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Super Fans Unite – Birmingham’s MCM Comicon! (Super long + photo heavy)

Helloooo my lovely readers! Today I have a rather positive and exciting post for you; last Saturday on the 21st, I visited Birmingham to attend the MCM Comicon event!

Now this is my first ever MCM Comicon event, so I’ll be a little more detailed about what went on and my thoughts on the whole experience; hopefully if you are thinking of going yourself, then this post will help prepare you a little for what to expect!

First of all let me just say that, OMG I REALLY NEEDED THIS. I have been uber stressed out for the past month or so and I didn’t realise how badly I needed to have some time out to just be me, to be in my element and to forget about worries such as work, family and the boyfriend; I didn’t think about anything for the entire day, it was a complete escape from reality and although I came back exhausted, it wasn’t until afterwards that I realised how refreshed I felt! Thank you Comicon!~♥

So on Saturday morning, me and Vince got up at 5am O_O We went to bed fairly early the night before but I was still sooo tired! I opted for a fairly simple OOTD – Houndstooth bodycon dress (Select), faux leather jacket (Newlook), grey knit infinity scarf (eBay), thick black tights, black PU leather sneakers (eBay), lightning bolt earrings (Claire’s Accessories), gore ‘cute’ ring (PastelHorror) and a ponytail, with a simple but bold eyeliner and bright lips – Please also excuse the dirty mirror…
P1080782 P1080791Always got time for a selfie! I got a lot of compliments from my friends on the dress I was wearing, which I purchased from the store ‘Select’ here in the UK. I love the Houndstooth design and have been aching to own something with its design for ages; I fell in love with the bold, retro colours and large print, and bought it for either £12.99 or £13.99 (I bought 2 dresses so not sure which price it was) a couple of weekends ago. It really sucks that we no longer have a Select in the town where I work as I absolutely love this store, so hopefully I will be able to visit a Select again soon and pick up some more interesting pieces!
P1080806It was pretty cold so I decided to buy a Starbucks hot chocolate when we swapped trains as a pick-me-up since I’m not a fan of coffee. We then napped until we reached Birmingham New Street where we would have to swap again for a Birmingham International train.

One thing I noticed was that a lot of the little train stations that we passed were named after a reason why you might be stopping there; for example there was one called ‘Bourneville’, named after the Cadbury chocolate bar because that was the stop for the Cadbury factory, and another was called ‘University’ because it was right outside the Uni.

When we got to Birmingham New Street we were shocked at how massive it was; I was seriously expecting a tiny little station where we would just have to swap onto the next platform for our train to Birmingham International, which to me sounds like a grand station like say, Waterloo or something. There was at least 10 platforms, both with an A and B section, so you can imagine that finding our platform was super confusing!!

I only knew that the train was just after 10, giving us about 15 minutes from when we arrived to find it; they had this screen where you enter what station you are trying to get to and it shows you all the possible trains, their times and platforms, so you know what you can catch for your destination. We legged it to the platform in time only to find the train JAM PACKED; there was no way we were getting on it, so we had to race to the next one which we just about managed to board. The MCM hall is connected to the station so there were no worries of trying to find it because there was hundreds of people dressed up!
P1080807I don’t like Minions but I took this purely because I know that so many do, especially those who follow me on Facebook; so here have a giant blow-up Minion… ¬_¬
P1080808 P1080811P1080810P1080809Right at the front of the hall was a CEX stall, a Nintendo Wii gaming area and a little seating area where you could watch the newest film trailers (possibly before release). The place was heaving and it was only full of those who had arrived with premier tickets!!
P1080812 P1080813 P1080814 P1080815The first stall we approached was this cupcake stall! All the cupcakes looked really good and their designs were well done! Super cute Pikachu, adorable Catbug and a little Link for Pixie! The labels say ‘Amazing Cake’ so they might be worth checking out if you are looking for themed cupcakes!
P1080816Tbh I didn’t take many photos of people’s costumes because the sheer amount of people made it too difficult to get decent shots, but I thought this girl deserved some recognition since she was not only dressed up as one of my favourite game characters and favourite dragons of all time, but she completely handmade it herself! Kudos to you girl, you were my first character shot of the day!
P1080820I am not sure who these guys are or what they belong to, but I thought their costumes looked cool enough to take a photo of! Anyone know? My dad’s girlfriend said they looked like the guys from the first Captain America film but don’t count her on that; there were lots of military inspired costumes wandering around that day!
P1080823Came across this cool stall which focused on the ‘Senpai notice me’ thing; I think I bought a badge from them when I went to Hyper Japan that says ‘I am so Kawaii!’ I thought the stall itself looked cool as well as what they were selling, so I asked for a photo and they obliged; you should check them out if you are desperate for Senpai to notice you too!

