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Photo post and my weekend away – What I’ve been up to!

Helloooooo blog!! I feel like I have been away for absolutely ages when it has only been about a week! Unfortunately my blog has had struggles with uploading photos and this weekend I have been away! Finally everything has righted itself on here and I have the evening to let you all know what I have been up to!

Where to begin? Well I’m going to go back a bit, a week before I went to Comicon actually! I decided to post Comicon first because there wasn’t much that I had done worthy of a blog post…
IMG_0021 IMG_0022I got back to exercising! This is a reoccuring thing with me tbh; I’ll exercise and then I’ll stop for a while, then I’ll start again with the motive to really keep to it, and then something pops up that prevents me for doing it for a few days and I’m out of it. I did buy myself some sportswear so hopefully I can get back into using my Cross-trainer now that the weather is warmer and the evenings are lighter…(she says).
IMG_0031 IMG_0047The weekend before Comicon, I met up with an old friend from my University days; she lived with my ex for their final year and we got on really well. We went to the Costa we used to hang out at, she was hoping the cute guy that worked there would still be there but since it has been 2 years since we last visited, it was a slim chance; we then had to go somewhere vegan and luckily there’s this Italian cafe that sells vegan pizza and other food, so of course I had a slice of cheese pizza!! It was massive and super cheap too!!
IMG_0032I was so tired when I got back but that doesn’t stop me from using good make-up time for some silly bedtime selfies! Apparently this is the photo that pops up when I call R; haha funny boy… ¬_¬
IMG_0042Vince got pretty sick with some sort of chest infection and my nan came over for Mother’s Day; I didn’t want her to get sick so I forced him to wear a face mask, and he’s none too happy about it.
IMG_0061Here’s a random selfie that I sent to my friend one night, it came out kinda cute so I kept it haha; why always the ones when I’m wearing no make-up and just take a random snap that come out so good??
IMG_0105One evening I came home and my dad, brother and nan were at my house; everything was decorated with girly birthday banners and this gorgeous cake with sparkler candles was on the table!! It was my dad’s, girlfriend’s birthday and he decided to surprise her just a little; the cake was really yummy and we had Chinese (chicken fried rice omg) which I went to town on bigtime (these are the kind of happenings that get in the way of my healthy eating and exercise btw)!!
IMG_0126Posted this on IG; my best friend J has just moved to Tunisia to become an overseas entertainer for 7 months and I’m missing her quite a bit! Hopefully I will get to visit her this year whilst she is still there!
IMG_0129On the evening of my dad’s, girlfriend’s birthday, my brother Liam was making me laugh with silly jokes (hoping I was just high off of the amount of sugar I had consumed); he told me that it would be cool if there was such things as ‘Jabba Cakes’, like Jaffa Cakes but green. I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but since I have been introduced to the world of Star Wars, and the fact that my eldest brother likes to joke about me and my sister being fat (although we are far from it), I have been ‘blessed’ with the nickname ‘Jabba the Butt’, this is why the conversation of ‘Jabba Cakes’ came up; Liam visited me randomly one day with a box of Jaffa Cakes that he had cleverly painted himself to resemble what Jabba Cakes might look like. Me being the Jabba, ate pretty much the entire packet in one sitting.
IMG_0135 IMG_0156Here are a couple of selfies from my recent ‘photoshoot’ that I did which hopefully you will get to see soon; I attempted that high Korean-style bun and a romantic half up-do look. ♥
IMG_0136 IMG_0137Check out this ADORABLE KITTY; LOOK AT THOSE EYES AND THOSE LITTLE ROUND EARS!!! *goes high-pitched baby voice* It’s just too adorable and anyone who does not melt at that little face, well what is wrong with you!?
IMG_0144Speaking of cats, whilst visiting Liam one day for dinner, Sootie bee-lined straight for me and was rather insistent on sitting on my lap; I let her provided she didn’t claw me, or it was offsky!
IMG_0145Last Sunday my family went to visit my sister and nephew, sadly I couldn’t go because I had what I thought was a cold (actually Hayfever) and I didn’t want to risk passing anything onto my heavily pregnant sister. Vince snapchatted me this on his way back, it was actually a video of my dad listening to some weird, old music and he wasn’t impressed haha.
IMG_0158It was R’s birthday on Friday so I sent him this! It’s an inside joke between us that if I am Jabba the Butt (which he finds highly amusing) then he is my Princess Leia in the gold bikini.
P1090254 P1090255 P1090263 P1090265On Friday I also went on my own little adventure…I went to Plymouth!! I went by myself and came back today, and these are some of the views that I was greeted with during my journey on the train; the photos of the sandy areas with boats stuck are filled up with water at the right time of day and always makes me feel like Chihiro from Spirited Away because it really does look like the train is riding on the water like it does in the movie; unfortunately it wasn’t that time of day when I passed as the tide was out.
P1090270 P1090269This was my hotel room! It was very old-fashioned looking but it is a modern and new hotel, it even had one of those ancient turn-style phones! It came with an ensuite bathroom and a TV which played Viva everytime I turned it on haha; now I am up to date with all the latest hits (so often I am out of touch with music because I listen to a lot Korean and Japanese music)!! I must confess that the habit stuck hard and instead of having Friends playing in the background, Viva is currently playing Maroon 5’s new song ‘Sugar’.

