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My Hyper Japan shopping haul – Part 1!

P1040188Hello everyone! As finally promised, my haul from the Hyper Japan event back in July! I shot the photos ages ago but never got round to sitting down and blogging about it! I took around £300 that I had saved up as the months went by; some of it was for food and I didn’t end up spending all of it but I did come back with an awful lot. I was determined to get the majority of my shopping out of the way on the Friday like I did for the Christmas Market, because I wanted to ensure that if I wanted something that it would still be in stock (shop-a-holic shopping strategy – fellow shop-a-holics take note)!
P1040207 P1040214In no particular order, I start off with a Dreamy Bows bracelet that I went back for on my second day. I think it was the only one with these colours (mint and pink is my favourite combo if you didn’t know already)! It cost me £6.00 or £7.00 and is an elasticated bracelet; I love how cute and chunky it is, it looks like candy!
P1040216Next is actually the first item I bought; it’s a Dreamy Bows double star ring! There were other colours but I don’t own many lilac things; it cost me £6.00 I think, and I love how big it is!
P1040220Next is my pink poo pencil sharpener!! It’s sooooo cute! Pixie got a brown one because she thought that the more realistic it looked the better… It has such a cute design, I’m a sucker for smooth designs; the sharpener has 2 pencil holes which I use for my make-up pencils because I already own a really good stationery sharpener. It sits on my shelf until I need it, and for just £1.50 from Artbox, it’s such an awesome buy!!
P1040236Next up are these ‘KAWAii!!’ sunglasses! They are so cool and are a fun prop for photos!! I bought this on the last day; I think they were originally £6.00 and dropped to £5.00!
P1040238I purchased these ones first and they cost me the original price of £6.00; I liked the green and most people were wearing the ‘KAWAii!!’ ones and now I understand it’s because you can actually see through those glasses whereas you can’t so well with these ones.
P1040242 P1040245I also purchased this ‘HARAJUKU KAWAii!!’ shopping tote bag, and I think it cost me £6.00; It’s a super cute bag with the print on one side and pink handles! I actually use this bag a lot when I am going out, it’s the perfect size!! I bought these items from the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON stall.
P1040248 This is one of my favourite necklaces; I think it cost me £15.00 and I purchased it from my friend who owns an Etsy store called ‘Sugar Coated Sprinkles’! Check her out here – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/SugarCoatedSprinkles
P1040255Unfortunately I can’t remember the stall I purchased this from, I just remember that they had a lot of different types of necklaces that didn’t seem to have a set style. I saw it and I just had to have it because I love anything that has the love heart speech bubble!! It cost me just £5.00 and the heart is printed onto acrylic; it’s really well made and it’s a perfect length!!
P1040261 P1040262I bought Anna Yano’s CD which as you know meant I got to have her sign it! The case actually broke the minute I took the cellophane wrapping off which got her all worried but I told her it was fine for her to sign the CD regardless. She then fretted because she smudged it and couldn’t fit ‘London’ on it but I didn’t mind at all. The CD cost me £7.00 and although it only has 4 songs on it, it was worth the price since she signed it and I got to have a photo with her!
P1040265This wasn’t a purchase but a gift! Buttercupbunnycosplay gave me this Soot Sprite that she made herself; she was dressed as Totoro and I asked her for a photo! I named him ‘Spira’ and he hangs in my room.
P1040270I purchased a Ramune soda for the very reason that Pikachu is on it!! When I first tried Ramune, I had strawberry but this time I purchased soda which was just as yummy. It cost me £2.00 from one of the stalls and it sits on my shelf!
P1040272These sweets are called ‘Hi-Chew’ and I know that they are very popular Japanese sweets so I picked some up; I think they were £1.99 which is rather expensive for chewy sweets but I got it for the novelty reason. I have actually got a post planned for the Japanese sweets that I purchased, so stay tuned for that!
P1040275I also purchased some ‘PEKO Milky’ sweets; they are like milk chews and they are also very popular in Japan. I think the mascots are more popular than the product itself, they even collaborated with Hello Kitty! I wasn’t a massive fan of these, so I gave them to my brother and his girlfriend to finish. They cost me £3.99, very expensive for a bag of chewy sweets but again, I paid out just this once to try them since they are so popular and often sold out on UK sites.
P1040276 P1040278I purchased myself this little keyring plush of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Mameshiba doll!! My one unfortunately does not have the big bow on her head but she cost me just £5.00 from one of the plush stalls (actually one of the stalls I think I will stay away from in future because their prices are ridiculously expensive for such tiny items). There was a stall selling these with the bow but they were much more expensive at £11.00; after seeing KPP in April, I really wanted to add one of these to my collection of kawaii things.