Here are a bunch of random photos showing what some of the stalls were selling, just to give you an idea!
P1080817 P1080824 P1080843 P1080835 P1080836 P1080837 P1080827 P1080828 P1080832 P1080855All that and this is the only thing that I found with Indiana Jones on it! I have blogged previously that I have been watching Indiana Jones since I had never seen it before; I watched the last film last week and was really hoping to come across a t-shirt or something with Indiana on it but no luck! The majority of the stalls sold brand new things but collectable figures, comics and used retro toys were all very common too!
P1080849This Cyborg is from Star Trek and he was really well done; we saw him a couple of times walking around in character, and then again at the end of the day as he was waiting in the train station, still in character lol.
P1080830 P1080829At around 13:30, mine and Vince’s energy was seriously waning; we had been up since 5am and had travelled for 3 and a half hours just to be there but we hadn’t had breakfast, and the event was becoming rather exhausting with the large crowds. We decided it was time for food and went to the NEC’s café; Vince had a hotdog and an Oasis drink, and I had chicken ‘goujons’ with chips and a bottle of water, and it was SO EXPENSIVE – £££. The food quality wasn’t that great and neither was the service, but unfortunately for these type of events the food is always expensive because it becomes a necessity; we have agreed to take a packed lunch next time.P1080833I really wanted to take home another Alpaca friend for Ichigo and Miruku but I couldn’t find one that I liked; I was hoping the Tofu Cute stall would have a large selection or that LoveJojo would be there, but nope! The stall that sold plushies for a ridiculous amount that I have mentioned in my previous HJ posts was there and they had these Alpacas with crowns on! Super cute but they were pink and I don’t want another pink one, I want either a purple or a blue one…P1080839Found this adorable Pokémon plush of Substitute but he was really small (would fit in the palm of your hand) and cost £12.99!! The guy did say that he was official from the Pokémon Centre in Japan and was a limited edition plush that was no longer running, but for that price I am not paying! I wanted him so badly but I had to think about whether or not I needed it, which ofc I don’t and I had already brought two fairly big plushes…
P1080844 P1080845Me buying something and a couple of creepy Cosplayers! Not sure what they are from but one of them is holding the Jigsaw doll from Saw? They were dressed pretty good but they reeked of some sort of chemical or cosmetic, maybe the blood? Phew! Burned my poor nose!
P1080857Found the Artbox stall but it wasn’t very big unfortunately; however it did have these adorable tees with the flavoured milk design on it that I love so much! If you remember from my last HJ haul, I purchased a card holder for my Oyster card with the strawberry milk design on it; I really wanted to buy it but I don’t really need any clothes at the moment, and I can see it becoming one of those tops that I just lounge around in which I already have enough of. If later on I run out of said tops, then I can check to see if they still sell them on their website lol.
P1080859 P1080860We also came across a stall for the brand ‘Gametee’ which sells items of clothing inspired by things such as Pokémon and Final Fantasy; the artwork is all their own and really cool if I do say so myself! I might look into purchasing a Pikachu t-shirt from them because it is so cool and so is the Gengar ‘Ghost’ inspired one! And how cool is the Elite Four jacket??? Please do check them out for some awesome quality game clothing!!
P1080847Also came across this sweetie (literally); I’m not sure what she is from, if she even is from anything or she just decided to dress up with a candy theme, I don’t know! She was kind enough to let me take a photo of her, I thought her outfit was very cheerful!
P1080841 P1080842Came across some canvas art of some iconic prints! I thought it was cheating really since these designs aren’t their own but on a closer look you can tell that each print has been redrawn by the people themselves; so technically handmade and very cool looking, but not sure if it should be allowed really…
P1080862P1080863P1080864P1080866P1080867P1080869Saw this giant model of one of the Gremlins and thought it would be worth to take a picture for my brother who isn’t very fond of the movie; someone had actually bought him already because he had a sticker on his arm stating he had been sold. Imagine coming down in the middle of the night for a glass of water and spotting this creepy, life-sized Gremlin in your glass cabinet?

