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Cute, unique and artistic prints – Sparkleberry Illustrations! ♥

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to introduce you to some products brought to you by the brand ‘Sparkleberry Illustrations’! Described as being like “Peter Pan celebrating Halloween on Christmas, with his pet strawberry who’s a zombie and enjoys candy floss”, they bring you cute and kawaii yet original design prints. They so kindly sent me some cute items that I would like to share with you today!
P1090367 P1090368My gift came in a flat cardboard envelope and wrapped in colourful tissue paper secured by a sweet, handwritten note! I personally love receiving handwritten notes in my parcels because I find it a more personal thank you, I have quite a few of these now.
P1090369The first items were the business card with the designer, Effi Summers, details and a magnet, both featuring the zombie strawberry and the brand’s name.
P1090370 P1090371These two adorable printed cards were part of the parcel; the Super Cupcake is cute but I absolutely adore the unicorn print!! So cute and since the card is blank inside with just ‘Have a magical day’ on the front, it makes it perfect for a cute card for any occassion. I’m thinking of sending this to one of my friends randomly just to wish them magical day and put a smile on their face! You can also get this design, as well as a cute muffin print, on a t-shirt which is available on their store here –
P1090372 P1090375This is my favourite print of all the ones I received!! It’s a Sugar Ram Skull card print! I really like this one because I like the fact it was designed on an animal skull (like the skulls you find in the desert) and it is so bright and colourful; the print itself is really bright and I think it would look good on any product, especially t-shirts and they really captured the sugar skull-feel.

I think this little brand could go far and they are constantly posting new designs and asking for opinions from their followers on their Facebook which you can check out here –

These simple yet colourful cartoon prints have proved incredibly popular on clothing especially, maybe they could be the next Newbreed Girl! I wish them the best of luck for the future and thank them for sending me these super cute prints!! Go check them out!!~♥

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