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A rant about gossip – (cannot think of a decent title today sorry! – 16+)

Hi guys! Not much has been happening lately what with the January Blues that I am having, and the fact that I always find January so damn boring and long!! Maybe it’s because I’m waiting for my friend to return home so that we can go on with our plans but until such times as he stops living in a hole (training lol), I don’t have an awful lot going on.

Now I personally do not like to gossip, I try to keep my thoughts to myself and offer help or just accept what is (and then I just let it out on here where nobody ever reads haha); I really hate being judgemental, I know I am human and sometimes I can’t help it but I always try to focus on the positive aspects of something rather than the negatives. However, I am interested in reading other people’s views…

I’m nosey I’m not gonna lie, I do like learning and hearing about other people’s lives and what they have going on – it’s one of the reasons why I am subscribed to so many vloggers on YouTube, purposely to experience someone else’s life. That’s not to say that I like watching them so that I can nit-pick at how they live, how they raise their child, what they eat etc…It is just solely for entertainment – why do you think so many people are subscribed to these vloggers and watch the Kardashians?? I do believe that it is disgusting how celebrities are stalked and their privacy invaded when they are just trying to live their life, but when someone purposely puts their life out there then they should expect a lot of interest and even criticism (even I would as a blogger).
brideMy curiosity got the better of me when I wondered about Buzbeauty and her break-up that she had with Tim which is openly mentioned on her blog; I googled it but came across a site called ‘Guru Gossip’, a forum dedicated to slagging off YouTube beauty gurus and bloggers. I have come across a forum called ‘Pretty Ugly Little Liars’ before that is dedicated to the same thing, but they seem to focus on a variety of YouTube talents whereas GG focuses mainly on make-up gurus. I was intrigued because I love Bubzbeauty and she only appears to get praise on PULL, but has her own little section (I say little because other gurus have far more topics than she does) on GG so I entered to see what was said…
ggAll I can really say is OMG. I don’t have an account so I can’t post anything and I didn’t want to say anything either, I’m quite respectful of people’s opinions overall and if I do disagree then I usually keep it to myself, but I couldn’t help but feel that these people were really nit-picking at these gurus, and it annoyed me a little bit. As I said earlier, I know that those who purposely put their life out there for the world to see will experience lots of negativity and I’m sure that they are more than aware of that too but…really guys?? Is this what you want to be remembered for in life? Hiding behind your screen and personally attacking people you have never met and judging them on 10 minute clips of their life? It really is beyond me; fair enough if you have a concern you want to voice, or you were offended by something that they did or said but to spend your time criticising everything…?

These people were attacking individual videos of Bubz (I guess the reason why there are not that many topics is because GG had another site that is no longer in use so maybe there was more on there); they attack her make-up skills and videos, the clothes she wears, her dogs, her marriage, even her ability as a new parent! For a make-up guru who has next to no drama behind her, they really know how to scrape the barrel for gossip! I never knew people could be so…nasty and pathetic? To just spend your time lashing out at other people isn’t the nicest way to live your life; it definitely does not make you a nicer person, and isn’t that what we should be aiming for in the world? It’s not even like these gurus are terrible people who have used and abused people; they’re just normal people who may have made some mistakes or fallen out with other people and suddenly they are deemed worthy of gossip, all because they chose to put their life on the internet. Gossip about someone worthy of gossip who is nasty or two-faced and probably deserves to be taken down a peg or two IF YOU REALLY HAVE TO…I’m literally stunned at how people can be so ruthless over…well,nothing.

