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Cocktails, Tsum Tsum’s and Japanese food – The past few weeks in photos! ♥


The past few weeks have been much more social for me! It’s not unusual that I would have a long period of time without seeing friends, I guess that’s part of the whole growing up and becoming an adult thing; we’ve all got jobs, partners and other lives to attend.

Shortly after Valentine’s Day was one of my favourite mini holidays of the year…PANCAKE DAY (Shrove Tuesday). I don’t know the traditions of other households regarding this holiday, but in my household it has always been tradition that we eat pancakes FOR tea. My dad will make up the batter and just cook them one after another, by the time we’ve finished one there’s another on our plate! It’s as much as you can eat; my dad has even missed out on eating pancakes because me and whoever else was eating had eaten so much that there was no batter left! My brother walked through the door as I was on my 4th pancake so he got to join in; I dressed mine with either sugar and lemon (classic) or golden syrup!!
IMG_9657Recently I started hearing a lot about Tsum Tsum’s; now being a kawaii girl who follows a lot of other kawaii girls, you can understand that my twitter/facebook/Instagram feed exploded with the news that Disney Tsum Tsum’s had finally made it to the UK!! So exciting because normally, anything made in Japan is more than likely to make its way to the USA but go no further; we hardly ever get anything that Japan creates land here, even if it’s something like Disney that is just as big here! Ever since I heard Beckii Cruel mention the Disney Tsum Tsum game app and then saw Abi Pop purchase some when she visited Japan, I have wanted to own my very own Tsum Tsum! I discovered from PastelHorror that Clinton’s (the card store) were selling them; I was so happy because the Disney Stores near me have all just closed down, but the Clinton’s store in the town where I work has just opened up!!
IMG_9660I immediately went and purchased Donald Duck and I was super happy because he is just so, so cute! I’m not a Donald Duck fan if I’m honest, but he is definitely one of the cutest in Tsum Tsum form!
IMG_9666The next week when I passed, I noticed the Clinton’s had replenished their stock with some new ones and I just HAD to get Daisy Duck to go with my Donald! She is also very adorable and I have started to like her quite a bit recently!
IMG_9861I was really looking forward to Friday 27th as it was pay day and I had to buy myself some more as I was going to be going out with the family on the Saturday after; in the meanwhile I had to resist not spending ANYTHING (because everyone knows that I am fairly addicted to online shopping), so since my dad let me borrow his PS2 for my room, I have been spending my time playing ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ and doing anything BUT sitting on the laptop.
IMG_9662On the Friday evening (20th), I spent my time making photo props and attaching them to sticks so that people could have a play for the Black Tie/James Bond/Casino and Cocktail-style party that I was throwing the next day! Here’s a photo of Vince testing out one of the moustaches!
IMG_9669I spent the majority of the Saturday getting ready for the party (cleaning, tidying, organising, readying myself); I invited my other brother and his best friend (who happens to be R’s brother) to join the party, so it was nice to see that he dressed up too! His fiancé also came along and Vince joined the party later on in the evening when he returned from work.
1613871_10152685911543994_6637020499314094489_n10986437_10152685967928994_3044582797287054730_n10991155_10152685991528994_1547230517616094064_nUnfortunately I didn’t get any photos of me in my dress (or many nice ones of me and R together) for two reasons: a) I was a bit late in getting ready and still had stuff to organise whilst guests were arriving, and b) R had already had 2-3 beers before anyone arrived (both brothers and my brother started at 6pm =_=’’), so he was on his way to being jolly/goof mode, and they had already stolen the camera. I was a little sad but we did get some nice photos of us, not many, but a few…T_T
P1080286Actually I didn’t get many photos of me this time; the camera went walkies halfway through the night, and I didn’t take any before-the-party selfies/OOTDs or many with my friends. I felt particularly shy that night and I didn’t even get that jolly on the premade cocktails that I had bought…Still, everyone seemed to have a nice time and I was very happy that everyone dressed for the theme (did not expect such effort from the lads)! We played Ring of Fire and Never Have I Ever (mostly it was me with my brothers, his fiancé, R and his brother, and J because everyone else seemed to hide in the dining/kitchen area because there was new people ¬_¬).
1798493_10152685988708994_1046351884913163590_n10930111_10152685983948994_730223635498129999_nFunny story for this photo; J had squeezed herself into the corner and asked if I could fit in too but when I tried, my hip wouldn’t pass the corner of the wall (my hips are bigger than hers, you can see me pointing to my hip as I explain to her that they are too wide haha); unfortunately all Vince saw from the other room was me ‘thrusting’ against J which was actually me trying to barge my hips into the tight space lol. The look on his face – priceless.

I didn’t feel poop the next day although exhausted after having shared a bed with Mega-Starfish over here ¬_¬ where he left me only the corner of the bed to sleep in. I had to kick him out and tidy the house early because my auntie and family decided that weekend to come over for roast dinner since they had attended a Wedding convention nearby…

