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BREAKING NEWS – Hello Kitty is NOT a cat!

Hello everyone,

So I am taking a break from Hyper Japan posts; I actually have just 2 more related posts on the event but unfortunately my blog is reaching its memory limit! I’m going to have to pay for an upgrade (which as a serious blogger I am happy to do), but for the moment I am pushing my HJ posts to the side since they are so photo heavy.

So it has recently been announced that Hello Kitty, whose real name is actually Kitty White, is NOT a cat. This has caused quite a controversy, especially amongst children who insist that she is indeed a cat.
hello-kittyAt first glance, you see a white cat (actually a white Japanese Bobtail cat) who usually wears a bow on her left ear; after 40 years, Hello Kitty can not be considered anything else, she looks like a cat and even has the name Kitty. When it was announced that Hello Kitty was ‘a cartoon character NOT a cat’, many people took it to heart that Sanrio were now expecting us to look at Hello Kitty as a human and not as a cat; a little girl even went as far as ranting in a video, which her mother then uploaded to YouTube, that she definitely was a cat but just acted like a human like in cartoons. But why is she not a cat?

Hello Kitty was designed as a cat motif but is actually a young girl who was born in the suburbs of London on November 1st; a bright, kind-hearted girl who is 5 apples tall and 3 apples in weight, who lives with her mother, father, and has a twin sister called Mimmy who she is very close to.
KT_siblings_4_10This sounds like a very human lifestyle, not to mention she stands and walks on 2 legs, has hands and wears clothes; she does not walk on all fours and actually has her own pet cat called Charmmy Kitty. Hello Kitty is an anthropomorphic cat; for those of you who don’t know, an anthropomorphic is basically humanised animal. Much like Micky Mouse, who wears clothes and lives in a house; he’s a mouse but he doesn’t get chased by cats and eat cheese, but has a girlfriend and a pet dog. Hello Kitty lives the same lifestyle as that of a human, but looks like a white Bobtail; so overall, she is a cat but she is not simply just a cat, and Sanrio never stated that she was human either.
2012-Hello-Kitty-mascot-costume-Halloween-costume-Christmas-Costume-Free-shippingThere is a large anthro or ‘furry’ community, and these kinds of characters are all around us in cartoons; everyone was already aware that Hello Kitty lives and acts like a human but still assumed that she was a cat. It wasn’t until someone said that she wasn’t a cat that some started to realise that she wasn’t a normal cat, others insisted she still was and some just didn’t care.

So don’t worry, Hello Kitty is still technically a cat; I’m not sure why they decided to announce her as not being a cat because she clearly is, they could’ve just announced that she was not your average pet cat but an anthropomorphic cat, which everyone was aware of anyway.

Here are some pictures of some ‘furries’ or ‘anthros’ that I found on the internet, all rights go to their rightful owners which will be credited underneath.

chasing_bullets_by_shadow_wolf-d4whmd0‘Chasing Bullets’ by Shadow-Wolf
‘Boar Nature Priestess’ by Candy-Janney
‘Walkin’ The Big Dogs’ by Colonel-Strawberry
chinese_dragon_by_lilleahwest-d7fozjj my_sister__s_wish_by_lilleahwest-d5sdanw
‘Chinese Dragon’ and ‘My Sister’s Wish’ by LilleahWest

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