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K-Pop to the UK – Why you shouldn’t give X-Factor the time of day. (16+)

Hellooooo everyone,

Today I am writing a post about something that I have thought about for a long time; that the X-Factor show that we have aired here in the UK is a load of crap. I have thought this about this particular show pretty much ever since it started, and all the shows that are similar that were aired before. Now I have a real reason to post this post because it is setting out to attack K-Pop and a famous YouTuber who simply does what she enjoys.

Back when Pop Idol first started (I think the first of these shows that was aired here in the UK), the show seemed really serious about scouting for people who could sing; it is basically a show that invites people to audition for a TV show using their singing talent with the chance to win and become a ‘Pop Idol’ over a series of episodes. Each episode shows footage of singing lessons and rehearsals, as well as sharing their background story and interviews, before they sing their chosen song on stage to the audience and ending with someone being voted by the audience (and those at home) to leave the show, narrowing it down to two people to battle head to head to win the Pop Idol title and to be signed a contract. Over the years the show has dramatically evolved and changed names; it is now called ‘The X-Factor’. Before, the music was based heavily around pop (hense ‘Pop’ Idol) but now anyone can audition using their choice of song, even though it always ends with someone with a unique singing voice who can sing love songs really well.

The worst part is that it has turned into a show soley for viewing numbers rather than finding someone who is an amazing singer; the winners always end up being famous for a year or so before they drop out and get forgotten about when the next X-Factor comes around. Sometimes those who are genuinely serious about being a singer will work hard to make themselves or will be signed with someone who is genuinely interested in working with them, but that doesn’t happen often; that person will always be labelled ‘the one who won X-Factor’ unless they are lucky enough to work so hard and become so good that they reinvent themselves from how they were on the show. Now, they show the trial auditions which shows people who come on for kicks and make idiots out of themselves because it will be funny, or those who genuinely think they have a chance and the show can make them look however they want them to look, quite often with them being made a mockery of with people in the audience and at home saying ‘what were they even thinking’.

This is often the case when the show airs the first set of auditions; whether they are good or bad, these people have no control over how they are going to be portrayed on TV, and those who are considered ‘weird’ or who just ‘can’t seem to hear how bad they sound when they sing’, are showed in a terrible light with people across the UK laughing at them – this is also the case with the show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Judges get their ‘groups’ and the show turns into a competition between the judges rather than focusing on how well a person can actually sing; we must put up with this until the show has eventually got its ass in gear and decided to get on with showing the people that we will actually be voting for.

So many people get shown in a terrible light and are put through purely to be laughed at, creating a higher viewing for entertainment purposes for those who don’t actually care about the singers. It outrages me that people, regardless of their intention for auditioning, are humiliated in front of thousands of people live, as well as those watching at home across the country – including their friends and family. The show has 2 parts: the first part is for ‘humorous’ entertainment by using 2 different types of acts – those who are ‘weird’ or cannot sing whether they think they can or not, and those who will blow you away or have some sort of sob story so that people can ‘relate’ to them. So you have the good and the bad, and they are edited and aired in a way that will either make them look breath-takingly amazing or hilariously awful. The ‘awful’ ones are not only humilated in front of thousands of people, and later on millions, but have their confidence knocked by the judges who know exactly how to act to make it look much worse than it is with their ‘criticism’, especially that cocky twat Simon Cowell who has the X-Factor throne so far up his ass that he is permanently sat on it.

But why am I talking about all this? Well, for those of you who enjoy similar interests as me such as J-Pop, K-Pop and dancing, may have heard of Kelsey Ellison aka KimonoTime, whom I have mentioned before in my posts. I haven’t watched many of her videos but she seems like a lovely girl who just uploads her videos to YouTube of things she enjoys doing such as dancing and singing (if you haven’t already, check out her recently released single called ‘POM POM’). She has performed numerous of times and has a very large fanbase already; she has become somewhat of a mini celebrity for those of us here in the UK who enjoy J-Pop and K-Pop, and although I have been within meet and greet proximitey, I am yet to actually say hello (so if you read this Kelsey, hello!)

