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Halloween in Japan!

Helloooo, you’re probably wondering why I am posting a post about Halloween when it is like, so over; but Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, and thanks to social media I got to learn a little about Halloween in Tokyo, Japan!

I only really knew about the difference between Halloween in the UK and Halloween in the USA; my only evidence of that is from the movie Hocus Pocus which was a real treat to watch every Halloween since I didn’t own it on video. America has bigger houses with more land, so they really go all out with decoration; children fill the streets in all manner of costumes from witches to princesses, and vampires to superhereos. Here in the UK, especially where I live, the houses are squashed together so we have no room to go mad; the costumes sold stick mostly within the creepy/scary style with vampires, witches and black cats being the most popular. Recently the choice in costumes have expanded but they still tend to be horror Halloween rather than fancy dress.

When I was little, one of my parents would take me, my older sister and my two older brothers trick or treating around the housing estate whilst my other parent would decorate the house ready for our return; when we got back we would do apple bobbing, eat candy and watch a children’s Halloween movie. I never see any children out on Halloween anymore, there always used to be so many on my street; it’s a shame that children aren’t as interested anymore, I’ve even met some people in recent years who never had Halloween as part of their lives because either their parents didn’t want to or weren’t bothered. I couldn’t imagine my life without Halloween, I think it is an important childhood occasion so I feel that these people missed out.

This Halloween I invited friends over to watch movies; we had take-away pizza and watched 28 Days Later and The Conjuring (which I did not watch any of because I HATE supernatural films). I managed to sleep that night which is more than what I can say for two of my guy friends who spent the entire film freaking out (so funny). I threw together a broken doll look last minute thanks to Promise Phan’s ‘Haunted Doll Make-Up Transformation’; the girls dressed up but the boys, well of course they didn’t dress up.
1743536_10152446819673994_1963166554247360796_nThis year I got to learn more about Halloween in Japan; I follow a profile called ‘Tokyo Fashion’ on YT, IG and Twitter, which had been posting up lots of Halloween photos. They had been posting from the start of the Halloween week, so I assume that there are many Halloween events that run throughout the week rather than just celebrating on the day (or evening) like we do here in the UK. Many people attended the Shibuya street party, which overwhelmed the police who hadn’t seen that many people out except for on New Years Eve! Only one man got arrested for groping, which is bledy amazing considering the amount of people that were out; I read many comments saying there was no feeling of drunkeness or craziness, just people having fun! It’s quite clear that Japan has surpassed the UK and America in their devotion to Halloween!

The Japanese, like America, dress in all manner of fancy dress including Cosplay, and I noticed that their effort put into the scary/gory style was amazing. It appears that friendship group costumes were popular with many groups dressing up as Sailor Moon, Mario, devils, angels, nurses, school girls, Minnie Mouse, Disney princesses and more! I don’t think trick-or-treating and candy is a massive part of Japanese Halloween, but more for the adults to have fun clubbing or attending street parties. Check out the photos and videos from Tokyo Fashion below!
15064512033_8e01d1568f_o 15496186258_7b4da049e4_o 15496190238_b9010c3ecc_o 15498662427_49014de441_o 15498666607_8de5cbc4f7_o 15499058770_26b169997e_o 15499064970_f133421c69_o 15504085519_ca6458bba3_o 15657854946_ec72a1531f_o 15657879856_257b3548b0_o 15679673201_13c7ed1b78_o 15679674201_5418da7d08_o 15681584925_ef915d296c_o 15681934851_00fa27e40b_o 15683175682_c9fb08ac7e_o 15691536192_38a66ceb41_o 15691537372_b570a7188f_o

Did you know that Halloween was originally influenced by Celtic harvest festivals and Gaelic Samhain that occurred in countries belonging to the UK?

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