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Hyper Japan Christmas Market! ~♥

Hellooo! Just a quick note that I tried to post this last Saturday whilst the Hyper Japan Christmas Market was still going on but my blog ran out of memory and wouldn’t let me post any photos!! So I am posting it now!

Last weekend was the Hyper Japan Christmas Market!! I attended with my brother just for the day on the Friday to blow all of my saved money and birthday money on unnecessary kawaii stuff!! We navigated our way to London Olympia in Kensington without too much trouble and waited in line for about an hour and a half before we were let in. I headed straight for the stalls and started buying; the main reason why I attended the Friday event and got there with a priority ticket was because I wanted to make sure I purchased everything I wanted before it ran out of stock. I bought SO MUCH but I will be doing that in a joint haul post with what I bought at the last Hyper Japan so that you can see everything I got.

I was a little disappointed because compared to July’s HJ event, it was absolutely TINY; I kept finding myself back at the entrance and asking myself ‘have I really looked around all of the stalls?’. There was an upstairs as well much to my relief and there was much more up there, which enabled me to use up pretty much all of the available hours it was open for. So without further ado, on with the photos!!
P1040839This was my ootd! I wore a simple outfit that consisted of a pink, long-sleeved loose dress, that I ordered in a couple of other colours from eBay, brown knit tights, camel bow-accent boots, pearl bracelets, pearl crown heart earrings, pearl kitty ear headband, chunky bow ring and Dreamy Bows star ring! I curled my hair with my straighteners but it lasted all but 5 minutes and dropped out the minute I stepped out into the wind T^T. Still it looked nice for my selfies!
P1040845P1040848P1040865P1040866One of the first stalls we came across had these Nanoblock sets which are like tiny versions of lego! The little models are so cute and perfect for christmas gifts!!
P1040867I love these little rams, I think they are so adorable and super soft!! I purchased one for myself and my friend for christmas (it didn’t last, I actually gave it to her when we got back because I was too excited).
P1040868Me and Vince bought some clip on accessories from this stall, and I also went back and bought a whole ton of other stuff too. They were £5.00 each or 3 for £12.00, so we bought 3; he got himself some black devil horns, his girlfriend got black cat ears and I bought the cute frog eyes that you can see on the shelf in front of the sales assistant!
P1040869P1040870We bought some Japanese Fried Chicken skewers because we hadn’t eaten all day; I saw these last time but the queue was massive and I couldn’t be bothered to wait but this time there was no queue so we bought 2 for £5.00 and had one each. I was really disappointed though, the chicken had a nice flavour but the actual chicken itself was really slimy and dark like they had used crappy parts of the chicken. It was very chewy, slimy and fatty, I ate it to fill a hole but definitely will not be eating it again – p.s. Vince likes to dress smart all the time.
P1040871P1040872P1040873Lots of adorable baked confectionary like cakes, cookies and macarons; I didn’t buy any but they did look really adorable and delicious!!
P1040874SIRO-A were on stage again and we stayed to watch because Vince hadn’t seen them; he really liked them and found them really funny. They had just finished filming live footage which they put together into a sound montage which is very funny to watch!!
P1040875P1040877We came across a stall that sold tails; I was very tempted to get one but I don’t need one so I didn’t lol. They looked very good and I had to try several times to get a picture because this guy would not stop wiggling his butt.
P1040879Came across a t-shirt stall with some pretty awesome prints; if you’re the kind of person who loves your gamer t-shirts then this is definitely a stall to check out!!
P1040881Vince was still hungry so we headed over to the noodle stall where he purchased some vegetable fried noodles; I’m still new to this kind of food so even though I was hungry I didn’t buy any lol.