P1040280 P1040285I bought myself a Hyper Japan t-shirt to remember it by~♥ It cost me £10.00 from the Hyper Japan stall and is a simple white t-shirt with the detail printed properly onto the t-shirt, so it is unlikely to come off in the wash. I got it in a size small but because it is a uni-sex t-shirt, it is a little baggy on me but very comfortable; I wore it out the next evening!
P1040294 P1040296Ofc I purchased some Matcha Kit-Kats! If you have read my posts, you may have seen me mention that these are my favourite treat that is Matcha flavoured, alongside green tea ice cream! They were on sale 3 for £10.00, so I grabbed 2 of the Matcha ones (one for a friend) and 1 in Sakura Matcha, which I actually prefer!! You get 3 mini bars in each pack, and that might not seem a lot for something that is quite expensive at £4.50 but I didn’t feel like eating them all in one go, so it was more of a treat for me. They make great gifts, there are lots of flavours to choose from and the packaging for the Sakura one is just so adorable!!~♥
P1040225P1050172P1050173P1050174P1050175P1050176I purchased this little notebook from Artbox; Little Twin Stars is my favourite from Sanrio, and at £2.50 I just had to have it! The designs are so adorable and the book cover is made out of a thicker paper; it has pink line printed paper inside with Kiki and Lala also printed in pink. If I ever use it (I’m a stationery hoarder and I know I’m not the only one!), when I finish it I would like to use the front cover as a poster but I doubt I’ll use it haha.
P1040227 P1040229They put all my cute purchases from Artbox in this adorable shopping bag! I kept it to reuse over and over again, although it currently looks after my stationery; I think it is their aim to have you keep and reuse the bag since it has ‘I love Earth!’ printed all over it.
P1040256I had my eye on this Super Sonico Gloomy Bear figure for a while and I knew that I wanted to buy my first Anime figure at HJ; there were lots to choose from and I spotted it on a stall (the one that I mentioned that I was going to stay away from). He told me that it was £35.00 but he could let it go for £30.00; I went to another stall that sold Otaku merchandise and managed to get it for just £20.00!! I had seen it on eBay for £18.00, so I was fine to spend an extra £2.00 and not have to wait for long delivery.
P1050166This is my only product that is unrelated to Japan or Kawaii; for such a long time I have been looking to buy this game but it is extremely hard to come by because it is rare. I used to play this as a kid with my brother and we had so much fun; at £15.00 it is expensive, but it’s a hard find and it was in good condition which is a must for me and you never know what you’r getting if you buy over the internet.
P1050169I also purchased these rings for Sugar Coated Sparkles along with the ‘Kawaii’ necklace but unfortunately I broke them both! I broke the kawaii one when I went to put my arm around someone and I did it so fast that it snapped from the force where my hand grazed the seating area in Nandos. It cut my hand pretty bad but luckily it was a clean snap; I broke the cute one when the design got caught on a bag strap and I pulled. T_T Luckily my dad glued them both on, unfortunately getting glue on the front of the kawaii design as you can see in the picture but it was my fault they broke from force, not because they were poorly made! They are so cute and I am happy I can wear them again!
P1050170These are the badges that I purchased; I’ve started a badge collection because I really liked some of the Harajuku fashions that I’ve seen (KPP’s leather jacket and Elleanor also loves to pin badges on her fashion), and wanted to add badges to my fashion too! The eyeball one really reminded me of KPP and I love the design on the Kyoto one; I think they were £1.00 each except the Kyoto one might have been £2.00.
P1040290Last but not least is my obvious favourite – Ichigo!! He’s popped up a few times on my blog and on my Instagram and if you follow me then you will know that from last weekend’s haul, I got him a companion! He was originally £35.00 but they had reduced them to £32.00; I got him from the Tofu Cute stall and fell in love with him straight away! He really brightens up my room, even more so now that he has a girlfriend!

So that is EVERYTHING that I purchased (I don’t think that I have forgotten anything) during the July Hyper Japan event! I spent so much money and although there were some other things that I would’ve liked to have purchased, I am very happy with my haul altogether. There is so much to buy at these HJ events and I can’t wait until the next one!! I hope you liked seeing everything that I purchased, I know this post is long overdue but I just couldn’t get the time to sit down for enough time to write it!!

I have already shot my photos for last week’s haul, and I’ll be writing it tomorrow so hopefully that will be up within the next few days and I bought even more cute stuff!! I’m going to miss not buying such a large kawaii haul for a while but I guess that gives me more time to save for the next one!! Bye for now~♥

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