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My Hyper Japan shopping haul – Part 2!!

P1050015Helloooo!! Today I am posting about my Hyper Japan Christmas Market haul that I got when I went on the 14th! I bought a lot this time too!

Last time I got a lot of leaflets from all the places I bought from and because many of the leaflets were cute, I decided to decorate my blank wardrobe!
P1040297I love everything I bought and I think I spent my money pretty wisely considering I wanted to purchase everything I saw haha. I also picked up a lot of items that I wanted the last time I went; so without further ado, on with the haul!!
P1050019 P1050021In no particular order, we start off with my little sheep/ram plush; I wanted one of these the last time I went and I decided to get her in a light pink colour! I got a dark pink one for my brother’s girlfriend because her hair at the time was dark pink/purple. These are called ‘Girly Rosey Wooly’ from the brand Amuse (same as Alpacasso) and she cost £10.00 from the Tofu Cute stall; she’s a decent size, her blush is a little squif but she’s so cute!! My cousins really liked her and named her Katelyn!
P1050028 P1050032 P1050035One of my last purchases of the day, this is a ‘Happy Seal’? It doesn’t say what it is on the label, it just says ‘Happy!’ but it is also from Amuse. There are 5 different designs and they had all of them there so it was a really difficult decision since they are all so adorable but I picked the pink girl one; she is so adorable, and cost me £10.00 from the Tofu Cute stall as well. They had these massive ones and I so badly wanted one but decided to get a small one instead; again my cousins wanted to name her and named her Sally!
P1050050I bought this from the stall that sold all the clip on ears; I’m obsessed with this heart/wings symbol ever since I first saw it on Cardcaptor Sakura! It’s super fluffy and quite big, so I would probably wear it as a brooch accessory rather than a hair accessory because it has a badge and crocodile clip fixing on the back! It cost me £6.00, there was a few other choices in colours but I settled for this one.
P1050056 P1050060I’ve wanted one of these for ages; they are very popular with the Lolita fashion, they clip in your hair and dangle down. I got this one from the same stall as the brooch above and as you can see it has the brooch/hair clip fix on the back, and also cost me £6.00.
P1050074 P1050075 P1050077 P1050078When I ventured upstairs, this was one of the first stalls I came across called Doqo Design; they had some cute little postcards and lots of badges, all of which had adorable designs. They were £1.50 each I think or on offer for 3 for £3.00; I chose the ones I wanted and one of the stall assistants said that because I was their first customer, he would give me 4 for £3.00!! They are so pretty and cute, and the design is smooth and bright!
P1050079 P1050080I bought these two on the stall next door to the last one as I want to build up my badge collection; they both cost £1.00 and I remember seeing the piggy badge on Hyper Japan’s IG account, so I just had to have it!! The eyeball one reminds me of KPP again which is why I purchased it.
P1050081 P1050082I picked these up from a side stall which was attached to the stall where I got my piggy badge; I think these are from the ‘Hatsune Miku Lessons’ collection and again, cost between £1.00-£2.00 each. I got one in each colour because I thought they had a cute design!
P1050089I picked these adorable Hatsune Miku envelope seals from the same stall; I’ll probably use them for something different but I just had to have them because they are so adorable!! I don’t know how much these cost because I just grabbed a bunch of things from the stall and handed them over; there were prices written on labels on the table but the merchandise didn’t have its own price tag.
P1050096I think this is the last of my Hatsune Miku haul, it’s a super cute mini towel!! I’m going to hang this on my wall somehow because it is too cute to use. Again, I don’t know how much this cost, I think around £6.00??
P1050084I picked these PEKO/Hello Kitty chocolates from Sushi Noms for £2.99; the only snacks I purchased this time and that was only because the box is so adorable!! I have tried these, they are quite sickly sweet and they have adorable designs on the chocolate! I’m not a fan of Japanese chocolate but these were the nicest of the treats that I have tried.
P1050086I spotted one of these on a random table selling random things; it was originally £5.00 but had been put down to £3.00. I have seen Bubzbeauty use this in some of her older videos as a form of hair plucking. Apparently it is really easy to use and I haven’t used it yet but hopefully it is quicker than tweezer plucking and less painful than threading.
P1050087P1050184 P1050185I bought myself some cute puffy stickers! Looking at them I swear I also purchased some Hatsune Miku stickers as well but I have nothing in my bags so I guess I just looked at them a lot haha. These stickers were from the Tofu Cute stall and cost just £1.50!
P1050090P1050182 P1050183I also got this Korilakkuma mini memo pad from Artbox and it cost me just £1.60, I bought one as a gift too! It’s really cute, and the printed pages are so adorable!
P1050092 P1050093Another Artbox purchase! This cost me about £1.99 I think? And it’s an adorable strawberry milk card holder!! I recently got myself an oyster card and I bought this cute cover to put it in because you can still scan the card in it. I love this purchase so much, it is definitely one of my favourites!!!
P1050112 P1050114I have been searching for a cool vampire ring for quite a while ever since I saw one on Broken Doll’s stall! I purchased this from the stall with all of the clip on ears and it only cost £3.00! It’s great quality, and I decided to purchase a ton of other stuff from them too.
P1050108 P1050158I also purchased these earrings, I believe they cost me £6.00 and they were the last pair there. I don’t know what they say, I hope I can find out what they say before I wear them haha; I thought they looked bright and cheerful so bought them on impulse.
