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Howdy readers! Have you had a good Sunday? Or maybe it is already Monday morning for you… Was your weekend great?

Not much has been going on lately to be honest, I’ve just been chilling and spending time with close family and friends!
IMG_0219 IMG_0230 P1090310 P1090323 P1090338Pixie came to visit me the weekend after I went to Plymouth; we have been friends for 12 years and this is THE FIRST TIME that we have gone shopping together! It’s insane but a lot of things got in the way with different life directions and then her move over an hour away. We went to a nearby city and decided to dress kawaii together!! It was a lot of fun, even if we did have an unfortunate run-in, we went and watched The DUFF too which was pretty good!!
IMG_0235The next day I had a wonderful lie in, everyone on Snapchat pretty much just receives selfies of me in bed barely awake; unfortunately I have been ‘star-fishing’ in bed (spreading out like a starfish) which is a trait often associated with Airboy, but since he has been gone I have been enjoying the bed space. I have only ever slept on my side of the bed, never ever crossing or touching the other side; maybe some part of me knew that the other side belonged to a guest, be it Pixie or the boyfriend.

However when R left for America, I started crossing onto his side and thoroughly enjoying it I’ll admit, sleeping on my back bang in the middle of the bed with my head resting in between the crease of the pillows; I sleep AMAZINGLY this way. My dad’s girlfriend says it must be because I miss R and subconsciously I’m searching for him whilst asleep, I prefer to believe that I am simply taking back my territory that he claimed whilst he was here (aka my entire bed because he is the King of Starfishes) – he seems to think that too. The problem is that he returns next Friday and sleeping may well become a problem having had 8 weeks of starfish training, so this may well end up with one of us getting no sleep or one of us on the floor.
IMG_0240*insert a little fan-girling* So I follow this guy on IG called ‘mrleozombie’ and for those of you who don’t know who he is, he is recognised as one of the best suited cosplayers for Prince Eric, appearing in videos with Traci Hines aka ‘The Hipster Mermaid’; I was quite excited to see that he had liked one of my pictures, and a picture that I hadn’t uploaded within the last week too meaning he might’ve checked out my IG profile!! Ahh~ Check out some photos of them:
1PjR6Y1 a90d1db40f4de3f44cfc6c62f7f5b1abThey are really good together and I think he makes a perfect Prince Eric!! He also does Aladdin and Captain Hook (OUAT) really well too!
IMG_0248I recently purchased a Sanrio Little Twin Stars bento lunch bag! I wanted a kawaii bag for ages and I have my eye set on a microwavable Hello Kitty bento box; it cost me just £4.50 and came within a week, isn’t it super cute!?
IMG_0254Got sent this on Snapchat for the Star Wars celebration events that were happening; I thought this part was really cool because…all dem Stormtroopers tho…
IMG_0263Had a bubble bath with another bath bomb from LUSH Cosmetics called ‘Dragon’s Egg’; it’s a popular bomb that is white with pink and green colourful pieces in it, and the bombs fizzes in the bath and pops with popping candy!! Once it reaches the middle, there is a yellow core that leaks out making it look just like an egg yolk!! Despite looking like I was about to bathe in a bath of dragon’s pee, it smelled really good and made my skin super soft! I can definitely see why it is a favourite!!
IMG_0264 IMG_0268 IMG_0269The weekend after was mostly free, so I spent the Saturday blogging my MCM Comicon haul which has already been uploaded; of course you can’t waste good make-up, so lots of selfies and Snapchats were taken! I also tried the Strawberry Milk that I had purchased from the convention and it was super yummy!!
IMG_0275On the Sunday we visited my sister for the last time before she brings baby girl into the world since they will be on high alert for the next couple of weeks; it was lovely, Harry was as cute as ever and even ran at me and gave me a cuddle!!! I almost died!! He became very attached to Vince when he realised that he could lead Vince around with his lanyard that he had hanging out of his pocket haha, he attempted to make him do his bidding but Vince kept his willpower. When we got back, Vince was desperate to try out his new wok complete with chopsticks, bowls, soup spoons and mats; he made garlic egg fried rice with battered chicken breast, it was super yummy!!
IMG_0304Check out this ADORABLE PUG PUPPY!! Someone came in for an interview and because they had just been to the vet, they had no choice but to bring the pup; she let us have cuddles and he is so adorable!! His name is Boris and his is a platinum pug puppy, which she was happy to tell us cost her £2,000!! Not gunna lie, pugs are VERY snorty and it sounded like he had a bad cold plus he sneezed in my face A LOT. They might seem cute as puppies but I still don’t think they are very cute dogs, and they end up with lots of breathing difficulties. My work colleague couldn’t get enough of him and the pup fell asleep in his arms!
IMG_0331 IMG_0332More morning bed selfies; whenever I have just woken up, my skin looks clear and bright, almost milky pale so despite looking tired and being make up-less, this is my most active selfie time haha.
IMG_0333I had a fairly nice lie in yesterday before I got up to get ready because we went and watched Avengers: Age of Ultron!! IT WAS SOO GOOD. I love Iron Man!! After that we went to McDonalds and wandered around the pet shop and Matalan before coming home to watch American Sniper; not a bad film but a little close to home, I prefer not to watch films regarding wars and the Services so I doubt I’ll be watching it again. PS. Please excuse the mess of my room!!
IMG_0336Yet another morning selfie from my lie in this morning (10am omg); I was pretty lazy and spent the morning washing my hair and playing Shadow of the Collossus which I finally managed to complete! I’m sad that it’s over because there aren’t enough beautiful games in the world. The next game of the trilogy is called The Last Guardian which is still in production, but unfortunately it will be released on PS4 which I don’t have and I’m not going to buy it just for one game. 😦
IMG_0343After a quick lunch, we went to visit my nan who was being visited by my aunt and cousins; we took them to the shop to collect milk and my brother Liam jokingly told me to get on his shoulders. Here’s an awkward selfie of me on the shoulders of my 6ft tall brother smiling whilst being absolutely terrified (so much so that I swore terribly in front of my 7 and 9 year old cousins)! He had to drop me off on a high wall because he was so high, he told me after I had got on that he had no idea how to get me down which only made the ride more terrifying haha. My poor cousins didn’t get a ride though.
IMG_0183 IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0335 IMG_9996 IMG_9997Here are some funny and nice texts/quotes that I found that I thought were worth sharing because they either made me laugh or feel something, these days I find myself sharing a lot of stuff on Facebook that might make others do the same.

So as I said, not THAT much has gone on but I’ll have to admit that the weeks have flown since that weekend in Plymouth, and I have felt happier and more relaxed since. That might well have something to do with the fact that R will be coming back on Friday, or because some other aspects of my life have started to get themselves shifted into the right gear. Either way I am feeling quite at peace with myself right now, and hoping that I will continue to feel this happy and relaxed, a bit more Zen and a bit less worried about keeping up with the insanely fast pace of life. I wonder what next week will bring?

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