It took me a little while to find my hotel and my phone so kindly died on me less than a minute away because it had gotten too cold (that’s right, my iPhone is so pathetic now that it turns off if it is too cold); luckily I spotted the big yellow hotel and giant green sign that read ‘The New Continental’. I eventually found the entrance after walking ages around the wrong side of the building and checked in with no problem! I highly recommend this hotel if you are visiting the town, it was well equiped, clean and spacious, and cost me just £130.00 for two nights; it has a restaurant, bar, sauna and pool facilities and is just a 8 minute walk from the town centre!

I have to admit that at first I was not at all happy, I was hit with a good dose of loneliness which flared up my Depression and Anxiety big time; I knew I had to eat so I explored the town, got myself a McDonalds and some necessities before returning to my room, having a good cry and talking with Pixie on the phone for over an hour and a half. I purposely went away because I have had a lot of problems on my mind lately and decided that I needed some time out, to step away from my life and out of reality just for a bit – it was just rather unfortunate that loneliness and homesickness hit me as soon as I got there.
P1090271Since I hadn’t eaten much or had much nutrition, I decided to kickstart the Saturday with a healthy super shake from ‘American Fruity’ called ‘All Stars’ which had raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and other berries squashed into it! Then I went and shopped in LUSH Cosmetics and Primark (for which I mostly bought baby clothes) before calling it a day on shopping and returning to my hotel room.
P1090279I only brought one outfit with me so that I would have more space in my suitcase for everything that I had bought so that I didn’t have to hand-carry much extra; I threw on my new clothes which includes this lovely soft denim vest shirt and a pair of black leggings. It was very sunny and pretty warm out considering the day before had been bitter cold with insane gales!
P1090286 P1090287 P1090288 P1090290 P1090298Once I had dropped off my shopping I decided to wander down by the Hoe (yes it is a funny name but that’s what it’s called lol); Plymouth is a coastal harbour town and it has this footpath alongside the sea, it’s high up on a cliff-type formation so you really get to see some amazing views. Look how still the water is and the weather was just so lush! I had a jacket potato and cheese for my dinner at a Terrace cafe and this was my view!! I continued on to the bottom of the hill as I was searching for the ice cream shop that sold my favourite ice cream flavour: Banana Blue, but unfortunately it was not there!! I guess after 2 years since I had last been there, there was too much competition from the other ice cream shops and vans that it didn’t stay open. T_T No ice cream for the whole weekend, where the hell am I going to find my favourite ice cream flavour now??? They didn’t have it in London when I last went either (where I originally tried that flavour) because the place had changed, so I’m a little hurt right now lol.
P1090301 P1090303So on that note I walked back to the hotel, I turned Viva up pretty loud and treated myself to a hot bath using one of my new bath bombs that I had purchased from LUSH Cosmetics – Avobath. Smelled like Lemongrass and turned my bath water green!!
IMG_0172I was pretty tired after carrying my giant bag from Primark and then walking up and down hills; so thought I would send a selfie to let everyone know it haha.
IMG_0187The hotel bed was extremely comfortable, everything about it was comfortable; it was so soft and plush, I didn’t want to get out this morning but I had to get up eventually as I had to check out by 11am.
IMG_0188As I checked out and stepped into town, I realised that Plymouth does not open on a Sunday; literally every shop was closed, normally most places would still be open but the town was deserted and not a soul was working. Still it was a very lovely and warm day, all I had left to do was make my way to the train station early and wait an hour and a half for my train to take me home. 😐
IMG_0196I retuned home to find this little Easter gift on my bed; thankfully the egg was tiny, Fluttershy toast anyone?? Overall I think the experience was good; a lot of people gave me a pity look when I said that I was going on my own but I spend so much time in my own company anyway, why not do it by the sea? After a bit of shopping the doom and gloom feeling I had the day before evaporated and I started to feel somewhat relaxed and disconnected from my real life. I’m pretty proud that I went out of my comfort zone and did something adventurous, it was nice to escape reality for a little bit and get some prospective on life.

So that has been life for the past week, I’m glad my blog is working again as I am in desperate need of getting some posts up!! For the next couple of weekends I’ve got Pixie coming to stay, visiting an old friend and finally seeing my sister for probably the last time before she pops!! I can’t wait!~♥

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