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It’s all about Singapore’s food!!

Hello, hello!! Sorry I haven’t been posting up much of my life recently because, well, I haven’t done anything!! I might post up a mini photo post at the end of the week of photos that have been collecting on my phone but really not too much has gone on… Well it has but it’s not really something I can talk about right now 😉 hehe.

Today though I am going to be talking about the wonders of SINGAPOREAN FOOD. Why might you ask? Well simply because a bit before and during my lunch break, whilst I am sat down eating my healthy fruit and yogurt, I like to marvel at the wonders of Singaporean food; it all looks SO AMAZING that I just want to eat it all, even the Chilli Crab and I don’t like crab!! I follow a lot of Singaporean/Malaysian bloggers and if there is one thing they love to rave about, it’s food – especially their KFC!! So I thought that I would share the delicious looking foods here with you because my life is currently boring and food is always the way to go for brightening up someone’s day!!

First of all let’s start with the KFC; why is it that KFC in Asian countries are 100x better than here in the West!!?? They have so much more to choose from and it’s so unfair because considering this is a Western thing, they get all the good stuff haha!! If you take a look at the UK KFC website, you’ll see that we get presented with the typical original chicken wings/legs, hot wings, boneless chicken, popcorn chicken, chicken burgers and wraps, dips (gravy and beans), fries, salads and corn on the cob. That’s quite a selection but it is all so same-y; then you compare it to the Singapore menu that get all of the above AND scones, pancakes, waffles, porridge, fish burgers, Mexican wraps, cheese BBQ melt wraps, chocolate cake, egg tarts, ROASTED DRUMLETS, whipped potato, CHEESE FRIES, AND RICE BUCKETS (A La King, Original Recipe and Curry)!!!


QuiQui is forever raving about the endless new additions to Singapore’s KFC, the latest being the Curry Rice Bucket which looks super yummy, and it’s just NOT FAIR. Japan even has fried fish and Japanese chicken cutlets, and many different sides including chicken cream pot pies, corn potage, grilled rice balls, ‘biscuits’, and frozen parfait!! Why so yummy, cannot stand that we do not have anywhere near as much!! Eating KFC is rare for me as I try not to eat take-away/fast-food but if we had the Curry Rice Bucket then it would be so hard not to (cannot find decent photos so borrowing some of QuiQui’s photos, hope she doesn’t mind and you should check her out here too!! –
bg_47bg_165CIMG0504CIMG0549CIMG0502Enough of KFC, there is another dish that I am desperate to try from Singapore and I may even consider trying to cook it myself because the ingredients are available here; it’s SINGAPOREAN CHICKEN RICE (or Hainanese Chicken Rice)!! I LOVE rice, I would happily sit and eat an entire bowl of plain, salted rice but this rice is even better because it is CHICKEN RICE. It is basically rice cooked in a fragrant chicken broth, served with salad and steamed/blanched white chicken pieces, and a side dip of ground chilli and ginger paste! QuiQui especially always say how she would eat the rice alone if she could order it that way; it is a national favourite that Singaporeans love and that others want to try!!
hainanese-chicken-86Another signature dish is Chilli Crab; you heard me right when I said earlier that I am not a fan of crab but I always look at this and think it looks so damn delicious that I just want to wolf it down. I hate crabs living or dead, they scare me something chronic and I’m not a fan of having a whole crab or crab body parts sticking out of my meal; I’m sure that they serve just crab meat in the chilli and that would be something that I would at least like to try when I go to Singapore.
THS%20chilli%20crabCheck out the delicious looking Rendang; this is basically a meat (usually beef but sometimes chicken or lamb) that is coated in a spice paste of lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, garlic and chillies before being stewed in coconut milk, and being served as a side dish. It looks so rich and yummy, hot but meaty-rich!! I would love to have this on the side of some chicken rice!!
Jual-Rendang-Online-Dalam-Kemasan-Dengan-Harga-Murah-Rasa-EnakTruffle fries pop up a lot on my fellow Singaporean bloggers’ blogs; I have no idea what truffle tastes like (the super expensive thing that is found in the ground by pigs not a chocolate truffle) but the fries always look soooooo good!
ohtruffleLast but not least is the Jian Dui (fried sesame balls); these look like tasty little snacks, and can come plain or with a filling (like the Japanese Mochi). Made similarly to Mochi, these balls of glutinous rice flour are covered in sesame seeds and fried; sometimes they have a filling of red or green bean paste, sweet black bean paste, lotus seed paste, ground sesame or ground peanuts.
jian duiDoesn’t it all look sooo yummy!? I can’t wait until I get to visit Singapore some day!! Until then I will just have to go around the UK finding yummy food spots like Wagamama and Tampopo! I am taking Airboy R to Wagamama’s on Saturday and I am so excited to try some of their new things (or at least new to me as they weren’t there last time lol). He is really looking forward to trying out new food too!
Winter-2014-Beef-Donburi edamine Dessert-Mochi-Ice-Cream-RaspberryThat’s all for this post! I’ll be sure to take photos of what we eat to share with you; I am beyond excited!!! I hope that R enjoys it as I don’t think he has experienced much Japanese food! Hope this post made you smile, get hungry and go ‘mmmmm…’ – until next time~♥

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