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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! – Welcome 2015, resolutions, and my 2014 recap!! (Photo post)

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to you all!!! We welcome 2015 with open arms and excitement for what this year will bring!! Only yesterday I was reminded that the movie Avatar was released in 2012 and that there was rumour of a second film being released in 2015; at the time I thought it was forever away but BAM, 2015 is stood on my doorstep!! Where has the time gone?? Well despite another year feeling like it has flown by, I am very happy with how 2014 turned out; yes I did have some bad times but overall I feel that 2014 turned out the way I mostly wanted it to, and that I fulfilled the New Years Resolutions that I made:

  • Spend less money on materialistic items and more on earning life experiences.
  • To be more adventurous with my life.
  • To be more thankful for my family, opportunities and experiences.

I really wanted 2014 to be full of memories and new experiences (I definitely achieved that for sure!), and that it would help to lead my life in a more positive and interesting direction! Now that I have more confidence, I look forward to doing even more this year – new experiences, new challenges and new memories!!! Let’s recap on what the year 2014 brought me:

  • 8th February – Went to London to visit China Town for the first time and watch The Room.
  • 7th April – Visited a spa for the first time with friends.
  • 29th April – Went to London to watch Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live for the first time.
  • 10th May – Watched the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time.
  • 8th June – Went to Cheddar Gorge.
  • 9th June – Rik Mayall passed away. T_T
  • 25th-27th July – Went to London for Hyper Japan for the first time (stayed in a hotel, dressed as Lolita and Fairy-kei, watched fashion shows, met Japanese models, met Nintendo/Anime characters, watched Anna Yano (and met), Yun*Chi and Yanakiku live, tried Sake, tried Taiyaki, and got photographed A LOT all for the first time).
  • 11th August – Robin Williams passed away. T_T
  • 6th August – My nephew turned one!
  • 6th September – Went to Newbury for the first time.
  • September – Appeared on the Japanese poster for the MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON festival.
  • 20th September – Went to Reading for the first time.
  • 27th September – Went to Southampton for the first time.
  • 3rd October – Got invited to watch SIRO-A in London for a ‘Bloggers Evening’.
  • 19th October – Went to Swindon for the first time.
  • 26th October – Became single.
  • 31st October – Spent Halloween with close friends.
  • 4th November – My birthday! My brother cooked dinner for me. ^_^
  • 14th November – Went to London for the Hyper Japan Christmas Market (watched Anna Yano and Kelsey Ellison live, and appeared in the HJ photo book in the Instagram section!).
  • 1st December – Visited mum.
  • 7th December – Went to nearby garden centre for Christmas excitement.
  • 13th December – Went to my 9 year old cousin’s birthday party which was Polar Bear themed (but got no ootd T_T).
  • 20th December – Had a Christmas party with all of my friends.
  • 25th December – Had a lovely Christmas Day with family.
  • 26th December – Had hectic but lovely Boxing Day with more family (Sister and nephew stayed over!).
  • 31st December – Went to Indian restaurant with friends before going to a pub for a celebratory drink.
  • HELLO 2015!!

SO *phew*, it might not look like much to some but considering how up until now my years have been pretty boring and unadventurous, I think 2014 has been my most exciting year yet, and I definitely think I conquered my New Years resolutions!! I am determined that 2015 is going to be even more exciting, I hope to have big plans for this year that will totally change my life around – it’s scary but exciting!! For 2015 my New Year resolutions are:

  • To spend more time with family and friends (especially my dad) – Even though this last year I have been far less selfish and ensured that I spent plenty of time with my family, I think that I need to spend even more time with them; my dad is my rock, I know that whatever the problem I can go to him about it and he always makes me feel better even with simple gestures like a sweet cup of tea and a hug. When I told him I was going to look at moving out this year with a friend, I could see that it upset him and that it dampens his mood whenever it’s mentioned; since he has been off with an operation recovery, I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him so I am going to be doing some daddy and daughter days with him before I fly the nest. I also plan to spend much more time with my best friends and share my life experiences with them (SPA DAYS)!!
  • To prepare myself for a new direction in my life – I’ve already mentioned that I’m planning to move out! That means I have to sort myself out with a new job, discuss stuff with my friend who I plan to move in with, save money, buy my own house stuff etc. Once I have found out what my current job plan to do with me (whether they are going to offer me more training as I asked to be trained in Sage which is a programme that Finance departments use) then I can focus on what my next steps are going to be! I’ve been searching for house goods online and saved a whole bunch of stuff that I wish to buy during this period that I have no responsibilities and my dad, despite disliking the idea of me leaving home, even bought me some PASTEL KITCHEN KNIVES. I am going to have the cutest kitchen EVER.
  • To love and appreciate myself more – It’s all good and well appreciating those around me but one thing that I realised recently was that I haven’t appreciated myself anywhere near as much as I should!! Since my time has been freed up considerably, I have been treating myself with luxury baths, relaxation and taking time out to do the things that I enjoy; now that I have the chance, I’m going to learn to love and look after myself. Before I think about another relationship I want to get myself into a good place, I want to be independent and not rely so heavily on someone like I did before; I already know that I can love someone else and make them feel loved, so whilst I have the opportunity I think it is time to love myself for a bit first.