  • So what if Bubz likes to dress younger than her age? What is the big deal with that? It is common for girls in Asian countries to dress young; some want to protect their youth (South-Korean women do this) and some just want to dress how they want (check out the girls in Japan) – who’s to stop them and say they can’t? I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Everyone should be able to dress and look how they feel is comfortable and brings out the best in them.
  • So what if her voice is high-pitched? Okay so baby-talking the dogs can get a little annoying but is there nothing in the world that you wouldn’t fawn over and unleash the squeaky voice? Wait until you have your own child. Her voice is not faked and she has an accent because she is Irish!
  • How can anyone say that she is not fit to be a mother!? She safely carried the baby to full-term, she has enough money to provide the baby with shelter, food, warmth and clean water, she can care for him when he is sick – does that not make her an excellent mother already? Why must so many people attack her for being immature and therefore she hasn’t grown up enough to be a mother? Why do so many firmly believe that you have to be super mature and boring in order to be a good parent? She is mature in all the correct aspects of her life – people these days grow up too fast, her ‘immaturity’ is what keeps her young and fun and having a baby should not stop that.
  • Considering she has had no training in the art of make-up, I think she does damn well for being self-taught! I learned so much from her and I think it’s great that she passes that knowledge on to her viewers, most of who are young. Pretty much all of her tutorials are cute and suit her really well, even if they may not be as suited to someone who isn’t Asian. People always learn from others, she does her research and then she shares it; if she finds a particular look (for example the Korean ‘puffy eye’ look) that seems popular, of course she is going to do her own tutorial on it but that does NOT mean she is copying the other tens of thousands of make-up gurus out there who also did it. I mean really, you take some shimmery powder and run it under your bottom lash-line, not that hard it is? It’s SO simple that it is pointless to consider it ‘copied’, it’s not exactly an original concept is it? It became popular in South-Korea and the millions of make-up gurus out there caught whiff of it and did a tutorial on it; in that case they are all copying the person who originally came up with the idea. Apparently ‘copying’ can only be considered when a guru has posted a video a few days after another guru posted a video with the same look; no one thinks about the original designer being copied or the fact that because the design is popular, of course everyone is going to jump on it? Unless Bubz copied someone like…Madeyewlook (and even she copied her looks from somewhere), then I think that criticising her for ‘copying’ is a bit of a crap excuse to slam make-up gurus you don’t like.

I’m not gonna say much more on the subject, I know that if any of those GG people read this they’ll be like ‘freedom of speech, we can have our own opinion’ or something like that which they like to preach whenever someone in the forum disagrees with them…I’m not saying you can’t have your own opinion, I just think it’s a little sad to be so judgemental over something so small. Normally I wouldn’t retaliate but I just don’t get it because it doesn’t make any sense; I thought that rallying on a forum against something that actually MATTERS would make better sense…

I don’t know, perhaps one of them will see this and have a rant about me; I guess I’d say thank you for deeming me worthy enough to steal time from your sad, judgemental little life that you have to talk about me. It’s just a shame that whilst you’re talking about everyone else, no one is talking about you.

Just wanted to get that off my chest as I am massively against bullying and this is a form of bullying; these people that are being gossiped about are actually making a difference to people’s lives regardless of any drama they may hold in their personal life. Whereas the people talking about them are doing sweet f**k all for anyone else other than the self-satisfaction of being a bitch. And before anyone has a go at me and says ‘you’re doing the exact same thing, you’re being a bitch and not respecting other people’s opinions’ – my response will be that those people who can dish it out unkindly to others should be able to take just as much given back to them.
maxresdefaultI really like Bubzbeauty, I think she is sweet and funny, and she is similar to me; I don’t understand why people are critical of her and act like she fakes a lot of herself; I have always thought of her as a down-to-earth and humble person, and she definitely has not sold herself out on YT like so many others. Despite having her own section in the ‘TRASH A GURU’ forum, I have seen some posts where someone has tried to ‘trash’ her and had many disagree with them – this definitely shows that she is much more honest and real than many of those who have let fame go to their heads IMO.

So people try to remember – how would you feel if you woke up to everyone talking about you and it was all negative? Don’t you think that these people feel the same way that you would? Even though they chose to put their life out there, it doesn’t do any good for anyone to just sit there bitching about it; why not use that time to refine yourself into someone who is not like that person that you despise. It would be far better for both you and the world; use that energy to take out those who really are terrible in the world.

And if you are experiencing negativity from someone, try to remember – ‘You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.’ Have a nice day and be kind people!~♥

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