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What 2015 has brought me so far…

Hello everyone! Happy New Year again, I hope 2015 has been good to you so far – mine has been rather dramatic so here is a quick update on what 2015 has brought me so far…

1st January – Forgot my key and had to ring doorbell at 01:00am in the early hours of NYD and woke dad up. Did something out of character and suffered anxiety for the entire night; couldn’t sleep so had to trick myself to fall asleep in front of the TV (because no matter how tired/awake you are, you are guaranteed to fall asleep in front of the TV). Spent the entire day nursing a small hangover, doing sweet-sod all and ordered some bits online.

2nd January – Went to work which thankfully wasn’t busy and because Friday is my non-busy day, I spent the majority of it planning future blog posts. Afterwards I went to Nandos with my friend R and watched the final part of the Hobbit for the second time (although part of me thinks he just wanted to see the new Star Wars trailer again lol). Left phone in his car because I had no 3G and no one ever texts me; got home at 11:00pm to find out that there was a major panic about my whereabouts because I hadn’t returned home. Had a very upset Pixie to deal with because someone got her involved in the panic, and became majorly annoyed because I DID speak to my dad (but he clearly wasn’t listening and has no recollection of it being mentioned) and his girlfriend (who apparently forgot and only remembered when they called R’s dad who said R was at the cinema) about where I was going to be and that I would get back later. Calmed everyone down and went to bed angry that my evening had been ruined.

3rd January – Prayed for a drama-free day and spent the entire day with my brother; watched Star Wars episodes 4 and 5 (for the first time as demanded by R), and the Hunger Games. Invited R over to watch Hunger Games: Catching Fire because he was terribly bored and I thought I would save him from resorting to a crappy night out; still wasn’t tired by 10:30pm so watched Star Wars episode 6 as well.

4th January – Spent the entire day doing very little; caught up on YouTube videos in my pyjamas and uploaded the photos from NYE to my FB. Put Avatar on in the background but then decided to watch the rest properly before having a super relaxing bath and washing my hair. Lazed around for the rest of the evening until it was time for bed.

It sucks because now the weeks are back to normal and I am back to working 5 days a week being terribly bored. I need to find out what my job plan to do with me and what ‘big things’ my boss has planned for me; no one knows that I plan to move out which will result in me getting a new job because there is no way I am going to commute for 40+ mins every day each way. I really need to know if they are going to give me any training so that if they aren’t I can get a move on with doing it myself to help me get a decent job. I think I’m going to take some annual leave off soon because I have time to take off and I get so bored working 5 days with little to do; perhaps I will take Fridays and Mondays off so that I can have 4 day weekends and short weeks???

My main priorities are sorting out my drivers licence and passport, and settling what my job is doing with me – then I will be able to start making plans to move forward! In other news, I start my diet today (back to healthy eating and exercise) because I put on over half a stone over the Christmas period!! I’d really like to get back into shape so that also starts today!! Other than that I have no other plans for January apart from possibly going shopping this Sunday and going to Frankie and Benny’s at the end of the month when R gets back from his job in the Air Force. Fingers crossed that I can sort things out sooner rather than later!!

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