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Mega Photo Post – Snippets of my life since Hyper Japan!

Hello everyone!! Today I am doing a mega photo post and as the title says, just sharing snippets of my life since Hyper Japan finished. I have been visiting different areas of the UK each weekend; I’m a real country bumpkin and never really went to places that most people had been to but I can happily say that I have travelled more in the past several weeks than I ever have in my life haha. Here we go!
IMG_6856IMG_6865I don’t ever blog enough about food, and I know I posted the top photo already but omg the food was so nice. The burger was from my first time going to Frankie and Bennys; food is good though and I always try to go on Monday to get the ‘Monday Madness 25% off’ deal!
IMG_7332IMG_7333Got stuck in probably the fastest, most random shower ever; but it is refreshing and when it hasn’t rained in a while it makes a nice rain smell lol.
IMG_7336IMG_7343A little while ago I posted about my brother and his girlfriend doing the ‘Bean Boozled’ challenge and despite trying some disgusting flavours, I had a thing for jelly beans; I purchased these ‘Gourmet’ jelly beans and the box cost me like £1.00 but the flavours are really nice! Except cinnamon, I hate cinnamon.
IMG_7453IMG_7452On August the 2nd, my nephew had his 1st birthday party!! This is my ootd; finally got to wear my floral dungarees and my ‘Auntie since 2013’ t-shirt! My sister also spotted this adorable brooch and bought it for me!
IMG_7496Random screenshot whilst I was playing LINE PLAY; my game wouldn’t load, so everyone that was loading up appeared naked haha.
IMG_7502I posted this photo already but I uploaded it to Instagram with this adorable blossom magic brush; me and PastelHorror have actually spoken a lot, and it really made me happy to have made a friend at Hyper Japan! I look forward to seeing her at some point soon!
IMG_7546I found this really nice picture of the Genie’s lamp that appeared shortly after the death of Robin Williams… I think it was titled ‘You’re free Genie’. Still miss him, watched some of his films that were on TV in his memory; I forgot how amazing Mrs. Doubtfire is!
IMG_7621I couldn’t help myself, I bought myself a Sailor Moon Chibiusa t-shirt!! It’s so pink!! It’s really pretty and I have a chiffon skirt to wear it with in the same pink, so I can look like a real magical girl!
IMG_7626Why is the front cam on iPhone 4s so cruddy? Here’s a lazy selfie of me and Ichigo! Ocassionally I’ll bring a stuffed animal downstairs with me whilst I chill with my family; usually occurs when I’m sick or depressed but this time I wanted him downstairs to make everyone smile. ♥
IMG_7629Don’t you just love it when you return home to a ton of parcels! Especially when you can’t quite remember what you purchased, it’s like your birthday or christmas!!
IMG_7647Was sat at the train station when this little girl got off and I was like ‘omg I want her backpack soooo much’! Little Twin Stars isn’t easy to find in shops in the UK, it’s usually something you have to buy online so I wonder where she got it from!?
IMG_7650One of the contents of my parcels in the photo above; an adorable Pokemon Mew plush! It’s small and cute, cost me about £1.90 and now he sits on the desk in my room.
IMG_7539Some of the pieces I got in my most recent Primark haul! A lot of stuff was on sale for like £3.00, and after seeing Kelsey Ellison with the Cheers skirt, I just had to have it!
IMG_7762On one of my trips out in a town nearby, I decided to go for the sports look; I’ve recently been loving basketball tops so I teamed it with some sneakers and my bumblebee backpack! I am wearing shorts but it doesn’t look like it because the top is so long on me. >_<
IMG_7753IMG_7766Blue Raspberry slush! It was perfect for the weather and I love almost anything in Blue Raspberry flavour!! The colour is sooooo blue!! Yummy!
IMG_7754Not sure what this is supposed to be but down the back of some houses, there was a white man sitting there. He’s not real but I have no idea why he’s sat there.
