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My most recent K-POP playlist!

Hello everyone! I just felt like writing a quick post and sharing some of my recent K-POP favourites. Some of you will think I am very behind with K-POP songs but in all honesty I don’t follow media much, so I probably am; I only tend to keep updated with Kim Hyuna, who is my favourite K-POP star! Here are some songs that I have recently really listened to (enough to know whether or not it latches on to me haha):

Psy – Gentleman:
So ofc I had already heard this song before it was released here in the UK; it is probably the second only K-POP song that the UK as a country are aware of after ‘Gangnam Style’, and probably for that reason alone. I decided to listen to it again when I kept hearing an advert on TV play a very similar tune and before I knew it, I was hooked; the dance is so simple, the MV enough to cause criticism amongst feminists but it had me wiggling my hips and singing along before I knew it. I was also drawn to the main female role who I hadn’t seen before; puppy eye make-up, cute short hair cut and a body to die for (was nice to see a K-POP singer who was not super tiny – she actually has real, womanly curves despite her petite size) – Son Ga-In from Brown-Eyed Girls.

Brown-Eyed Girls – Kill Bill:
Despite having a fondness for K-Pop I haven’t actually listened to other groups besides Kim Hyuna, 4Minute and Trouble Maker; I listened to a few Brown-Eyed Girl songs and only really like a few, compared to liking almost all of 4Minute’s songs. To me, I thought they shared a similarity to pop songs here in the West and some of their backing tracks sounded like American Mall music (or Sims music lol); I have no idea why but that is what it reminded me of when I heard some of their songs. I haven’t listened to a huge amount, but ‘Candy Man’, ‘Moody Nights’ and ‘Addiction’ made it onto my iPod, whilst ‘Kill Bill’ has become one of my favourite songs and has been on repeat a lot; I love the tune (for some reason whistled tunes in songs really catch my attention) and the song is super catchy. I love Ga-In in the MV, she is super sexy and I want to steal most of their outfits for a night out clubbing haha. Since I saw Ga-In in Psy’s ‘Gentleman’, I was surprised to discover that the same dance moves are used in B.E.G’s MV for their song ‘Abracadabra’; turns out that Psy was heavily influenced by this MV and used the same dance moves as well as Ga-In for Gentleman’s MV.

Trouble Maker – Attention:
I love Kim Hyuna, and I love the Hyuna/Hyun-Seung duo; my favourite song of theirs is ‘Now – There is no tomorrow’ but I have recently taken a liking to ‘Attention’ which has a fun, party-pop vibe to it. In the live video, I want to steal Hyuna’s entire outfit; for those of you who don’t know, she is one of my fashion idols so I do actually steal a lot of inspiration from her (or in most cases, especially this one, the entire outfit haha). She is my body idol as well; I am currently working on achieving a fitter, better body by toning up and trying to get rid of my belly’s pooch. I’d do anything for her body, and her entire image with the way she holds herself just oozes sexuality (that is unless you watch her on ‘Invincible Youth’ and you want to fall off your chair at how adorable she is IRL). ‘Attention’ really makes me want to get up and rock the dance moves and hip shakes, and I currently have my eye on a lip printed cropped vest top just like hers…

Kim Hyuna – Red:
Last but not least is a recent song of Hyuna’s called ‘Red’; I believe it is about red lipstick but most people would be confused if they read it in English and read ‘A monkey’s butt is red, what; Red is Hyuna, Hyuna is ahh~’ but apparently this is based on a children’s song that goes – ‘A monkey’s butt is red, red is apple, apple is delicious, delicious is banana, banana is long, long is train, train is fast, fast is airplane, airplane is high, high is Mt.Baekdu…’ etc. So basically it is saying that Hyuna is delicious. The whole MV is super sexy with moves that I wouldn’t be able to get down in flats let alone heels, and that butt shake! Omg, I wish I knew how to do that; I’d seriously love to learn this choreography but it would be no where near as sexy as Hyuna doing it haha… God she really has a body to die for, so jealous…

That’s it for my most recent top K-POP songs! These will be on repeat for the next week or so; If you like K-POP then I would definitely give these songs a listen! Abruptly ending this post with pretty pictures of Hyuna.
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