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‘Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group’ – SIRO-A Review:

Hellooo everyone! Hope you’re good!

Today I am writing a review about an exciting opportunity that I got given; a few weeks ago I was contacted to see if I wanted to attend the SIRO-A theatre show in Leicester Square, London! As you guys may have noticed, I have recently put up my email for people to contact me and I was so happy to have been contacted for something so quick! I know I am still fairly new to blogging, but I absolutely love writing so I was ecstatic when I was invited to a ‘Bloggers Evening’ to watch SIRO-A; I thought that if anyone did message me for something, it would be to try a product out or something, so to be invited to a London show, well you can imagine how happy I was!

If you guys remember, in my Hyper Japan – Day 3 Part 1 post I wrote about passing the SIRO-A stall; I actually got a photo with them but because I was busy attending the HYPER KAWAII events, I missed out on seeing their show and I was really disappointed after watching a clip of the show at their stall. So when I was contacted about seeing the show, I said yes straight away! I was really worried that it may have been a scam (you can never be too careful these days with so many things being ‘won’ or ‘free’ lol); but thankfully it wasn’t, and the lady who was in contact with me was very kind and helpful, she tolerated my many emails and questions and even gave me her number in case something went wrong on the night. Luckily I was able to confirm on the day that my name, as well as my friend’s who I was allowed to bring along, was on the system for the 20:45 show. I was even luckier because originally the ‘Bloggers Evening’ had been moved to the 2nd October which I wouldn’t have been able to make, but they were still able to fit me in for a showing on the 3rd!
P1030527P1040597For those of you who have never heard of SIRO-A, they are described as being ‘Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group’; but rather than being painted blue, they are painted white and wear either a black or white body suit. They focus on dance, puppetry and mime theatre along with stunning light animation, video projection and laser effects to electro soundtracks. It has a hip Space-Age feel, everything feels futuristic and it’s a refresher from what’s on in the theatre at the moment! The show isn’t particularly long, but if you are looking for something packed with comedy, brilliant shadow puppetry and camera tricks, then this is the show for you!
siro-a-hlnewsiro_a_foto_2neu14-02-18_Siro-A_Cologne_23The show doesn’t tell any story, it’s just made up of different acts that will either make you laugh or make you wow; each act is over fairly quickly which is how they are able to pack so many different types of performance in such a short time. However if you are a gamer nerd like I am, then there will definitely be many aspects of this show that will get your attention; after all, Japan is famous for its gaming industry – so expect some influences from retro favourites like Mario and Street Fighter!

Considering how spot-on the group’s timing must be, I think they did incredibly well; pretty much all of their performance relies on video projection, so they need to get their timing almost perfect so that they don’t cut the projections off. Whether the projections are on themselves or screens that they are moving, it must’ve taken a lot of practice to get it in time; there may have been a few times where they moved too fast for the projection, but their cool and fun attitude kept you captured that you hardly noticed any mistakes. They are very relaxed whilst remaining professional, they strive to lift the audience’s mood and get them involved; their dancing is graceful yet strong, they don’t hold back on making sure that their routines are sharp even on such a small stage!

One piece of advice I would give is to get a seat centre of the stage, ideally in one of the middle or back rows; we actually had centre seats but unfortunately we got in late and the lights were already out, so we had to sit on the edge which was a shame. I advise this because sitting anywhere else or too close will throw off the lights and projections from your angle; I think that the performance will look more in time this way, I think that most of the few ‘mistakes’ that I noticed was due to where I was sitting. Despite this I was still able to fully enjoy the show and see everything fine, I just think that to get the best experience, sitting centre would be best.

My favourite thing about the SIRO-A show was when they used their camera; one of the members would record another member making a number of sounds, which were then used to create a fun sound collage on the large screen. They prepared their material right in front of you without using premade footage which I found a unique thing to do and interesting to watch. They used a live camera stream that was projected on a back screen for a mime/puppetry act with floating hands and head (like something out of the game Rayman) which I thought was probably the best part out of the entire show. Later on in the show they created another sound collage using sounds/words that members of the audience came forward and shouted at the camera; it was still fun for them to get the audience involved and to create a new piece for each show.
14-02-18_Siro-A_Cologne_06I would highly recommend this show, especially to anyone who loves dance, mime, electro music and Japan! If you are interested, why not check out their website: http://siro-a.co.uk/home

They are currently staying in the UK until the 11th January, and will be performing at the Leicester Square theatre in London! Click the following link to book your tickets now! http://leicestersquaretheatre.ticketsolve.com/shows/873516548/events

You can also check out their pages at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SiroAUK
Twitter: @SiroAUK and @Siro_A_
Instagram: siro_a_

Perhaps there is a possibility that they will make an appearance at the Hyper Japan Christmas Market on the 14th-16th November!? It would be nice to see them again!

This opportunity was organised by EGM, Leicester Square Theatre’s media partner, so a massive thank you to them for this fantastic opportunity; and to the lovely lady Georgina who was in contact with me the entire time and who made sure everything ran smoothly!! I will be blogging about my weekend in London shortly, but had to post this first! I had a lot of fun even though London for 3 days has left me exhausted; I would definitely watch their show again! On another note, I will be posting the last of my Hyper Japan posts very soon, so stay tuned!~♥

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