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25 things you probably didn’t know about Star Wars!

Hello everyone! Quite recently my blog has been more ‘geeky’ than ‘kawaii’, and that might be to do with the fact that I am exploring other interests and trying new things. I have been geeking out over quite a few things but the geekiest of them all has to be Star Wars! As you all know yesterday was May the 4th, so I’m sharing this post with you dedicated to Star Wars day!
may-the-fourth-4th-be-with-you-memes-gifs-star-wars-day-18Ever since I met R (who was persistent about me watching it), Star Wars has become a consistent part of my life whether I want it to be or not. I have a whole bunch of films that every grandma and her dog have watched that I have never seen and some part of me is rather proud of it in a way, but it is amazing to discover that after watching the Star Wars franchise that many things in life started to make sense. That sounds a bit crazy as if my whole life meaning has changed because of watching those films, well I don’t mean it that way, just that now I understand a lot more references that are used in other comedies, geeky entertainment and jokes, and a lot of things remind me of SW too. More shockingly to me is that I actually enjoy SW when I really, really thought I wouldn’t.

So today we’re being geeks! I hope you enjoy this blog post dedicated to Star Wars – presenting 25 fun and interesting facts that you probably didn’t know!

1) Grand Moff Tarkin wore slippers – Peter Cushing, who played Grand Moff Tarkin, found his costume boots very uncomfortable, so he often wore his own slippers on set and was filmed in a way that wouldn’t show his feet in many of his scenes.
IMG_7885-1-520x6932) The bounty hunter that borrowed from Doctor Who – Here’s one for all you Doctor Who fans; did you know that the clothing of Bounty Hunter Bossk was a recycled spacesuit from Doctor Who?
vixb9x7ywbzyeovjfqac3) The Clone Troopers weren’t real – Throughout all of the films, not a single Clone Trooper was created for the films; there were no costumes made or actors hired for the characters as they were all computer-generated.
Grand_army_formation4) Tatooine in Tunisia – The majority of the scenes based on the fictional planet of Tatooine were filmed in Tunisia; many of the buildings constructed for the film are still standing and some are even being used by the locals.
k800_tunesien-2012-1185) Star Wars almost started a real war – Whilst filming in Tunisia, one of the film’s prop vehicles was parked close to the Libyan border, causing concern that it was a massive military vehicle belonging to the Tunisian government. After receiving threats, the Tunisian government politely asked Lucas to park the Jawa Sandcrawler farther away from the border!
sandcrawler20046) The Jawa language is based on an earth language – That’s right, the Jawa language is a based on a sped-up version of the Zulu language.
Jawa_2_faceCU7) Screaming TIE Fighters – One of the many well-known SW sounds is the TIE Fighter scream (which amused me greatly the first time I heard it), and it is created by mixing together the sound of a car driving on wet pavement and an elephant call.
081006-african-elephant-028) Jabba the Hutt was meant to be furry – In his original concept design, Jabba was going to be a ‘furry creature’ before he became something resembling a slug; I don’t think a furry Jabba would be any cuter…
jabba_II9) Yoda’s species was never mentioned – Does anyone actually know what Yoda is? His species was never mentioned in the film nor has it been confirmed, so no one actually knows. All we know is that he left his home planet with a human friend, but the planet’s name and nature remains a mystery. Since we do not come across any other alien species resembling Yoda, it is assumed that he is from a rare species or one that does not venture far from their home planet. When I watched Episode IV: A New Hope, I described him as an old sprout with hairy ears.
Yoda-Jedi-Council10) Yoda was originally going to be a monkey – Yoda’s design concept is rather unique but I’m sure we wouldn’t have him any other way; however, they were originally going to have him be played by a monkey wearing a mask and carrying a cane – thank God they didn’t!!
Money_Yoda11) Yoda’s design was inspired by one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century – Albert Einstein contributed to Yoda’s design, especially the wrinkles on Yoda’s lip which was inspired by Einstein’s moustache! The more you look at him, the more his upper lip looks more like a moustache.
BOtpQDQCQAANGeW.jpg large12) Luke Skywalker was originally ‘Starkiller’ – Luke’s last name was finalised during the fourth draft of SW with ease, and his early character concepts were given to Obi Wan Kenobi and Leia when they settled that Luke was going to be a young man.
Luke-Skywalker-Lightsaber-auction_planetxstudios13) Luke burst a blood vessel – The trash compactor scene looked truly disgusting especially that gross water they’re wading in, so it’s not surprising that the actors were holding their breath for real whilst filming; Mark Hamill held his breath for so long that he burst a blood vessel on the side of his face, which is why for some of the scene we only see one side of his face.