IMG_7799Another foodie photo! This is a PEANUT BUTTER CHEESECAKE. That’s right! It comes with peanut butter ice cream and chocolate sauce with peanuts on top! OMG it was SO good! It’s sickly at first but you can’t help but take another bite, and another… and another…
IMG_7809My cherry blossom gel stickers arrived for me to decorate my mirror! I wanted some ever since I saw Abi Pop have some but they are really difficult to find! I got 2 packets and they were quite expensive for gel stickers, they came to about £8.00 something but totally worth it! I am still yet to decorate my mirror actually…
IMG_7899IMG_7904Finally got round to eating the sweets from my Hyper Japan haul because I eventually got round to taking the photos for my haul post. These are the Sakura Matcha ones and they are sooo yummy! They are sweeter than the normal Matcha ones and in my opinion, much nicer!~♥
IMG_7918I also got to drink my Pokemon Ramune drink in Soda flavour! Last time I got the strawberry flavour and I couldn’t pass this one up because it had Pikachu on it!! It’s sitting on my shelf with my strawberry bottle; I feel like it is a waste to throw them away because the marble trick is so cool!
IMG_7932One of the photos from my Weeaboo ‘photo shoot’; I know I only posted one photo on the actual post but I actually took a lot of photos since I was all made up haha. Here is me wearing my Chibiusa t-shirt and kawaii necklace from PastelHorror!! I decorated it Sailor Moon style to post on IG.
IMG_7923IMG_7933IMG_7935Shortly after Hyper Japan was the MMN festival in Tokyo! Someone that I follow on IG (have a feeling it was Himezawa) posted a picture of the advertisement poster and I was so shocked to see that I AM ON IT. Me and Pixie are on a Japanese poster and were put under ‘Fashion Show’!! How cool is it that we appeared on a poster with famous faces such as Seto Ayumi (^_^ ~♥), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sebastian Masuda, Yura, Neeko, Anna Yano and, I think, Tempura Kids!!~♥♥♥
IMG_7963I purchased this book on Japanese subcultures in the hope of learning more about Japanese fashion and their origination but this book is not as informative as I thought it was going to be… I expected a lot more photos but it only has a small section in the middle. Mostly it is information and figures… it even goes into detail about male suicides! So, I’ll admit that I haven’t finished it yet…
IMG_8113IMG_8166One of my ootd’s! I think I wore this when I went to Newbury; there isn’t a lot there but I managed to have a really nice day anyway.
IMG_8127IMG_8135Purchased some sweets from a retro sweet shop whilst in Newbury; does anyone remember those weird jelly sweets or am I just old? These ones weren’t actually that nice but the ones I had as a kid was really yummy and much more jelly like! The Candy Crush gummies were inexpensive and had nice flavours with the same texture as Wine Gums.
IMG_8177Recently purchased myself a Fruit Infuser Water Tumbler! Ever since I saw Bubzbeauty have one, I wanted one too but the one she has is like £20+! I purchased this sturdy one on eBay for £10.99 and since having fruit water everyday, I can definitely see a difference in my skin. I usually put lemon, lime and orange segments in mine but you can use whatever you like and it really makes a difference to having plain water!
IMG_8411IMG_8219I purchased a book about Japanese school girls at the same time I got the book about Japanese subcultures; this book was very informative about fashion trends amongst Japanese school girls and why they have become such an icon for Japan! I’ll be writing a post about this at some point but about halfway through, I came acoss this 2-page spread on Hello Kitty! My HK mouse also arrived that day, so it was pink HK overload!!
IMG_8236A grumpy selfie; I had just set up my Twitter account and was not sure how to use it so this was my test photo to post up!
IMG_8249This was my first purchase from Tofu Cute! Tofu Cute is an adorable UK site that sells lots of Japanese sweets, treats and accessories! I have been wanting to try the original Pocky and Meiji chocolate for a while now, so I was really happy that they were in stock! It came with these cute little paper cutouts!
IMG_8269My alpaca Ichigo with a real Ichigo pillow plush; I purchased a bow headband to keep my hair out of my fringe and to use as a prop in future posts but it looked much better on Ichigo!!
