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Valentine’s Day and Gyaru girls!~♥

Hello everyone! Happy late Valentine’s Day!! I hope that you had a lovely day showing all those who love and support you, how much they mean to you!

I personally don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, I mean why go out and spend money on cheap Valentine’s gifts and cards, when you could just appreciate your other half a bit more each day that you’re with them and do lots of things together? I know that so many girls would’ve been expecting big, romantic gifts and a table booked at the fanciest restaurant, but don’t you know that your other half loves you every day? Life is best when it is at its most simplest; the best things in life are free and that includes the love from your other half! I fully appreciate romance, I would love it if a guy showed up with a big bouquet of flowers and took me out to a fancy restaurant as a surprise, but I’d never expect it on Valentine’s Day just because it’s Valentine’s Day. And no one should be sad if they are either spending it alone or single, it’s just a holiday that has been blown up to make people spend a whole ton of money for tacky gifts; if you are alone, spend the day loving yourself or loving a member of your family or friends that have been there for you. 🙂

Anyway, now that I have stomped all over the once-lovely idea of Valentine’s Day, what have I been up to? Let’s see…

Last Friday, me and my girls went out to a nearby town for a ‘few’ celebratory drinks for J since she had just got her dream job working as an oversea entertainer! Originally I was meant to have just a couple of drinks and to leave with my designated driver, but as always that plan failed…
P1060028 P1060031 SAM_0049 SAM_0087 SAM_0091It was a really fun night for the most part, but I did get a bit jolly; later on an old school friend of ours showed up with a bunch of other people, which I quite enjoyed because it is fun to meet and talk with new people. F (the old school friend) is a professional gymnast and actually entered the 2012 London Olympics for team Great Britain; J was having a lot of fun being flexible with her, whilst my brother’s girlfriend was happily dancing away by herself on the dance floor lol. I spent the majority of the night meeting new people, making drunk friends feel better and texting R who was also on a night out for his friend’s birthday; we didn’t get home until 02:30, and the first thing I did was make cheese on toast!! Thanks to that I didn’t wake up feeling like poo!

Since I was doing nothing but ‘recover’ the next day, I decided to try out a new face mask that I had recently purchased; it’s the ‘famous’ Blackhead Killer mask, which on the website Style Lux where you can purchase it, has 30+ positive reviews. I’m going to write a detailed review on this on my beauty blog when I restart it, but it did next to nothing for me and was extremely painful and messy to use! Luckily there is a 100% moneyback guarantee if you don’t notice a difference after the first use; I did think I would have to steam my face first for it to be more effective which I didn’t do, I just washed my face with very warm water to help open the pores. It is an expensive mask and I found that a nose pore strip worked just as good for removing the blackheads on my nose!
IMG_9531 IMG_9536Please excuse my very tired face (courtesy of a late night and not washing my eye make-up off properly lol); these were the snapchats that I sent to everyone, it took me like 20 minutes to peel it off and it hurt so much I was nearly crying!! You can’t even wash it off either!!

On the Sunday my sister visited with my adorable nephew!! I haven’t seen him in a while because she has been unwell due to the flu and pregnancy, so he was a little bit shy of everyone at first. He’s so busy running around that he doesn’t really coming near us anymore T_T so whilst he was having fun with the fly squatters ¬_¬ I decided to say hello to an old friend of my childhood…
IMG_9550Woody!! And not the creepy version either haha. He’s such a cute doll and I love how he is made specially so that when you hold his arm like Andy does in the film, he hangs the exact same way!
IMG_9551Just a little photo of Harry interacting with the pet cat Sootie; he absolutely loves Cats, so I snapped this adorable photo of him having a little chat with her. Harry warmed up to me by the end of the day and I was blessed with a leaf for a gift, and he even leaned into me so that I could give him a kiss when we were saying goodbye!!!

The rest of the week was boring because it was back to work, but luckily R was able to come back home for the weekend; whilst everyone was being soppy on Valentine’s Day, I chilled and watched movies with an awesome person! We watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, before falling asleep whilst watching Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl; when I woke up, we went to Nandos with his parents for dinner! Unfortunately, R did not get to eat much of his dinner as he was stressing out about having lost his military I.D, so he dashed off to find it; I felt really bad because he had a cold dinner when he returned and didn’t get to enjoy it!
IMG_9639 IMG_9647This is my Valentine’s Day ootd!! I love this pink plaid t-shirt dress that I purchased from Select last year; I’ve only worn it once, so I decided that it was perfect to wear for Valentine’s Day in a cute, pastel goth co-ord! I paired it with thick black tights, mint hi-top sneakers, mint unicorn drop earrings, heart speech bubble necklace, and a leather jacket! ♥
IMG_9634We then went to Costa and had a nice drink; I chose hot chocolate with marshmallows, and considering it was Valentine’s Day they put a heart on top!! It was super yummy but this time I got a small one because I had just eaten and there was no way that I was going to be able to drink another chalice lol.

R and his mum had a joke about us having a night out but this actually sparked her taste for a cocktail, so we ended up going to Frankie and Benny’s for a quick cocktail (R and his mum anyway, I could not fit another thing inside my stomach which was already nursing a very prominant food baby bump =_=”); soooo my Valentine’s Day was spent watching movies, falling asleep and spending it with R’s parents haha. We watched ‘The World’s End’ starring Simon Pegg as part of the Cornetto Trilogy, and it was really funny!!
IMG_9635 3063Yesterday I tried the ‘Space Girl’ bath bomb from LUSH Cosmetics; it turned my bath into a blood bath which is not what I was expecting since the bomb itself was blue covered in red glitter lol. It was a bit scary at first but I soon warmed up to it, if you haven’t tried their bath bombs then I urge you to do so!!!
IMG_9649 IMG_9651Here’s a sneak peek of my newly decorated bedroom!! The walls are a soft cream, and I’ve decorated my bed with a Catherine Lansfield luxury cream quilted duvet set (severely creased because it had just come out of the wash), star fairy lights, white teddy bear fur bed throw and a white bed canopy tied with lilac ribbon; I added the fairy lights last night and it makes my bedroom look much more relaxed, I think I will add some dream catchers and decorative pillows as well!!

Well that’s been February so far! Not exactly much going on but I have a black tie house party this weekend and a birthday next weekend where I will FINALLY be allowed my Wagamama food!!

Speaking of Japan, I am currently in love with the Roma Gyaru and Mori Girl fashion styles!! I think the prints and co-ords are perfect for Spring, so I am looking into getting some more neutral pieces in my wardrobe with more textures like lace and frills!! It’s very girly but at the same time it is not OTT kawaii like Fairy-Kei or Pastel Goth, it is a little more mature and is currently fitting my more mature and relaxed interests!!
121-9607-0_color_0008 clothing-dress-fashion-japanese-mori-girl-Favim_com-266929 d35e2f1cc2d4ae999b46d41e07479d98 liz-lisa-shoes-heels-platforms-ankle-straps-2013-1 natural_mori q1wo0n-l-610x610-dress-white-cute-lace+dress-white+dress-kawaii-shoes-socks-bobon21So pretty!! I can’t help but check out clothing and shoes in these styles, I want to add them to my wardrobe because I think they are the right level of kawaii and pretty for someone my age; I think they would suit me very well, what do you think??

Until next time, thanks for reading!!~♥

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