Next we took some selfies because I realised we hadn’t taken any and I hadn’t taken many photos; once you see it you’ll laugh!!
P1040882P1040883P1040884That’s right, how could you not see it!!?? We got PHOTOBOMBED. I only realised when I was flicking through the photos when we got home; my camera has a flip up screen and this lady thought it was the perfect opportunity to fit herself into the photo and photobomb us!! And it was such a nice photo of us too dammit!!! You can see her laughing to herself in my selfie pic; it’s hilarious but I am disappointed that a nice photo of me and Vince got ruined!!
P1040885I went and got us smoothies from a juice bar (strawberry cool ofc) which was really nice and yogurt-y; everyone kept asking about it and where we had got it from. Vince decided he was STILL hungry and went back for another, which he thought was funny to get me to try it without telling me what it was and it was CARROT. Ick.

We were waiting for the adorable ANNA YANO to be on stage!! She had come back to the UK for the 3 days and I was really hoping that I could get a photo with her but unfortunately you have to buy her CD and I had already bought it at the last one! She was still adorable though and kept looking at my camera and waving at us.
P1040886P1040889P1040890P1040892P1040907P1040919P1040921P1040922She’s so adorable!! She was asked about what style she was going for to which she replied ‘this is my clothing style!’ and where she goes to buy her fashion to which she replied ‘Harajuku!’ She’s so cute but unfortunately her performance was impaired because I think the microphone wasn’t working properly; she was a lot more confident and energetic at the event in July but this time she seemed like she was struggling to sing and I guess that was due to her worry that the microphone wasn’t working and she had to push harder on being heard.. I don’t know but it was still an enjoyable performance!!
P1040923P1040924Somehow I missed this pretty little Hello Kitty stall; I thought all of the red stuff was adorable so I snapped a picture! There was pink merchandise and blue merchandise too and it was all so pretty!! I wandered about, bought some more stuff and decided to plonk myself over by the sub-stage where Kelsey Ellison was going to be performing! I’ve never seen her live before and since I had spent pretty much all my money, I thought I’d watch. Vince on the otherhand was still hungry so he went off to get pizza… =_=”
P1040932 P1040933 P1040936 P1040947 P1040960Her dress ♥ Her shoes ♥ She’s quite the ball of energy on stage and she has a very friendly and uplifting presence with the audience! It was fun to watch her perform her own song ‘POM POM’ which I filmed; shame she had a spotlight on the stage, I tried to take good photos but her face was in the dark a lot so these are the best ones. She got one of her friends to get up and sing too who was very good, and also had her friends cheering her on right next to us which must be really nice for her – one of them being Abi Pop!
P1040953We did have a guy in front of us who was er… very enthusiastic for Kelsey’s showing; he nearly felt the wrath of Vince as he was right in front of us and a couple of times just stood in the way =_=” I remember he even led across the floor taking photos, so he must be a big fan!

Finally I made a few last purchases before having to somehow make our way back to Earl’s Court for the tube! *High-five* I managed to navigate again and get us safely home; I don’t go to London often and I live in the South-West, so I am very much the country bumpkin! On our way home we decided to take selfies but it became unbearably funny very fast that we were both snorting and crying with laughter!
P1040979 P1040982 P1040983 P1040984Everyone stop what you’re doing – VINCE IS ACTUALLY SMILING. He NEVER smiles and now my dad wants the first selfie framed lol. We attempted emotions but no matter how much I tried, I could not for the life of me pull a ‘shocked’ face. Vince kept making me laugh so I just ended up looking happy; the more I tried the happier I looked! Because my ‘selfie’ screen has a timer, he told me that I should pull the face on the last second; I was almost able to pull the face without thinking about funny to make me laugh, then right on the last second he gasped and made me laugh. I tried so hard to look into the lense and not at the screen so that I wouldn’t laugh, I was certain that he was already pulling his face but nope! So here is a compilation of Vince’s shocked faces…
Vince shockedWe got home at 10pm and the first thing we did was make rice and go through our things; his girlfriend was given her gifts and I rolled around in my spoils. I’m sad that there isn’t another Hyper Japan until next year but I definitely hope to attend more events and will definitely be attending next year, it’s so much fun!

Hope you enjoyed my post, I plan on shooting my Hyper Japan haul tomorrow and to post it soon along with my treasures from the event in July! I plan on blogging more now and I have lots lined up!!~♥

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