IMG_8274With the release of Sims 4 and me knowing that I probably won’t get it for another 4 years, (I’m always so behind with Sims games despite my love for them, which I guess isn’t a bad thing since when I get them I have the opportunity to get expansion packs straight away), I decided to purchase the complete collection of the Sims 1! I did have all of the expansion packs for Sims 1 bar the Magic one a long time ago but my computer couldn’t handle them and would make my computer crash. I decided to buy the complete collection so that I could get the most satisifaction out of it whilst I save for my gaming computer! I never realised how hard it is! Using cheats on both the Sims 2 and the Sims 3 is so much easier!!
IMG_8338One of my favourite ootds! It’s kitty themed! I actually got complimented by a lady whilst I was waiting for my train because she thought it was awesome that I dressed how I wanted to and didn’t look boring!
IMG_8341IMG_8342IMG_8356IMG_8357IMG_8360That weekend I went to Reading; it was my first time being there, I thought the station looked so futuristic with all of the escalators! I had to swap at Reading to get a train back to Newbury and decided that the next weekend I would go to Reading!
IMG_8367IMG_8368This was my dinner for the day because it was so filling that I couldn’t really eat much else! Waffles!! My first time trying waffles and they were super yummy! We had bananas and belgian chocolate sauce with whipped cream! We had been craving waffles since we saw a waffle and crepe cafe in Newbury and were lucky enough to come across this one! I prefer crepes but the waffle was very yummy!
IMG_8372There is a theme of dinosaurs in Reading; I’m not sure why but they kept photobombing me!! I guess I can’t complain, at least he is smiling!
IMG_8407Bought these whilst I was in Reading; went into one of those 99p bargain type shops and saw these Hello Kitty strawberry wet wipes, and I just had to have them because they were so cute!!
IMG_8375I also got to try Bubble Tea, also knows as Milk Pearl Tea or Boaba Tea! I got it in Matcha flavour and although it takes a little getting used to, it is quite nice and strangely refreshing! These Bubble Tea stalls have popped up all across the UK and are really popular now! The pearls don’t actually taste of anything, I thought they would be like jelly bean textures but they are really…slimey? And chewy when you bite into them. Can get a little annoying when you are trying to enjoy the drink and you keep sucking up pearls but it’s okay; I did try Bubble Tea before, I got a mango milk tea because I didn’t know any better and didn’t realise that 1) I didn’t like mango and 2) it doesn’t go with milk haha.
IMG_8423IMG_8430Yay! I really love this ootd! I lurve my spaceship print skirt!! Unfortunately this photo caused some drama when I posted it on FB and accidentally upset my sister with a comment I made. I found out about this on my way back from my day out in Southampton when my brother asked if everything was okay with me and my sister; I told him I hadn’t spoken to her all day and he said it was posted on FB that we had had a tiff and she was ‘feeling hurt’. I tried to talk to her but it didn’t work and I ended up crying on the train! Some kind guy saw how upset I was and went and got me some tissue from the toilet and asked if I was okay; when I thanked him before I got off, he told me that it was okay and to try and cheer up. I was due to see her the next day but didn’t end up going and left my dad to find out what had happened from her side because I was confused as to how I had upset her…
IMG_8457…I texted my sister that I loved her when I had heard nothing from her; she told me she took it the wrong way and we had this big, apologetic sisterly text chat about how silly we both were haha. Thing is we NEVER fall out, so if one of us gets hurt by the other then it’s like 100x worse; I came home one day to a parcel from Moonpig but I knew I definitely hadn’t ordered anything! I opened it up to this giant Hello Kitty plush as an apology from my sister!! I was just happy that we had cleared the air, she really didn’t need to do anything like this but I still love it so much!! I don’t own any Hello Kitty plushes so this is my first!!~♥♥♥
IMG_8446Whilst I was in Southampton for the first time, I went to a little ice cream parlour called ‘Sprinkles’; definitely try it out because they have SO many flavours!! I of course got ‘Blue Banana’ which is my favourite ice cream flavour of all time!! My friend got the Mars Bar ice cream because I really wanted to try it haha.
