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First photo post of 2015 (only a small one because January hasn’t been particularly exciting)!!

Hiiiiii~ Who else has had a boring January?? January always gets me down because you start off with this determination to start fresh and get life moving and yet…it doesn’t happen!!?? And then suddenly it’s the end of January and you get this intense frustration that ‘OMG JANUARY IS OVER SO FAST BEFORE I KNOW IT, IT WILL BE THE END OF THE YEAR’, and then you take a step back and realise ‘dude, it’s only January the first month of the year, you got like 11 others left to go’. =_=”

I guess I’d be lying if January hadn’t been somewhat exciting because it definitely has gone full steam ahead in one area of my life, a lot sooner than I expected and totally unexpected at that. Can you guess? 😉 ♥ Anyway, I’ll let you in and what has been going on with my life and if you can’t guess what my secret is well…you might be a bit slow lol. On with the pictures!
IMG_9295I asked my dad to get me some hot chocolate because I absolutely love having a hot chocolate to wind down and make me sleepy in the evening; he came home with this giant tub of Options hot chocolate, so this is definitely going to last me for a very long time!!
IMG_9297 IMG_9303A couple of NYE/NYD selfies – me when I had just got back home and into my pyjamas before make-up removal, and me and J taking a mirror selfie before the countdown! Unfortunately I will not be moving in with her now as she has just got her dream job of being an overseas entertainer which will be for roughly 6-7 months; I would like to move out regardless so my plans for the moment have changed to getting more training (probably online accounting) and learning to drive. Hopefully my accounting training will get me a job where I can both move out and afford a car, whilst still living a relatively comfortable life and having enough for savings…Moving out is so scary and difficult to decide, I don’t know how first-timers do it!!
IMG_9304This is a snapchat of me after I stupidly poured boiling water on myself; I was actually trying to fill up a hot water bottle but the water splashed on my hand which of course made me jump and resulted in it spilling down my stomach and on my hand… =_=”
IMG_9312I’ve been really into the relaxing, dream-like style bedrooms at the moment and so I decided to buy this star lamp to watch when I go to sleep and I’m not tired; it’s not as good as I wanted it to be but it does give me something to look at and for just £4.00+, not a bad deal! This also has nothing to do with the fact that I have been watching Star Wars lol.
IMG_9377This however, does. My brother has been quite excited that I am now on board with the whole Star Wars love-thing (just in time for the new one R would say) and has been sending me related pictures ever since. This is Boba Fett playing with his little toys, with the classic ‘pew pew’ sound effect that I absolutely love to do; me and my brother were very fond of the bounty hunters (even though I never watched Star Wars) and used to play the Bounty Hunter PS2 game all the time. Naturally I sent this to R whilst he was in the field to cheer him up when he got out haha.
IMG_9320Another random snapchat of my hair tucked in; this is what I would look like with a short bob haircut!! I have actually had short hair before back when I was like 17 and it really suited me! I keep wondering every now and then whether I should get it cut again to this length but then everyone persuades me not to lol.
IMG_9360It was my brother’s, fiance’s birthday and her mother made her this red velvet cake; lots of white frosting with snowy glitter and it was not only pretty but super yummy!!
IMG_9366Here’s a really cruddy snapchat of me on my way home from work; basically the UK (or at least in my area) has been in two minds as to whether we should have snow or not. This day was incredibly cold, windy and gave us sleet; I had to zip my coat right up to keep me somewhat warm whilst I waited for my train to arrive! We have since had a very thin layer of snow but that didn’t even see to the end of the day lol, thankfully because I don’t like snow as the UK comes to a stand still at the sight of a snowflake.
IMG_9368Another super bad and lazy snapchat of me still in bed haha; it was getting late AM and I wanted to stay in bed for longer but you know that even after you have had a lie in and it is a Saturday, you still need to get up at some point. T_T
IMG_9378 IMG_9379Got sent a random snapchat from my brother’s girlfriend of my brother Vince sexy dancing with chocolate coins lol; I didn’t know how to take this but it was so funny that I had to screenshot it and post it on FB for the world to see XD. It is okay for Vince to get excited about chocolate coins because it is probably the most money he has seen in a while lol.
IMG_9477Just a random whiteboard conversation in my house; my brother claims to NEED mayonaise but as my dad always says, it’s not that you NEED it but that you WANT it lol.

Originally I didn’t have anything planned until the end of the January when I was supposed to be going to Frankie and Benny’s with R when he returned from his job in the Air Force; he got out of the field early and returned home, I think he was really thankful to be able to shower again and sleep in a normal bed! He visited me on the Friday and we watched Lone Survivor (which I had a secret cry about after because it was scary lol) and then Avatar because he hadn’t seen it; he didn’t leave until 2:30am, so the next day I was absolutely hanging!
IMG_9407Just a selfie of me the next day when I took my nan out for a late birthday lunch before being interrupted by my aunt who wanted to look in the bridal shop lol =_=”. I’m really loving the eyeliner look at the moment, it makes my eyes look bigger and doll-like, and I think I have gotten much better at applying it hehe.
IMG_9421My skin has been really shit lately so I applied my go-to mask for pimples – Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!! Helps to dramatically reduce pimples and draw out oil and impurities from your pores!!

