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Another mini getaway! – Living on a boat, Devil cat, Japanese food and more!~♥

Hellooooo!! I haven’t blogged for a bit because I have hardly touched my laptop. Reason being? R finally returned from America! So I have hardly had a chance to go on my laptop since we have been spending a lot of time together since he had 2 weeks booked off from the moment he landed. I was itching for the week to fly by so that I could also have a week off so that we could spend some quality time together before life got back into routine.

We had planned to visit his sister in Portsmouth for a few days at the beginning of this week, so until then we just chilled out, ate a number of take-aways, watched films and fell asleep A LOT.
IMG_0002This is R’s adorable cat, Eric; I’m not really a cat fan when it comes to pets but this guy really has made a friend out of me. He’s more like a dog and loves attention including belly rubs! They have another cat too, ‘Oobie Doo’ I think she has been unofficially named, but it’s a rarity to see her let alone get a photo of her, although saying that I was apparently honoured with her running full pelt at me and butting her head on me before running off.
IMG_0170Here’s a little selfie of me before we went shopping last Saturday; this is the only time in this post that you’re going to see a posed camwhore shot of me because I really didn’t feel like taking selfies during my break!
IMG_0172We started our journey on Monday morning and it wasn’t long before we were stuck in traffic due to road works…typical GB roads, always backing up traffic somewhere!! Also I got myself a new iPhone 5s, so you’ll see that even my Snapchat photos are much better quality, yay!!!!
IMG_0174Since we arrived early, we wandered around town for a bit before heading back to the boat. Excuse the mess, but the boat is still under renovation as you can see! I’ve never stayed on a boat before so I had absolutely no idea what to expect! At first I could feel every little movement and felt pretty queasy but thankfully it eased off the more I got used to it. We were stationed opposite the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth Harbour!!
P1090678Everyone meet Mazu (I think that’s how you spell it), the Devil’s cat. R describes him as ‘a cat created by Satan and born from a crack in the earth’ (or something to that effect). We were in the boat for about half an hour where R fussed him twice before some switch flicked and he tried to kill him XD. Seriously this cat was pissed off, so much so that R had never looked so terrified and was backed in the corner of the kitchen holding onto his jacket as his only weapon. He didn’t bother me and I didn’t bother him but R got a few funny looks throughout the few days we stayed there!P1090608Woke up to this view the next morning, the tide was out but it was a very clear day and you could see the Spinnaker Tower across the harbour clearly! We used R’s sister and brother in-law’s tickets to visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, so we were ‘husband and wife’ for the day.
P1090610 P1090611 P1090613 P1090620 P1090622 P1090625 P1090627 P1090632 P1090637 P1090642 P1090648Here are a few photos that I took on one of the ships; I believe this was the HMS Warrior which was quite interesting to look around. R was rather excited by it all because we could wander about wherever we wanted (but were forbidden to take food or drink on the ship which we were informed of twice rather forcefully before we even got anywhere near the ship).
P1090651 P1090652 P1090656We wandered on over to the Action Stations centre where R had a little fun in a helicopter and shooting simulator, but it wasn’t until halfway through that we realised this was a place for kids…
IMG_0235After wandering around a few of the shops and museums which wasn’t much to our taste, we got some late lunch at one of the site’s cafes. The food was a bit pricey but it was incredibly nice for cafe food so we’ll let that one slide…
P1090662So, we meet again…HELL YEAH WE DO. My long-term ice cream love, Banana Blue!! Missed out on getting this when I was in Plymouth a few weeks back but came across a Sprinkles Gelato ice cream parlour in Portsmouth town centre, so I just had to buy myself a scoop – SUPER YUMMY. ♥♥♥
IMG_0197 IMG_0214When your boyfriend is annoying and steals your phone to take photo bursts of you without your permission ¬_¬. We popped into a local Hungry Horse for some grub since we were going to be going out again later and wouldn’t have another chance to eat.
IMG_0238He got himself a burger and I settled for Mac n Cheese which was SO GOOD and SO CHEESEY. I wanted something that would be easy to eat as we had only just eaten lunch a couple of hours before but I didn’t even make it halfway through because it was pretty rich. We were both stuffed and it was pretty good considering it was a Hungry Horse chain!
IMG_0246 IMG_0251 IMG_0254 IMG_0255 IMG_0258 IMG_0259Later on we went to the stables that R’s sister rides at, and watched her and her friend play some form of horse Lacrosse. R isn’t comfortable around horses but I was very happy to go up and give them a good pat whilst they were being tacked up.
IMG_0260When we got back we chilled out for a bit before bed; I wasn’t intending to drink but ended up stealing R’s drink anyway, I remembered afterwards why I stopped drinking cider (too many University nights drinking cheap Sainsbury’s cider – ick)!
IMG_0261 IMG_0263“Don’t worry R2!” – R’s brother in-law does something with computers I think and they got this virtual headset demo which he was allowed to bring home for a night for us to play with! Here’s R testing it out with a Star Wars demo; I was originally filming R looking around the room whilst he was busy looking around the ship he was flying but when I stopped filming he burst out “Oh no! R2 is beeping at me – don’t worry R2!” and turning round to look at R2, looked at me IRL (ofc he didn’t know I was stood there XD). I was very lucky to snap this picture of R checking on R2 when it looks like he is looking at me haha.