IMG_8451Found this photo online because KPP recently did a collaboration with Nintendo!! Pikachu gets a kawaii KPP makeover and I love it!! Definitely want to cosplay this KPP outfit sometime!! It is on my list to try and cosplay next year!!
IMG_8464I swear my Deputy Manager makes like, THE BEST chocolate brownie; I personally don’t like chocolate fudge brownies but I would scoff an entire tray of her version!! So yummy and with chunky chocolate pieces!! ^_^ ~♥
IMG_8473IMG_8474Some late night photos of me testing out eyeliner; I can’t do eyeliner for shit because I don’t wear it on a daily basis, so I really need to practice! I don’t know how but this eyeliner came out practically perfect!! And it will never happen again…
IMG_8540IMG_8541Went to Frankie and Bennys again with my favourite work colleague!! We’ll be going again in a couple of weeks time for my birthday meal together! I had chicken and chorizo pasta which was alright but I don’t think I’d have it again, and the chocolate fudge cake which was LUSH.
IMG_8561I got a cold after my trip to London to see Siro-A and it was so bad that I had to take a day off of work which I’ve never had to do before; I stupidly used a Vick nose spray without realising my nose was super sore inside and I was in agony for the entire night, so no sleep for me!
IMG_8566This was me pretty much the entire time I had the cold because my nose would not stop running!! It was driving me crazy but I was determined to get better for seeing my little nephew because I hadn’t seen him since his 1st birthday party back at the beginning of August!!
IMG_8631IMG_8649Got myself some dark purchases because I own a lot of pastel, cutesy stuff but not a lot of edgy, dark stuff. Absolutely love everything that I purchased, especially the shoes!!!
IMG_8639Also decided to try the Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balm from the Neon collection, and it’s in this beautiful rose colour called ‘Strike a Rose’; think I’ll do a review on this at some point because it is a really good product and people have been raving about it for some time now!
IMG_8670IMG_8681I recently purchased a Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Book iPhone case in the pink version (because CCS is the best) and it came with these cute pink Clow Cards!! I have the Clow Book but I don’t actually own any of the pink version, so they were a nice surprise with the phone case which I absolutely love!!
IMG_8735IMG_8737IMG_8741Last weekend I went to Swindow for the first time; they had a Lindor chocolate shop with a section that had pick-a-mix for the different types of chocolates that you can’t get normally, even in special edition boxes! There was almond, coconut, champagne, irish cream, milk and white chocolate mix, praline, orange, and strawberry flavours!! I’m not a massive fan of Lindt but my friend loves it and his eyes lit up; as a treat we bought a bunch and I intended to buy it for him but the shop would not let me use card for anything under £5 so he had to pay… T_T They also had lots of giant Lego models!!
IMG_8744There’s also this massive park in the middle of Swindon, complete with a duck lake! The trees around there were shedding their leaves but instead of the normal red and orange autumn leaves, they were shedding pink and purple ones!!
IMG_8750Everytime I travel somewhere, I always check to see if there is a Harvester because it is one of my favourite places to eat, but so often there isn’t because they are one of those restaurants on the outskirts where you eat as a drive-by. Luckily Swindon had a Harvester just 20 minutes from the station, so of course we went!! We had steak and then for dessert we had this chocolate fudge cake and cookie dough cake with caramel and chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream; it was really nice but I was disappointed because they changed the menu and no longer do the Banoffee sundae or the vanilla cheesecake!!
IMG_8752Last but not least, my ootd for Swindon; I purchased this jumper in London because I didn’t realise how cold it was and had to get myself another jumper. It’s really fluffy and warm, and so adorable!! Matches perfectly with my favourite lightning bolt earrings!!

So I hope I didn’t bore you (too much); this is everything that I have been up to to-date. I am due to go out somewhere tomorrow but still don’t know where. Hopefully will never, ever let my photos build up on my iPhone again!! =_=”

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