P1050111 P1050161Next from the same stall are these pretty mint and pink (yay) unicorn earrings! Again, they cost me £6.00, are great quality and were the only pair there. I snatched them up straight away because I love unicorns!!
P1050037Last from this stall are my clip on frog eyes! I was looking to get some horns or wings, but the eyes were super cute!! They cost me £5.00, and the lady is really friendly; she clips them on for you and shows you what you look like in a mirror! Pixie bought a pair of rabbit ears last time.
P1050069Bought this adorable Rilakkuma book; unfortunately there aren’t any lines in it, there were either plain pages or graph paper (maths paper). You could write your name and class on some of them and use them for adorable school exercise books!! This one cost me £1.99 and it also had a 25% sale; I bought this from the ‘JP Books’ stall.
P1050126 P1050128 P1050129 P1050152 P1050154These are one of my favourite purchases – adorable little rice bowls!! I used the pink one for our rice snack when we got back home and can you believe that they cost me just £2.50 each!!! They are so beautiful, so well made and they had SO MANY other designs!! Vince purchased an adorable little blue pig design and for his girlfriend, a blue cat design!! I fell in love with the yellow and pink kitty design, and the pink floral one was too pretty to pass on!!
P1050104 P1050105 P1050159 P1050160These funky looking earrings came from the stall ‘Kam Creates’; this poor stall was in darkness because the light above them had failed. I’ve been looking for some funky and edgy earrings and these really reminded me of something that a K-Pop star might wear! I’m not sure how much these cost, I think they cost me like £1.50-2.00 because I remember them being very cheap! They look so good on, so I recommended checking out Kam Creates at http://www.kamcreates.com!
P1050100P1050219 P1050220 P1050221 P1050222 P1050223 P1050225 P1050227 P1050134I’ve wanted a Gothic Lolita Bible for a little while and I spotted this one with a cute magical girl front cover; I don’t think the cover determines the content, it contains all sorts of different fashion styles from Gothic Lolita to Sweet Lolita, and you can find all of the most popular Lolita brands in here (if, like me, you’re new to Lolita and you don’t know what they wear) and the items that were popular at the time of the volume’s release. This was on sale for £10.00 and came with a free poster which I only discovered once I had got home; inside there are stickers and also a paper pattern for you to make your very own Lolita piece!! It also shares some Lolita patterns inside for a rough guide to make certain pieces!!
P1050136 P1050143 P1050204 P1050205 P1050207 P1050208 P1050209 P1050210I also picked up this great find! It’s a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu book with lots of information about her and her life! It shares her favourite music, films, books, fashion and brands, personal photos with her friends and what her room looks like! I don’t own much of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and even though I can’t read it because it is all in Japanese, I love checking out the pictures, especially her fashion!! It cost me £12.50 from the same stall that I purchased the Gothic Lolita Bible; there was only one on the shelf so I probably was the only one who left with a copy!!
P1050118 P1050120 P1050187I have been wanting to buy from Moonbunny for such a long time; absolutely everything they sell is adorable and handmade!! I follow her on IG and when I heard she was coming to the HJ Xmas Market, I just knew that I had to purchase something! I really wanted a ring or a necklace or something, but the rings cost £10.00 so I settled for this adorable ice cream brooch and star hair clips (mint and pink yay~♥) that cost me £8.00 each. They are so pretty and super sparkley!!
P1050063P1050211 P10502121 P10502141 P10502161 P10502171 P10502181My first purchase was the Hyper Japan photo book! This cost just £5.00 and I purchased one for Pixie too! I was kinda hoping I’d be in it because I thought it was a normal photobook but it turns out they made different fashion sections and chose their favourites; Pixie was picked and although I was disappointed, I couldn’t help but think how damn adorable she looked!! I did however manage to get 7 of my IG photos in the IG section at the back! So at least I managed to make it in the book still!
P1050123 P1050201 P1050202P1050163I purchased these adorable iridescent unicorn earrings from Glitterbomb! She has so many beautiful items and I did want to purchase something from the CCS or SM set but instead I settled for these unique earrings; they cost me £10.00, quite costly but beautifully made and no one else I know has them! I bought Pixie the matching necklace!
P1050150Last but not least, the main purchase of the day – Miruku!!! I was searching all the stalls for a girlfriend for Ichigo, and originally had a yellow alpaca in mind; I wanted her to look female (since the most female you can probably get is being pink and Ichigo is already that colour), so I was looking for some femine features such as the accessory, eyelashes or blush, and I found this lovely lady with all three!! She’s a white alpaca with a pearl necklace and make-up, and she’s called Miruku because it translates to ‘milk’ (because she is white ofc); I did consider calling her Momo (peach) but it didn’t suit, and I only realised afterwards that Ichigo + Miruku = Strawberry Milk!! ♥ I am so glad I found her, she looked new out of the bag and I purchased her at LoveJojo’s stall for £30.00!

So that is my massive haul from the Hyper Japan Christmas Market!! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I purchased, and that you have more of an idea of the things they sell there! I love everything that I purchased (especially the jewellery and Miruku), but now it is time to save because there is a possibility that I will be going to Japan next year for a holiday!! I am so excited, so fingers crossed this happens for me!! I will probably be attending Hyper Japan 2015 and I look forward to attending the MCM event too!!

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post!!~♥

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