Wow super heavy! I try not to make meaningless resolutions and since I have kept and continued my resolutions from last year, I feel happy making new goals to aim for! I’ve got nothing to hold me back and everything to live for; life’s too short to hold back!! Anyway enough serious stuff, on with the last photo post for 2014!! IMG_8858 IMG_8860 IMG_8863 IMG_8960MY PINK 3DS. I have a couple of other games on my DS now but Fantasy Life is still holding my attention strong; I’m planning to write a review on it and maybe a mini guide so newbies can have an idea of what to do and where to find things! My character is level 45 now, and I’ve Mastered the Paladin, Mercenary, Tailor and Angler lives!!
IMG_8788I think in September/October, my sister revealed that she was pregnant again!! This is the scan photo she sent to me and it got me so excited!! And I can finally reveal it now that my sister has posted it on her FB, that she is expecting a girl!!! One of each, isn’t that what most people would like!~♥ IMG_8793I got this Snapchat from my brother’s girlfriend when she was having a bath one day; made me laugh so much, I’ve never been able to get bubbles that high!! I love her face and this photo makes me laugh everytime! IMG_8893Just a cute photo of the cutest couple in Alpacaland!! Miruku and Ichigo!!! Love them so much and I want to get another one soon, perhaps a friend for either one of them! Not sure where I’m gunna put them though… IMG_8899IMG_8932My sister bought me these lush fleece winter pyjamas!! I have been wearing them non-stop!! They are so comfortable and I love that the little penguin is fluffy! IMG_8908I can’t remember if I posted about this but my dad recently went to Orlando, Florida and visited Harry Potter World!! Originally he couldn’t find this scarf and he just picked up a plain Slytherin one and planned on putting an iron transfer on it but luckily he found the one that I wanted and bought it for me!! I’m a Slytherin, it is my official house that I got put into on Pottermore, so I look forward to putting a Slytherin co-ord (hopefully Lolita-inspired) together for when I visit the Harry Potter Studio Tours!! IMG_8912I just love this photo, someone posted it on Twitter and I fell in love with it. I hope to own a little tortoise one day because they are so adorable!! IMG_8947I’m growing my fringe out; I love it being a full fringe but I wanted to grow it out and see what it looks like so it’s kind of a thick side fringe atm that I’m having to sweep! IMG_8950These are my snacks that I bought at work one day; I fancied having a really naughty day and this is usually what I go for!! Milkshake and Jelly Tadpoles are a must!! IMG_8955Despite snacking, I had started using my dad’s crosstrainer in the shed (hence the messy background) and next week I will be starting it up again once I have got rid of all the Christmas junk out of the house! My brother let me borrow his headphones and I decided to listen to Anna Yano whilst working out! IMG_8957My brother was very excited about the new JP coming out; some years ago he bought me a JP t-shirt from Universal Studios and I still love it!! IMG_8963My nails keep doing this and it is really frustrating!! It’s not as simple as a broken nail, it breaks onto the tender part and then I can’t just rip it off!! IMG_8974I went to visit my best friend Pixie one weekend and gave her the Birthday/Christmas present that I had spent a lot of work on (I will write a post about this at some point so you can see what I got her); here are some of the things that I got for her, including Glitterbomb’s Unicorn necklace!! She absolutely loves Link too so ofc there were some Link treats in there too! IMG_8981Pixie is amazing with getting me little gifts; last time she got me a Jiji plush from Kiki’s Delivery Service!! Here’s an adorable handmade Sootsprite from Spirited Away!! IMG_8984 She also got me a box of Milk Tray chocolates which quickly became my breakfast the next day and we scoffed pretty much the entire box. IMG_9086OMG. As I said earlier, Pixie knows just what to get me!! She found this Japanese DS game for Boys Before Flowers and got it for me because she knows how much I love the KDrama Boys Over Flowers!! I haven’t played it yet and I have no idea how I’m going to because it doesn’t have an English language setting but it is still so cool!! IMG_8993IMG_8994My advent calendar is MLP!! My first door was on Pinkie Pie’s butt and it was a chocolate star! Unfortunately the chocolate was terrible and not like the advent chocolate it used to be… IMG_9010IMG_9015I went to visit mum on the 1st like I normally do with my family; here are a couple of selfies that I took