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Hyper Japan – Day 3 Part 2 (Photo heavy!)

Hellooo! So, I am kicking my butt in gear and getting this last Hyper Japan post up so that you guys can see how it ended! I still have a Hyper Japan haul post but I might actually leave that until after the Hyper Japan Christmas Market and then do the hauls together?

So where were we last at? Oh yeah! I had just finished watching Yanakiku before heading back to the HYPER KAWAII stage for the final fashion show! I always get so excited when I remember that I got to have photos with Seto Ayumi, Eva Pinkland and Yura IRL!

We managed to get our usual place right next to the stage; Neeko came on with one of the HYPER KAWAII staff and was having her model the merchandise that was available at the MMN stall because it had gone down in price and stocks were running low.
P1030593 P1030594I snapped a picture of Neeko’s tights because they had Hello Kitty print on them!! They are so cute! Neeko’s outfits were so awesome and bright; I’d love to steal a few things from her wardrobe!
P1030597Next was another fashion show for Seto Ayumi’s clothing line, ‘Aymmy in the Batty Girls’! Ofc I was mega hyped about this again!
P1030601P1030605P1030607P1030609P1030611P1030615P1030620P1030626P1030632P1030637P1030640P1030643P1030650P1030652P1030657I got some really nice shots of Yura and Seto again, especially Yura who kept looking at my camera! Seto is so pretty, she is super photogenic!!
P1030664P1030671P1030679Seto Ayumi gave another talk about her clothing line before Anna Yano came on stage to perform her songs again; I guess this was to give people a chance to catch what they had missed on the earlier days.
P1030689P1030692P1030702Yura and Seto Ayumi returned to the stage after AY’s performance, to advertise the Fuji Instax Mini again; they were going to go around and snap people again, previously I had missed out because Pixie decided it was bathroom time. ¬_¬
P1030749P1030766Lol, Yura spotted me again and pointed the microphone my way; maybe she wanted me to make a speech? Anyway this time I was set on getting picked for a photo! Me and Pixie were dressed in our colourful, unique clothing, so I was really hoping that we stood out and would get picked for a photo…And we did!! But…

Some pushy mother behind us pushed her young (8yr or something) daughter into the shot and Yura, thinking the girl was with us or something, made the gesture for her to get into the photo too! So she did and ofc even though she gave the photo to me, of me and MY friend, the mother tapped me and asked me to give the photo to her daughter!! I had already worked out in my head that this would have to be the outcome and immediately handed it to the child and explained how to make the image appear before the mother had even finished telling me to hand it over. But HOW RUDE!? Yura had CLEARLY picked me and Pixie, and this pushy mother was set on getting her daughter involved; I was going to let Pixie have it since her favourite model was the one who snapped it. So, not only did this girl walk away with a photo that wasn’t intended for her but she now has two strangers in the photo as well (who are probably the centre of the photo). What was the point!? Did the mother really think that the fact that a Japanese model had taken the photo would even matter now? Her daughter has a photo with two random strangers, it has no significance to her like it would’ve been for us, and so it was wasted! If Yura had chosen to take the photo of the little girl, there’s no way we would’ve got in the way and ruined it for her, so it was annoying that the mother did just that!

You can tell how frustrated I am by this can’t you? Even thinking about it boils my blood because pushy mothers are at the top of my hate list; pushy mothers who insist on getting their kids involved in something that has nothing to do with them, or using the kids as an excuse for things (to barge through crowds of people is one example). ANYWAY, that stuck-up something has already taken enough precious space of my blog…

I think that, provided they have a stall for the Fuji Instax, I might get one at the Christmas Market; at some point I’m going to be DIY’ing my own noticeboard for inspiration and memories for my bedroom wall. Although it is easier to take hundreds of photos, no one prints them off anymore; my bedroom is devoid of photos because they can be expensive to print out. It would be nice to also make a little scrapbook of happy memories; I have a little Me To You scrapbook that they could go in.

