I didn’t realise it said ‘mmmmmm so tasty’ on the other side, it was lucky I was holding it up the right way!
P1030542P1030544I also was super lucky and got to have a photo with Mario and Luigi!! Mario high-fived me and got really excited haha, I made my brother jealous with this photo!!
P1030526Right behind us was the KAWAII section with all of the stalls such as OSAKA KAWAII and OKINAWA KAWAII; the OSAKA KAWAII booth was really colourful! We actually took a photo in one of these booths holding their mascot which to me looked like a fluffy, yellow little monster, but I am yet to see it appear on their FB page like they told us it would.
P1030546 P1030547For some reason we headed over to the MMN stage; then Pixie started camwhoring and when I asked her what we were doing there, she said she liked the lighting as it made her look good. =_=’’
P1030548 P1030549And then we camwhored a bit more away from the light because the lighting was hurting my eyes lol (super tired eyes get hurt easily)…
P1030536 P1030537 P1030539 P1030540P1030556 P1030557Then some DJ appeared on the stage; I don’t know his name but he was a bit crazy, wearing the KAWAII glasses and dancing up and down the stage funnily. We didn’t watch him for long, there wasn’t a massive gathering to begin with so we moved on over to the Flea Market.
P1030550 P1030551There was some singing performance going on and we managed to nab a bench that had just been unseated; unfortunately it was right at the back so I left Pixie to edit her new selfie photos (=_=) and scooted right to the front where I sat on the floor and snapped away. I had seen these girls in previous HJ photos, they are recognisable from their bright and colourful kimono costumes, and they are called Yanakiku! Their songs were pretty good, and they were fun on stage; I look forward to hearing more of their songs!
P1030570 P1030571 P1030576 P1030583Doesn’t seem like a massive blog but I am going to end it here because we moved back to the HYPER KAWAII stage and watched another fashion show, for which there are a lot of photos!

I am super sad that after my blogs, HJ really will come to an end and there will no longer be anything to write or upload on it; HOWEVER, HJ are going to do a Christmas market this year which I will be attending for a day!! So I am really looking forward to that and I am already saving money to splash out with because it is my birthday in November, so I am using it as an excuse to mega treat myself! I am also excited because the HJ photo book will be released in September and I’m pretty sure we’re in it because we had our photos taken by the HJ press right at the start on the first day!

So fortunately HJ won’t be completely over, just the summer one will; I am very excited to have more things to look forward to and to make new friends! Stay tuned for my final blog post on HJ! ~♥

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