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2015 is fast approaching…

Hello everyone! A bit of a different, more serious post today as I am still writing my Hyper Japan Christmas Market haul post.

I have been re-reading my blog, just because I have obviously forgotten what I have written about but also to see what it sounds like when other people read it. I came across a couple of posts that I had written around Christmas time last year and before the New Year; reading through, I was so excited for the year 2014 and determined to do more exciting things and make more of my life. I was determined that this was going to be a positive year and refresher from what my life had been like since I left school (boring lol); when 2015 hits, I will probably write a post looking back over what I have experienced and achieved in the year 2014.

Many things have happened this year, some good and some bad but all are experiences; I am looking forward to the year 2015, a fresh start for me as an individual with new opportunities to grasp. Since becoming single over 4 weeks ago now, I have had to completely reconsider my life; luckily I have been positive and have already figured out a new life plan that I would like to achieve next year. There are a few things I would like to do (like going on holiday to Japan for example) that I am unsure of how to achieve, but I will achieve them one way or another. I have nothing to stop me, nothing to hold me back and although my new life is a life unlike anything I have known, I am positive that I will be able to make something grand out of it.

My family and friends are absolutely amazing, and I look forward to keeping them all close and involved in my life as much as possible; they are so important to me, more than anything or anyone else will ever be (I guess until the day I marry and have kids lol) and I will continue to strive to let them know that.

Lots of amazing, exciting and fun things will be planned for next year, even if it leaves me broke lol. I’ve got my ID photos ready to send off for my provisional drivers license and passport, so hopefully I will be flying next year… Abruptly ending the blog post here as I don’t have anything more to say haha.~♥

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