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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! – (Major photo heavy)

Hello everyone!! Were you wondering why I hadn’t written a Christmas post yet? Well here’s a mega photo post of all the Christmas-sy things that I have been doing for the past few weeks!! A few weeks ago I went to a nearby garden centre that usually sets up a really great Christmas area; they have an ice rink, a Santa’s grotto and a ‘Nativity Farm’ to view animals. I was feeling a bit apprehensive about Christmas tbh but when I heard that my dad’s girlfriend was taking her daughters and my nan there, I couldn’t help but pout and feel left out of all the Christmas excitement. Luckily one of the daughters dropped out, and at 09:15AM on a Sunday morning I was told that if I wanted to come I would have to be ready in half an hour. =_= I got ready, and apart from being starving and tired, I was super excited about the Christmas display area where you can buy Christmas decorations!! P1050355 P1050356 P1050359 P1050360The ‘Nativity Farm’ didn’t have many animals, I didn’t expect much; they had 2 goats, 2 donkeys and 3 reindeer… The little white reindeer is my favourite!!! P1050362 P1050363 P1050365 P1050366 P1050368P1050369 P1050371 P1050372 P1050373 P1050375 P1050376 P1050377 P1050379 P1050380 P1050381My nan was eagerly searching for the polar bear displays and I was starting to lose hope that there would even be any since it took so long to find the Christmas section!! But lo-and-behold, we found them and they were so cute!! My 9 year old cousin would’ve loved this as she has recently become obsessed with polar bears and the Arctic region!P1050382 P1050383 P1050384 P1050385We then came across another section which led to my favourite part, the Christmas tree decorations!! They had this really pretty Cinderella/Snow Queen/Snow Bride-type display going on; I love the little animals and pumpkins!! P1050386 P1050388 P1050389 P1050390 P1050391P1050392 P1050393 P1050394One of my favourite parts in the Christmas tree decorations section is… THE SUPER CUTE PINK SECTION. They have so many beautiful/pretty/kawaii Christmas decorations and hopefully this time next year I will have my own Christmas tree and I am seriously considering having a tree decorated in pink, white, silver and blue!!! Probably for my room, and then I will have a proper Christmas tree in the living room (as in proper Christmas colours – gold, green, red, etc.) The photos really don’t do these decorations any justice!! P1050395 P1050396 P1050397 P1050398 P1050400 P1050401There are lots of different sections such as a Snow White Christmas style, Peacock style and even a Gingerbread style!!! The Gingerbread section was super cute too!!! P1050402 P1050404 P1050405 P1050406 P1050407 P1050408 P1050409 P1050410 P1050411When we finally left, me and my brother were close to dying from starvation; my dad’s girlfriend decided to take us to McDonalds, probably not the place I would’ve chosen but it didn’t stop me from scoffing a box of McNuggets, fries, a chocolate milkshake and a cheese burger!! I felt so much better afterwards but I still felt hungry and disgusting, but it was soooo good at the same time!!

Last weekend I went to the nearby city to do the finishing touches on my Christmas shopping! My family are doing the ‘secret Santa’ thing again, so this time I only needed to shop for my brother; I did get my sister something small because she always spoils me and of course I bought myself an exciting haul from LUSH Cosmetics!! P1050448Wearing my new favourite jumper and rocking the red lipstick! Also decided to sport my black bunny ear beanie but I should’ve wrapped up warmer because I was super cold all day! There was a Christmas market out but there wasn’t much to look at because it was all the same; my lunch for the day was a Cornish pasty and Taiyaki, before heading to the shop that I had been aching to get to for ages since I started watching StyleSuzi’s vlogmas!! P1050458 P1050459 P1050460 P1050461 P1050462 P1050463 P1050467 P1050469And here is my LUSH Cosmetics haul!! I purchased the largest bottle of my favourite limited Christmas edition Snow Fairy shower gel along with the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and the Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Melt!! I have really loved having baths lately, and I can’t wait to treat myself to LUSH products more often!!~♥
P1050477I still haven’t done any Christmas wrapping!! I think I best get on it tonight!! Luckily there isn’t that much to wrap, and I won’t be stressing out and throwing the sellotape across the room.

This Saturday just gone I decided to have a Christmas party and invite all of my friends over to hang out and catch up! The theme was ‘Christmas Glam’ or, for those who were lazy, ‘Christmas jumpers/anything Christmas-sy’ lol. Surprisingly almost everyone either looked smart, glam or were wearing Christmas jumpers/t-shirts; my friend even wore a Santa hat which I stole for the majority of the night!! It was so much fun to see everyone again, I even got a few kisses under the mistletoe haha!! I look forward to having another gathering because I’m so blessed to know such fun, amazing, supportive and kind people; we’ve all known each other for at least 7 years, some even longer!! I really needed a good laugh and an excuse to let my hair down!!
10304633_10152541067093994_203644584648712700_n 10856462_10152539790253994_2074723107016480933_oExcuse the quality of the top photo, it was taken on Pixie’s phone. She asked me to ‘strike a pose’ but in my family, we take that seriously (usually someone calls it and everyone does their super hero stance); she told me off and asked me to ‘pose properly’ (which to her means to be vain and pout XD). I then took a Christmas selfie with my friend’s Santa hat which I wanted to steal.

Here are some selfies of me and Pixie who pops up on my blog quite a lot; can’t believe we have been best friends for 12 years!! We’re besties for life now, that’s it!! Unfortunately the really nice Christmas selfie of us was taken on her phone and looks better on the phone screen but I thought I would post it here anyway; the second one was before I gained the hat.
10514648_10152538888078994_3082959862471280377_n10388579_10152539787073994_6508567031822600032_nHere’s another one of my best friends, she won’t mind me posting her photos since she is a freelance model haha. I am expecting big things with her next year!! We will need to get together because we have a lot, and I mean A LOT, to discuss!!
250552_10152539793513994_1293043241513685652_nAnyway, that has been my major Christmas doings for the past few weeks; my house has been decorated and every evening I put the lights on, make myself a hot chocolate and watch Christmas 24 (it would be nice to see some more movies with children and Santa because it all seems to be romance atm)!! I can’t believe Christmas Day is in 3 days!!! OMG. I really need to get on and wrap those presents!!!

Hopefully I will post at least another post before Christmas but if not then I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I LOVE YOU ALL, THANK YOU FOR READING!!! ♥♥♥

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