The week went fairly quick and Vince’s birthday came pretty fast; I also invited the girls to come over and chat on Thursday evening (spending more time with J because she will be going to Tunisia soon for her overseas job). Things got a little emotional and OTT laughing occurred – I absolutely love my girlies and it’s going to be so lonely when J moves away for 7 months. T_T
IMG_9871Friday was pay day but I was very good and didn’t buy anything; I went to my brother’s house for homemade burgers before coming home early (after being called Jabba the Butt all night) and having a nice bath with one of my latest LUSH Cosmetics purchases!
05066I can’t remember what the bath bomb was called, just that when you open it there is a mini heart bath bomb inside; I couldn’t open it easily, so all of it went in the bath and I saved the little heart for next time. It would’ve been nice if I could’ve cut in half and only used half this time but that failed because it was quite crumbly and messy. The bath went bright pink and made my skin super soft and smooth; I listened to The Theory of Everything soundtrack list whilst in the bath before watching the movie for the evening afterwards.
IMG_9873 IMG_9874I went to bed about 01:00am that night after the film; I woke up early the next morning because me and the family were going out for Japanese food for Vince’s birthday treat, and I woke up to 13+ messages and 3 missed calls from R haha. I had such a laugh in the morning and halfway through getting ready, my YouTube music stopped for a phone call from a very mumble-y, sore-headed R apologising for any mischief lol.
10857310_10152697288228994_5629259246307685333_oTIME FOR FOOD. Me and Vince were nervous to be bringing our family to a foreign restaurant but thankfully they all enjoyed it!! My nephew Harry was incredibly happy for the majority of the day and my dad used chopsticks properly for the first time and ate his entire meal with it!!
11046579_10152697301363994_1866395061036036721_n10313048_10152697352108994_4207678789925949008_nMe and Vince really enjoy visiting Wagamama’s and trying out new food, but I always seem to forget whatever I’ve ordered tastes like and having to get used to it all over again before I really enjoy it!! I think I spent a little too much time camwhoring with my food and taking photos of it as it was a little cold by the time I started; I had Teriyaki Chicken Donburi, Edamame beans (which were nice but quite salty and too many for one person so thankfully everyone shared them) and raspberry Mochi ice cream which was really nice but super cold, so advice to everyone – DO NOT STICK IT STRAIGHT IN YOUR MOUTH AND BITE INTO IT AS IT IS EXTREMELY COLD AND YOU WILL GET EXTREME BRAIN FREEZE. I did not try this myself as my brother was kind enough to warn me beforehand.

Vince had some sort of vegetarian fried rice dish with these mushroom things on the side, and for pudding banana katsu (I think).
11034191_10152697351803994_3703957670437773443_n10989960_10152697351813994_3448131032907010775_n10404411_10152697351838994_3192988408588862992_n11041736_10152697351913994_3199370809731227723_n11025721_10152697379708994_5162980637398832059_n10256208_10152697379973994_4785822342087429864_n11013205_10152697352423994_5476542424780602544_n11035299_10152697310643994_5138455974739426389_nOverall, me and Vince were really pleased with our family for trying something new; seriously, they are so hard to win over when it comes to trying foreign food, especially my dad. It was a wonderful occasion and we were really pleased that we pressed with going there.
10681_10152697356193994_30304675153868946_nAbsolutely love this guy; it feels like the times when we absolutely hated each other’s guts was another lifetime ago, now I couldn’t imagine my life without him! I know that there aren’t many out there who can say that their siblings are their best friends too, so I am very lucky! Happy 25th Vince~♥

Whilst we were out, I popped into the city’s Clinton’s store and I was so happy to see that they had different Tsum Tsum’s!! I decided to buy Lady, Dumbo and Stitch, and I have now started stacking them, yay!!
IMG_9937I went to bed early that night and woke up at 08:30am naturally; I was sooo warm in my bed as the heating had only just switched off, but I knew I had to get up regardless…

…because me, my dad and Vince were going to spend the entire day eating crap, and sitting in the dark watching GoT season 4; all I can say is, OMG to the Viper and the Mountain (previously watched about 6 episodes and didn’t get to see the big fight)!!!

We watched all 10 episodes and during a break before we put the final episode on, I decided to finish the book that I had been reading; it’s called ‘Sputnik Sweetheart’ by Haruki Murakami, and once again I don’t understand the inconclusive ending!!! It’s so frustrating because I really enjoy his stories and writing style, it really draws me in but then something happens that is rather unrealistic or unbelievable, and it always ends without explaining anything!!! I understand that Murakami uses metaphors but unfortunately, despite magically scraping a C in A-Level English Literature, I am not very good at understanding them…
IMG_9938And just like that, I’m back at work! I was meant to visit Airboy but some guy messed up with when they were being flown out to America which is actually today!! So he came back home for a few days to see me and family before leaving; I’m sad that he’s going to be away for 8 weeks, boo for me but he’s really excited so I must be happy for him. Even though he’s not around, I’m not going to let that get in the way of me having fun; now that Vince is no longer with his girlfriend, he has all the time in the world to do awesome things with me! I’ve got the first 3 weekends of March booked with excitement, and I’m still looking for many more things to do!
IMG_9954This picture made me laugh so much and it is true because I did go through the phase of wearing blue eye shadow, luckily in moderation and not with lipstick…
IMG_9955Me sending gross snapchats haha, does this happen to anyone else when you haven’t opened your mouth for such a long time that they stick together?? Wtf…
IMG_9956When Nev from MTV’s show Catfish hits on you via snapchat haha…I really love this show, gives me something to rant and rave at with the stupid people on there. I wonder if Max has a snapchat…IMG_9945Here’s a random selfie; I hardly ever smile with any teeth showing because I’m really not a fan of my smile, but showing a little bit of teeth…cute or no?

Ending this post abruptly with a funny photo of my father taking photos of us taking selfies haha.

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      1. That was a copy of an awesome pic I found, I have done my nails like that but just not as good as the people in the pic and I think they used nail polish btw love your blog! 😃

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