Also spotted some funky t-shirts; pink dinosaur, cyborg Simba and Bambi, Fett Forces and Moustache Pikachu, what’s not to love!?
P1080856This costume was really cool – Lego Batman!! If there’s one thing I noticed at MCM, it’s that Lego is highly raved about!!
P1080879I started to get backache so after wandering around the ‘celebrity section’ and spotting no one of great importance (not even Ichabod Crane, what a disappointment!), we passed the ‘Glamour’ section (seriously a 18+ ‘Glamour model’/porn section at a family convention!?) and found ourselves a table to rest at. Vince darted off for a cigarette but on his way out, got to see the Cosparade!! So unfair as I was left sitting with all of our shopping and keeping the table because everywhere else to sit was packed out, and he got to video the Star Wars section of the Cosparade!! Imagine all the Stormtroopers marching together, no fair! I did however manage to get a photo of these guys in costume, I didn’t even see Alien hiding amongst them! This costume was really good and later on in the day when I was not looking where I was going as I chatted away, nearly bumped into this creature and frightened myself half to death!
P1080880Vince made one comment earlier in the day about there being no Batmans, and suddenly we’ve got Batmans and Harley Quinns coming out of our ears!!
P1080913 P1080915 P1080873 P1080876 P1080877 P1080852 P1080853 P1080854 P1080870 P1080882 P1080885 P1080909 P1080910 P1080884P1080903Here are a ton of photos of stuff being sold; those Pop Vinyl things were everywhere, and I actually bought one myself but I’ll show you what I got in a mini haul! Vince got himself a Stormtrooper one and I was really tempted to get Jabba the Hutt since the nickname ‘Jabba the Butt’ has so kindly been given to me recently within my family…The brand ‘David & Goliath’ is a really awesome brand for quirky and fun t-shirts, so definitely check them out! So many Anime figures and plushes, had to resist temptation!
P1080872I got to take a photo with a very cute Rilakkuma Cosplayer! He looked so good that I thought he was an official Rilakkuma walking around!!
P1080890 P1080891P1080888P1080897 P1080900Hunger struck again so we headed to the NEC’s restaurant and picked up a sweet treat and a smoothie! Expensive again but my chocolate muffin was really yummy, probably the best café muffin I’ve ever had! I tried the Naked Green Machine smoothie that R had mentioned once (and on mistake of what brand it was ended up buying us the icky green smoothie from Innocent) and it was really good too! We felt much better afterwards so took a couple of selfies with the latest additions to our plushie families! Meet my Nidorina, Rin-Rin, and Vince’s unnamed Pig (he got a brown one at HJ and has now started a collection).
P1080904We wandered around for a little bit afterwards because we had about an hour left; I was a little disappointed that I had not managed to get any photos with the Stormtroopers because they had been heavily caught up in the Cosplay events all day; a large group of Stormtroopers of different kinds AND Boba Fett walked by us that morning but they were clearly on some mission to be somewhere so unfortunately could not ask for a photo until…OMG. They were back out and about with Princess Leia and I just HAD to have a photo! DAY MADE. Seriously, what has R done to me? Forced me to watch the Star Wars films and brain washed me into being just as much a fan as he! There was Star Wars stuff EVERYWHERE and so much I really wanted to buy, but after having a photo with these guys I no longer felt the need to buy a souvenir of Star Wars nerdiness.

I went to Comicon with just 3 missions:

  1. To get a new Alpaca.
  2. To get a photo with some Stormtroopers.
  3. To buy a gift for someone.

I achieved 2 out of 3, not bad, not bad.
P1080911The day was coming to a close, we had probably 20 minutes left and the majority of people had cleared out; this gave me and Vince the opportunity to spot stalls we otherwise would’ve missed amongst the large crowds and watch some of the gamers. It was during this time that I found a really good gift for someone and then…
P1080916I met Groot! This guy’s Cosplay was really awesome I think and very detailed! I did see one other Groot after the event but only from a distance, so I can’t compare! I bet this guy was tired from photos and bothered from being in a suit all day but still was kind enough to have a photo with me! I ♥ Groot!

Finally it was time to go home and we welcomed it with open arms; we were both set on getting home and going straight to bed but the day wouldn’t be complete without some selfies!
P1080919 P1080924After the train swaps, Vince fell asleep whilst we listened to my iPod, the ride home sure dragged! He had to go and pick up his keys from work so when he returned we had hot chocolate and noodles, a quick look at our purchases before crawling into bed at 21:30 and sleeping for 12 hours (well…I did, Vince had to be up at 5am again)!

I was so exhausted the next day and had a much needed bath to soothe my sore muscles but it was definitely something I needed, I’ve been much happier since! Going on an adventure is something that excites me, so much so that I have planned to go away next weekend to the coast by myself! I can’t wait!!

Overall I really enjoyed Comicon; would I go again? Yes. Can I see it as an event I would go to every time there is one? No.

I found that there were a lot of stalls there that also attend Hyper Japan, so there was more than enough to keep me occupied; however there were also A LOT of comic and model stalls (duh) for things that don’t interest me, like marvel etc. so a lot of the stalls I didn’t even bother looking at. I don’t feel that I would’ve missed out on much had I not ever gone to one except for my Stormtrooper photo, so for that I am really glad that I went at least once. I also found that the prices of things I was interested in were much lower than if I had found them at Hyper Japan (plushes and accessories were cheaper on many stalls).

I think that I would only attend another one if there was a big celebrity there that I really wanted to see; however it was fascinating seeing a different type of nerdiness and Cosplay in all its glory because some of the costumes were fantastic! For a newbie I didn’t feel out of place at all because I feel that there was enough to cater many different tastes.

The bad points were that it was extremely crowded and for many of the stalls we had to wait for ages to see or wait until the end of the day, plus I got bopped and pushed about quite a bit; also the food was pretty expensive for what they were offering but because we had nothing, we had no choice but to fork out for it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Comicon adventure! It was a lot of fun but I definitely think I am more suited to Hyper Japan! Speaking of which, I really hope that I get to go this year for the weekend again but I may well end up going on my lonesome if Pixie or Vince can’t come, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Stay tuned for my MCM Comicon haul later this week! Until next time~♥

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  1. Hi, i loved your blog on the comic con. My family and I would absolutely love to go to one, we r huge fans but they never seem to have one in Scotland. or a really cool one anyway !! Ps funko pops are amazing

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