Anyway, we wandered around for a bit more because we were waiting for Pixie’s fiancé to collect us; I came across these two in cosplay from Cardcaptor Sakura (or Cardcaptors here in the West), and I just had to ask them after I took their photo ‘but where is Sakura!?’
P1030780First of all they told me they had lost her, then ‘Lei’ said that they had killed her O_O but the ‘Rain Card’ told me that she had rained on her and she had to go and change her clothes. Basically, Sakura was not with them and I told them that it was a shame since Sakura is the main (and best) character; their costumes were really good though, especially the Rain! My favourite though was those dressed from Dragon Ball Z, I think they look amazing!! Definitely one of my favourite cosplays!! Also got to see one of Hyper Japan’s Game Park mascots, PACMAN!!
P1030787The last photo of the day was a group photo of some Gyaru’s (at least the middle one is); I thought it was worth a photo because I hadn’t seen anyone else dressed this way since being there.
P1030802Whilst I’m posting photos, here are some from mine and Pixie’s iPhones; I don’t want to drag these out into another post, it’s so good to have a camera on my phone so that I don’t have to set up my Lumix each time.
10401434_252803448250494_403600020471276226_n 10563173_252519561612216_5297335113219545009_nWell actually I took these from the MMN Facebook page, I wanted some photos of the main Japanese models together and I managed to find one; the next picture is a group shot of my favourites! ♥
IMG_7178This is a photo of Himezawa dressed as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in her PON PON PON outfit; behind her is the official outfit that KPP wore for her MV and appearances!
IMG_7237IMG_7239I bought some ice tea from one of the drink stands and it was the first time that I had fresh ice tea and not the bottled stuff; it was SO good, I really love ice tea and it is super refreshing!! I hope the stall is there next time, I want to buy some more!
IMG_7249IMG_7250IMG_7251Here are some photos of the Godzilla merchandise that I found on one of the Otaku stalls; I took them because I knew my brother would appreciate it haha.
IMG_7269A Snapchat of me and Ichigo; I used this photo to introduce Ichigo to a few of my friends haha, he’s too cute! You can see me wearing my Hyper Japan t-shirt here too!
IMG_7265At one point I was browsing Instagram and Scarlette6 announced that she was the lucky winner of the Cosparade!! She was dressed as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Fashion Monster!! She was sooo adorable!! Congratulations Scarlette, I hope to meet you again soon!! ♥
IMG_7266IMG_7317I took these screen shots because I got excited that Pochi1101 liked some of my photos; she is also a Japanese model and friends with Seto Ayumi! I don’t know, I guess I was being fangirly and that because I had just followed her…
modelpressThe MMN Facebook page posted up a photo from an article on ModelPress, I was really excited to see that my photo with Anna Yano was used! Despite my fat arm T_T, I am very happy!!
IMG_7277I found this photo on a photographer’s Facebook; he gave me his card so I could find the photos that he had taken of us. It’s nice because we didn’t have many full shots of us together!!
10559804_689222041152545_6250458076280928982_nPastelHorror posted my photo on her Facebook talking about happy customers who purchased from her stall at the event! I still love my Kawaii necklace, it always brightens up my most girly outfits!

When the event was over, we waved goodbye to the area, collected our suitcases and started the drive back to Pixie’s house. I was zonked so, as always, I fell asleep in the back of the car like a worn-out child. Pixie actually thought it was funny to camwhore with me dozing in the background. ¬_¬

I had to leave her house pretty much as soon as we arrived; I couldn’t get a seat on the train, so had to sit on the grimy floor. Ichigo got a lot of attention though, especially when I had to swap at another station; everyone seemed to light up when they saw him, makes me wonder why I did not get one sooner! He’s sat in my room now with my giant strawberry plush; I am hoping to get him a girlfriend at the Christmas Market!
IMG_7326IMG_7328I was really sad when I got home that HJ was over; ofc I was exhausted, so I was happy to be home and able to relax, and that there would be no more long distance travelling for a bit, but still sad. My dad told me when I got through the door that there was a parcel on my bed and that it was quite heavy; I was confused because I hadn’t ordered anything! When I opened it up, I was so surprised and thrilled by what it was!! My friend, who went to Uni with my boyfriend, had told me that she had lots of Japanese stuff that she had collected over the years from when her family had Japanese exchange students staying with them; they would always bring little gifts for them, and she told me she would send me some of them. Only, it was a massive box filled to the brim, mostly with Japanese eraser sets which I LOVE; there were Origami sets, fans, paper toys, a rainbow scarf, a purse and so much more! I was overwhelmed and it actually gave me a great idea for a gift of my own; I’ll be blogging about that at some point…Excuse the state of the comb, it was already broken when I lent it to her; I gave it to her the last day I saw them all before they left Uni.

Well that’s how my HJ event ended; I had so much fun and I’m really looking forward to the Christmas Market! I’ve been saving £50 a month since, and will also have spending monies from family because it’s my birthday on November the 4th! Yes, yes I know that I will have so much money for 1 day, but some of that will be going on food and stuff! I’m also hoping to have a go at cosplay; I have no talent for sewing atm, so I am going to throw something together from what I can buy since after all, this will be my first time!

I am actually hoping to learn sewing, and have a hand at making my own cosplays for events next year! If I could have just 1 year of doing as many cool cosplays as I can, I think that not only would I have so much fun but I would also learn a lot with regards to textiles! I haven’t done textiles since I was doing my GCSE’s (an embarrassingly long time ago), and I know I am getting older so I want to at least cosplay for 1 year and experience it. I wish the years didn’t fly by so fast, I can only be thankful that I still look 12 years old and my ages isn’t obvious haha! T^T

I am also really excited that Anna Yano will be returning for the Hyper Japan Christmas Market!!!! I really hope I get to meet her again; I tweeted her the photo of us when we met last time and she favourited it!! *fangirl attack* Ahhh~♥ I’m taking my friend and he is a little worried because he is going to feel really out of place; we got priority tickets for the Friday, and I’ve bribed him by getting him excited over the food stalls because he loves trying new food. It’s not that far away now, so I am really excited again!! Yay!! ♥

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    1. Thanks! I post about my normal life sometimes but my blog mainly runs around my interest in Korea and Japan. When I have nothing exciting going on, I like to research and blog about different aspects of the cultures, mainly their pop cultures; I like writing informative posts so that people can learn about it. I’m glad you are finding my blog useful!

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