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My MCM Comicon mini shopping haul!!

Helloo guys! I know this post is a little late but had some difficulty uploading pictures and also haven’t had the free time to take the photos as I have had something booked every weekend but since I have nothing to do today, I thought I would be productive!! Let’s jump to it!!

First of all, who is excited for the new Jurassic World film that’s coming out in June!?? Me and my brother Liam have always been mega fans of the film franchise, and when he visited Orlando, Florida a few years ago he bought me this t-shirt which I think is awesome!! It made the perfect outfit for this blog post since I expect there will be some buzz over it at the next Comicon in May!
P1090396Anyway, on with the haul! I didn’t buy very much this time, I only took £100 cash and returned with about £25.00 (and about £20.00 spent on the expensive food T_T), so even though my haul is small I am still very happy with everything I got!
P1090431 P1090434So this was my first purchase (actually Vince bought it for me as I didn’t have change); it’s a Tokidoki pink cactus pup figure! I have liked Tokidoki for a really long time, I used to have a backpack with them all over and always thought the cactus pups were cute! These were on sale for just £3.00, so Vince got me a pink one and got the blue one for himself!
P1090452Came across a stall that sold a lot of Kpop stuff and I found this little 4Minute badge!! You guys will know from my previous hauls that I love my badges, but if you read my blog then you’ll know that I am a huge fan of 4Minute, especially Kim Hyuna!! I think this was either £1.00 or £2.00, made of a silicone type rubber.
P1090458Came across this little stall that sold lots of necklaces and I remembered seeing this necklace at one of the Hyper Japan stalls, I think I bought the little acrylic heart speech bubble necklace from there. Anyway, this was there again and since I liked it the last time, I decided to buy it this time! I think it cost either £5.00 or £7.00 and it is super cute!! You know I love my lightning bolts!!
P1090446On another little stall I found this eyeball bow hair accessory! I’ve seen these eyeball bows everywhere, and I believe the brand Kreepsville 666 sell some similar to these but they are quite expensive; there were lots of different colours and they only cost £2.00, so I got one in pink! I tried to find another one so that I could have a pair but there wasn’t any. 😦
P1090467 P1090491This was my biggest purchase – I’m an absolute SUCKER for plushies!! I have wanted a Pokemon plush for the longest time and there was this massive stall full of Pokemon and My Little Pony plushies with an offer of 1 for £15.00 or 2 for £25.00. We went and got food but then I decided that I wanted a Pokemon and I had my heart set on a Nidorina and a Magicarp using the offer! But when I got there, there was a couple who were looking at Nidorina and when I went to reach for Magicarp, they got there first and picked him up too!! I was proper gutted but when they placed Nidorina on the table to look at Magicarp, I grabbed her from under their noses! I was determined, don’t let anything get in the way of your goal!

Nidorina was officially mine and a good thing too because she was the last one! I’m super fussy when it comes to plushes because I won’t buy one for the sake of buying one, I have to fall in love with it first; it was love at first sight for Ichigo and Miruku, and it hit again when I spotted Rin-Rin (that’s her name)!! I carried her and cuddled her throughout the event; can’t say the same for Magicarp I’m afraid as although he’s adorable, I realised that I literally had no room for him! I hardly had room for Rin-Rin and the next day I was feeling a bit stumped as to what to do with him, you know the ‘omg I’ve just bought this, what ever for and what do I do with it now?’ kind of feeling lol. Thankfully Pixie was pleased to take him off of my hands and adopt him, so I’m relieved that he now has a loving home. ♥
P1090444P1090438There were these Pop Vinyl figures EVERYWHERE and I was really stuck on choosing which one to buy; there was Bambi, Thumper, Flower, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett, Simba and so many more!! But when my brother pulled out Scar from the pile, I just HAD to have him!! You guys know I love TLK, and Scar is my favourite character and Disney villian, so he just had to come home with me and he cost me just £10.00!
P1090447This was the only Star Wars-related purchase that I came back with and of course, it is kawaii-fied!! A Hello Kitty Stormtrooper badge!! Super cute and cost me £2.00!
P1090461The Japanese homeware stall that I purchased my little bowls from last time was there, so whilst Vince purchased another pig bowl, I picked up this adorable sheep zodiac woobly ornament! If you don’t know already, my zodiac is the sheep and 2015 is the year of the sheep!! I bought it for £6.00 and hoped that it might help to bring me some luck; I love that it has lilac horns!
P1090416 P1090421This is one of my last purchases (I will show you my very last purchase in another post as it is a gift and I don’t want to risk spoiling it as I know this blog gets read!) and OMG it is sooooooo yummy!! It tastes like a lighter, more refreshing version of strawberry milkshake; it does have that slightly artificial taste that milkshakes have but I think it tastes much nicer!! It only cost me £1.00 and I had it today after this shoot haha, my brother purchased Melon Milk (funnily enough the same drink that I had to throw away at the KPP concert) and he let me try a bit and it was also very yummy!! So I highly recommend these drinks! 🙂

So that’s everything, hope you enjoyed my mini haul!! I really tried to not go overboard with spending like I did at Hyper Japan haha but tbh I think I would always buy more at HJ because it caters more to my interests. What’s my favourite purchase? Definitely my Rin-Rin! Thanks for reading, I’m off to catch Pokemon! Until next time!~♥

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