She will be making an appearance on The X-Factor because she auditioned, not because she decided to give it a shot but because she was scouted by the show itself. Apparently they have changed the rules and despite her having a manager, she was approached because they were interested in getting some K-Pop on the show…apparently. They found her YouTube and seemed really interested in K-Pop, so thinking it would not only be good exposure for her but also good exposure for K-Pop itself here in the UK, Kelsey thought it would be a really good opportunity. The UK are only aware of the K-Pop song ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY, and at a stretch ‘Gentleman’; Kelsey thought this would be a really good opportunity and found it really interesting that the show were interested in K-Pop. However, she had a bad experience with it and is now very anxious about the interviews and auditions that were filmed, certain that they do not represent her or her skills at all; it had crossed her mind that she could be a ‘joke act’ because K-Pop is very different and can be considered by many in the UK (we are quite judgemental) as being quite ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’ but it was a risk that Kelsey took, and now she feels that she has made the wrong decision to go through with it. She has tried to get in contact with the show’s management but to no avail, and has even been aired on the ‘Xtra Factor’ adverts already; she had poor management with her auditions which she explains in her video (will link below this post) which concerns her even more. She was made to look like an idiot by following (bad) advice from the staff in her audition and publically humiliated in front of 5,000 people; this being the girl we know as a mini YouTube celebrity with a massive fanbase of those who enjoy her singing and performance skills, and who has managed to get herself signed and release her own single. She had a lot asked of her such as speaking in Korean and Japanese, being very energetic and doing lots of poses, all of which can easily be edited to make her look, perhaps, like a weird and overly-obsessed girl living in the wrong country rather than a girl who is passionate and inspired by those countries in her every day life.

So all-in-all, X-Factor has once again provided another reason as to why I cba with it; if Kelsey is portrayed how she fears she will be then it is not only making a mockery out of her but also out of her interests to which I also share. I hope she knows that her followers including myself have enjoyed watching her videos for a long while now, and that this footage from a show as ridiculous as The X-Factor will not cause us to think badly of her; I think that the majority of the people including those who watch that show are aware that it is a massive farce with plenty of strings behind it, and even if it doesn’t go well for her that she is just backing up what many of us already know. She has no control over this so however she is portrayed, her followers know her better than that from her videos and performances, perhaps in real life too so I hope that she can be comforted by that. I personally wish her all the best, I hope it does not go how she fears it will and I hope that if she reads this that she will feel better that her words are being shared; I hope to meet her one day and maybe make a new friend!

I would prefer the show to not even be aired, I don’t find much entertainment in it and have always thought that it showed many people terribly; if anything, then I hope that the next time people watch the show that before they laugh at those who may seem weird or funny, to actually think about how they came to audition for the show – Kelsey was scouted and depending on how this pans out, perhaps for the purpose to make her a joke act like she fears. If they auditioned themselves then has the show been edited with the judges acting up to make it look worse than it actually is; if you still want to laugh, did you ever think how humiliated that person may feel? And do you think you could do any better than them in that position? It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage and sing in front of people ya know – I know I couldn’t do it.

Abruptly ending the post here, please watch Kelsey’s video below as she explains her experience in more detail; if you genuinely enjoy watching that show then fine, but I personally do not care for it and I think that Kelsey’s video just backs my reasons up even more. I am not looking forward to having it back on our TV and I hope that sooner rather than later they will realise that the show has ran its course and will pull it FOR-EV-ER. Bye!~

3 thoughts on “K-Pop to the UK – Why you shouldn’t give X-Factor the time of day. (16+)

  1. Having to read this article makes me feel very sad. I mean… I feel sorry for Kelsey. Just because she’s a Kpopper, those people(who are so ignorant about Kpop) dare to look down on her?! If I were her, I would also feel sad. To be honest, singing competitions like Pop Idol and the X Factor are very boring! Do they or do they not know that Kpop is so much better than western pop?! Sorry if I were to say this, but… I have to say it out anyway. Western pop music have plummeted! They suck nowadays… especially with One Direction around, they suck even more… because 1D mocked and made fun of Kpop! I gotta tell you… those stupid Kpop haters(including those Kpop haters who are Directioners especially), will always ask for trouble! I mean… they’ll never stop messing with us… seriously! In fact, in the first place, they’re not suppose to mess with any Kpopper! I totally agree with what you said in this article. No one must ever look down on Kpop!

    P.S.: Sorry for talking like this, but seriously… as a Kpopper, I have(the right) to vent out my anger… in order to stand up for Kpop!

    1. Western music definitely has plummeted, it’s why I always tend to stay away from the main stream music because only a song here and there captures me, and it’s usually by someone new before they turn into the same dull mush as the rest of the industry. Singing competitions are boring, especially now that they have been on TV for so many years now that it is no longer exciting, every year they produce the same kind of singer as the winner who always fade out real quick, so like what’s the point? It just annoyed me that they made contact with Kelsey and asked her to audition, and yet beat her down even though she did what they had asked of her; luckily none of her clips were shown on the show.

      1. Yeah. Exactly. Luckily none of her clips were shown, otherwise she’ll be in depression. In fact, I think she’s stressed enough already. Anyway, thanks for posting this post. We have to share this post to as many people as possible.

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