I was able to give it a quick try although I wasn’t keen because I knew my eyes were tired, plus I struggle to see distances and I knew that even though what I was seeing wasn’t real, I would still be squinting; I got to look all around me and ride an elevator with two other astronauts ready to board a space shuttle, it was pretty epic and when this becomes official it will be a massive hit! It’s feels so real that I experienced quite a bit of motion sickness!!
IMG_0267Yesterday we drove to Southampton and just looked around the shops; it was such a beautiful day, really sunny and warm! We were so lucky to be blessed with such lovely weather on the days we stayed there!
P1090664 P1090667I popped R’s Wagamama’s cherry; he chose a Coconut Seafood Broth and I got Chicken Ramen Noodles! I felt like being a bit more healthy since we had not eaten amazingly. He really enjoyed it which is good because we had been saying that we were going to go for AGES.
P1090672 P1090673 P1090675 P1090676After wandering around the shops for a bit, we decided to head back to the boat and chill for the rest of the afternoon; as you can see, this was literally the view we had from the window. We walked about on the deck for a bit and spotted a jellyfish, I was pretty fascinated as I had never seen a wild jellyfish before!!
IMG_0277Woke up this morning to a very choppy sea; the boat was rocking, the water was sloshing and the leaked chemicals at the bottom of the boat smelled foul, overall we didn’t have the best wake-up and we actually felt a little nauseous. R’s sister and brother in-law had gone to work, so we packed up our things and got ready to face the horrendous weather that had just decided to beat down on us; we had to cross the jetty (a long wooden bridge with no railings and boats parked either side) in scary storm weather! Strong winds, fierce side rain and a choppy sea was enough to have me crushing R’s hand as we power walked with all of our stuff back to the car (I didn’t like crossing it even on the nicest day).
IMG_0278 IMG_0279Less than 5 minutes in the rain and we were both soaked on one side, and the weather didn’t ease up for the entire journey home either! We were pretty lucky that Monday-Wednesday was beautiful, clear, warm weather!!

Eventually we got home where we collapsed with a nice cuppa (and some fab news which I will fill you in on later); I had an amazing, and much needed, hot bath and have just been chilling since. I had so much fun going away even though we didn’t do much or weren’t away for very long; it really doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing when you’re in good company!! I can’t wait to go on another holiday with R hopefully a proper one next time, but this little break was just what I needed before life gets back into a routine and he goes back to work!

I’ve accidentally uploaded this post unfinished because the mouse slipped but hopefully not many people have read it haha. I best get myself to bed as I have to get up early again tomorrow! I do miss the boat but I am glad that I won’t be waking up to a rocking bed!! Night folks! ♥

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