On the Sunday, R picked me up and we went for a long walk around the woods; I really needed to get out in the fresh air and do something that wasn’t too action-packed because I was running on about 5 hours sleep lol. We met a bunch of dead ends, got muddy, pretended to be Blackbirds and got attacked by twigs but it was a lot of fun; we then went to a little pub for a drink before he dropped me off home. Wish I had taken some photos because the scenery there was really pretty but my phone has a problem where it turns off randomly when it gets too cold and it was really cold that day!
IMG_9474 IMG_9497Friday quickly came round and luckily I had taken it off; I had planned to go to Frankie and Benny’s and then to the cinema but it was an ultimate fail because F&B was full and we could only book a 5pm table (which we so could’ve got because he arrived for 5pm DX) or one after 8pm which I could not wait for because I was SO hungry. We also didn’t go to the cinema because our cinema only had 2 showings; Big Hero 6 or Kingsman: The Secret Service, and the times were either at 18:00 or 21:15!! So much to R’s delight, we went to Nandos before going back to his and watching Cowboys & Aliens.

The next day we went to a nearby city for food and cinema; we were meant to get Wagamamas but it was absolutely packed!! I was so disappointed to have neither of the foods I wanted, we were so hungry we decided to go to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen which was also packed but only had a waiting time of 10-15 minutes.
IMG_9479 IMG_9480 IMG_9483IMG_9489 IMG_9496Here’s what we had and then the compilation put into a nice IG photo; I had just a normal cheese burger and the beef was so good that it didn’t need much more, it came with baconaise (which R took full advantage of) and I ordered sweet potato fries as my side, which btw OMG ARE AMAZING AND I WOULD CHOOSE THESE OVER NORMAL FRIES ANY DAY. I’m not quite sure what R got, some mega burger thing with beef, bacon, cheese etc. lol, it was falling apart half way through as you can see in the photo where R is desperately trying to hold it together so that I can take a photo for this post lol. I don’t think I have ever laughed at a meal so much, than watching R completely fill his mouth with burger and smile at passer-byers whilst grease was dripping off of his chin XD.
IMG_9490We decided to go and watch Kingsman: The Secret Service at the cinema because it looked quite good in the trailer; we had some waiting time so R bought me a ‘chalice’ of hot chocolate at Costa which I couldn’t finish because there was so much and I was still so stuffed from the burger! The movie was really good, I have never seen Colin Firth move so fast; if you are thinking of watching it, I think you should definitely go! It has the right amount of comedy as well as a serious, action plot to keep those who enjoy action drawn in. Apparently R was so hyped up from it that when he legged it back to save his car from a parking ticket, he turned spy and was jumping over things and down stairs lol!

Unfortunately I don’t get to see him for 3 weeks now; I’m planning to have a James Bond/black tie/casino style party later in Feb where everyone is expected to dress up (suits and dresses), play poker and get a complimentary cocktail. I am really looking forward to it, so I’ll be seeing him then possibly!

That’s the most exciting my 2015 start has been; tbh it has been quite stressful and my anxiety has been through the roof this week and I have been eating terribly again, look here’s my evidence:
IMG_9521My dad bought me my own box of Black Magic, and not the small box with the single tray, the big one just because he wants me to stop stealing his chocolates (in my defence Black Magic in my house is a Christmas only chocolate and it was really frustrating that dad still had a box whilst I was trying to eat healthy). So I am currently sat here trying to get through them asap ready for when I get off of TOM and back into exercising lol.

Other than that I have been sat at home doing not very much and trying to figure out how to work my life out; I HAVE been redecorating my bedroom to be more relaxing and grown up, my new bedsheets have just arrived and I even ordered myself a bed canopy! My room has been painted and tomorrow I’m going to be cleaning the surfaces down to put the deco back out. I would do it today but I’ve already slept in and now I’m writing this, and then I’ve got to get cleaned up ready to go out tonight to celebrate J’s new job position! I would very much like to be doing this tonight if I’m honest because I am a boring, lazy person lol:
IMG_9520Oh yeah…I’ve never watched Indiana Jones before so my family forced me to watch it the other day so I had a lazy evening last night and watched the next film, the Temple of Doom. OMG I wanted the elephant to sit on that woman, she was so annoying lol.

Well that has been the beginning of my year, how has yours been?? I hope it will get more exciting for me haha, at least my passport came through!! Stupid January lol but that’s been and gone now, time to get the ball rolling!

2 thoughts on “First photo post of 2015 (only a small one because January hasn’t been particularly exciting)!!

  1. I think my highlight was the Pax South Convention lol. Otherwise January was kinda blah. I hope this next month will get interesting. Sweet Potato Fries are the best!!!

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