with my sister and my brother! IMG_9036Here are my Glitterbomb Unicorn earrings that I got when I went to Hyper Japan! I love wearing them, they are so unique and really good quality!! Definitely check her out, she has loads to look at including CCS and Sailor Moon pieces; I bought the earrings and bought Pixie the necklace so that we match!! IMG_9038This is my new favourite sweater!! It says ‘Feed me and tell me I’m pretty’ and Apriloves (April Tsang – Bubzbeauty’s sister) blogged about it and said where she got it from; I just HAD to have the same sweater because I have been searching for a grey sweater FOR-EVER. It was quite expensive but the quality is amazing and I’ve washed it many times and it hasn’t peeled off; I got a size small and it is really baggy but that is just what I wanted, so I am definitely going to buy another jumper from them!! IMG_9058When we got the Christmas decorations out, me and my brother’s girlfriend had fun playing with the tinsel hearts that my dad made! IMG_9088I’ve been watching a lot of StyleSuzi lately; I watched the ‘Boyfriend does my make-up tag’ video and it was so funny! Poor Tommy! IMG_9100IMG_9104When I went Christmas shopping I found this adorable Penny Board! I wanted to buy it just to stick it on my shelf because it is so adorable in these Paddle Pop colours!! IMG_9107I also bought myself a yummy Costa hot chocolate whilst scoping out Pink Planet for retro PS1 games! I love the Christmas-sy cup!! IMG_9114What did I say about luxury baths? I used my LUSH Cosmetics Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar!! It is sooooo good and makes me smell amazing like bubble gum!! IMG_9172IMG_9173I bought this adorable Polar Bear plush, he’s so tiny!!! He’s super soft and so cute, I saw him in the toy shop and I just HAD to take him home for myself; if you press his tummy he roars!! IMG_9175My NuMe hair wands arrived yaaaaay! They came just in time for the Christmas party and I had Pixie do my hair with the Pearl Wand!! I’m planning to do a review on these and I can’t believe that they just cost me £79.90!!! That includes tax and shipping from America!!! It was an amazing price considering it cost something like $299.99 without tax and shipping before the 70% Christmas code!! IMG_9178IMG_9179Another luxury bath!! I made it even more relaxing with tealights and a nice drink! I used half of the Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Melt this time! IMG_9259It’s Christmas Day!! My brother and his girlfriend bought me a Catbug plush!! I love Catbug, it is so cute!!!! He helped me to say Merry Christmas to everyone on my social media!! IMG_9268I was doing eyeliner over the Christmas period and even though I had a bad eyeliner day, it turned into an accidental Anime eye! IMG_9272I was eating some Banana flavoured Angel Delight because my dad made a ton for Boxing Day but not many got eaten, so I decided to be a pig on it… IMG_9162Got myself my new glasses so I can actually see!!! I am short sighted, so seeing things at a distance is a struggle for me because it is slightly blurry. They are not high prescription but omg they really do make everything look HD!! I really like the black ones, I think they suit me quite nicely, and they have VDU which means I can wear them whilst using the computer, iPhone, 3DS, watching TV and going to the cinema; it helps to reduce glare so that my eyes don’t hurt or get tired. I have found that I’m much less tired than I used to be and I can use the computers all day without getting eye strain! What do you think?? IMG_9044IMG_9048Here are a couple of selfies taken from my Snapchat that I thought looked decent lol so I just saved them because I don’t take as many selfies as I used to. IMG_9289And here is a selfie from last night – this is my friend J who I’m hoping to move in with! We’ve become quite close over the past year and I’m really looking forward to doing more with her this year!! Anyway, that’s my New Year post! I hope you all had a wonderful time and I hope that the year 2015 brings you lots of amazing opportunities, excitement and happiness!! Thank you for reading and supporting me; 2015 will bring lots of exciting blog posts, so I hope you will continue to support me!!~♥

3 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! – Welcome 2015, resolutions, and my 2014 recap!! (Photo post)

  1. Happy new year! Hope its a great one with lots of exciting experiences and memories 🙂 I look forward to your posts for the year!

    1. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too!! Yes I hope there will be lots of exciting posts and news this year!! ^_^

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