leia_trash_compactor14) Luke’s facial injury from a Wampa is real – Mark Hamill was in a bad car accident before the filming of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, it caused severe facial trauma so the incident of Luke being mauled by a Wampa was added to account for the scarring on his face.
Luke Skywalker in Empire15) Revenge of the Jedi – Originally ‘Return of the Jedi’ was called ‘Revenge of the Jedi’ and there were actual posters and trailers produced with that title; these are now considered collector’s items and the title was changed because Jedi’s aren’t the type to seek revenge. The Star Trek film ‘Wrath of the Khan’ even had its title changed from ‘Revenge of the Khan’ to prevent confusion between the two films!
RVNG_JEDI_BTTM_CNTR_PSTR16) Ewan McGregor was lightsaber crazy – Ewan McGregor enjoyed fighting with the lightsabers so much that he would get carried away and make the sounds himself; the noises had to be removed in post-production.
6827383467_38cb77135d_o17) Another reason to hate Jar Jar Binks – Whilst standing in on the Galactic Senate, he votes in favour of Order 66 which leads to the destruction of the Jedi and the rise of the Galactic Empire.
c68e5a46199e6917cb955a8163cb859e165ea492bbd5744f9643b9fde1f0eb1118) E.T.’s species are a part of the Star Wars universe – The aliens can be seen in the Galactic Senate, and is a clever crossover between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg!
et19) That bad feeling – (I’m sure every Star Wars fan knows this one but nevermind) the phrase “I have a bad feeling about this” is said in every film.
zOWspvR20) Harrison Ford wrote some of his lines – Harrison Ford sometimes changed the lines of his script to seem more spontaneous and in character, and quite often he would re-word his lines to how he would say them but so that they would still mean the same as what was originally written. One of Han Solo’s most famous lines is right before he was lowered into the carbonite freezing chamber when Leia says “I love you”, he was supposed to reply with “Just remember that because I’ll be back” which was later changed to “I love you too” but no one particularly liked that response, so with careful thought he changed it to the famous “I know.”
141153070678921) George Lucas carried out research to make children believe in the famous plot twist – During the film’s production, Lucas consulted with a child psychologist and was told that children are likely to dismiss Vader’s claim of being Luke’s father as a lie unless it was confirmed at some other point. So Lucas had Yoda corroborate that Darth Vader was in fact Luke’s father.
Father22) The one that hit his head – A lot of people actually miss this until they re-watch the film but when C-3PO and R2-D2 are in the control room of the Death Star and the Stormtroopers barge in, one of them hits their head on the door. Apparently this accident was missed the first time round but was later highlighted in the remastered version with a comedy ‘donk’ sound effect. Laurie Goode claimed to be that Stormtrooper and explained the reasoning behind the head bump – “I must have eaten a bit of food that was off. I put this Stormtrooper’s costume on, got on the set and as soon as I put it on I wanted to go to the loo. Upset stomach. I took the costume off in this cubicle; juggling myself about trying to get it all off, hanging it up. Went to the loo, put it all back on again, got on the set and then wanted to go back to the loo again! I couldn’t concentrate, I was shuffling along and I hit my head. No one said ‘Cut’, so I’m thinking to myself I’m not in shot and when it came out, I thought, ‘That’s me!’”
hitting-head23) C-3PO’s magic dent – C-3PO sustains a dent on his head during the Sandpeople’s attack but it frequently disappears, appears and swaps side during the movie. This happens with other minor details too as certain parts of the film has been flipped.
C3P024) Han Solo gets frisky – Han Solo can be seen grabbing Leia’s breast in ROTJ (I’m not exactly sure why or how she felt about it)!!
1237392812_han-solo-and-priness-leia-b25) The word ‘Jedi’ derives from the Japanese language – ‘Jidaigeki’ translates as ‘period drama’ which is a TV soap opera programme set in the samurai days; Lucas watched one of these programmes whilst in Japan a year or so before the movie was made and liked the word.
7SamuraiThis topic had quite a lot of interesting facts, mostly to do with the production of the film or the mistakes and bloopers that can be found if you watch closely. I feel brainer on the topic, maybe I will surprise people with my new knowledge! I wonder if R knows about any of these… He might be surprised by how much I know! Hope you enjoyed this little blog post, thought I’d throw another one out there as I do find them interesting to do and not much has gone on with me! What topic shall I do next??? Until next time~♥

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