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My first wedding and being an auntie for the second time! – Waiting for Summer, tiny burgers and dancing to Puppy Love! (Long and photo heavy)

Hellooooo!! I have a very exciting post today with lots of entertaining, happy moments and photos to share! Last Friday on the 22nd of May, I attended my very first wedding! Everyone is always so shocked when I tell them that I have never been to a wedding before, but honestly I’m not that close to anyone who is engaged to be married; the closest person I know is Pixie and they haven’t even decided when that will be. I technically have attended a wedding but that was my parent’s and I was only like 6 months or so, so that doesn’t really count.

My aunt and uncle decided to finally tie the knot after being together for 16 or so years? They have two children together already and decided after years of talking, that 2015 would be the year they wed! I’m not gunna lie, my entire family was apprehensive about whether they would get everything done on time as the date was drawing nearer and my aunt still had a lot (especially the venue) unconfirmed, but thankfully everything came together wonderfully and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!

Of course it was also exciting for me in my own little way as R would be meeting some very important members of my family! There were no doubts in my mind as to whether they would like him because he is incredibly likeable and gets on well with everyone!

I’m going to halt the wedding story for the moment so that I can proudly announce that I AM AN AUNTIE FOR A SECOND TIME!!! Hurray!! You may remember from one of my photo posts a while back that my sister informed us that she was pregnant again and that she had announced on Boxing Day that they were expecting a girl; I’ve been super excited for the little lady to arrive and super happy for my sister and her partner to be blessed with a child of each gender.
IMG_8788I was on tender hooks during my week off (especially whilst I was away in Portsmouth) as my sister was overdue; I text her every day to see how she was doing and she informed me on the 13th that she was dilated but her waters had not broke. I messaged her the next day but got no response from her or her partner, and I felt very weird; we were on our way home and within half an hour of being back, I heard my dad upstairs talking on the phone. I hushed R and muted the TV because I was certain that this was the phone call we had all been expecting; my dad was asleep from his night shift and I knew that no one would dare wake him up unless it was that call. Sure enough my phone rang after he hung up, and my sister informed me that the baby had arrived safe and sound within 4 hours of labour!

That Sunday we went and visited my sister, and I got to hold my darling niece for the first time: everyone, meet Summer: born 7lb 13oz on the 14/05/15!!
P1090703P1090684I’m not exactly sure what time she was born at as my sister didn’t inform anyone that she was going into labour because it happened so suddenly. She was born heavier than Harry but is smaller and not as long; she’s absolutely adorable and so tiny, she looks just like Harry when he was little!!

I adore her so much and I can’t wait to see her again but at the moment my sister is busy trying to get her into a routine; even though she is more prepared this time round and seemed to have more energy, she is also having to look after a lively little (almost) 2 year old, so I have to wait until I can visit her. Speaking of Harry, he has slowly been getting used to Summer but is rather unsure; he does stroke her and say ‘awww’ but he doesn’t bother with her too much and is very clingy to daddy right now. When we visited and he saw my sister enter with Summer, he immediately put his fingers in his ears, so I’m guessing the sound of a newborn baby has taken him by surprise!

Anyway, due to her being a week overdue and therefore Summer being just a week old by the time of the wedding, my sister and her family did not go; I was really gutted because she was the person I wanted R to meet the most, so will have to fit her in asap when everything has settled down!

Anyway, back on with the wedding story!! R returned and stayed over that night and dashed off in the morning which was great because he would’ve only distracted me whilst I got ready. My OOTD was a floral dress from Select which was the dress that I originally wanted and thankfully the website got it back in stock! I wore a pair of black heels, a black mini cardi, my black leather jacket (for my outside jacket) and a mint handbag from New Look! I curled (and burned =_=’’) my hair and wore simple, smokey eyes and pink dolly lips!
P1090756 P1090768Please excuse the messy room, we all know how girls get when they are running around trying to get ready for an event! Thankfully everything went smoothly (except the burning of my hair…) and I was ready at 11:00am; messaged R who told me he was nowhere near ready ¬_¬ but he arrived at 11:30am and then we set off!

I have so much respect for drivers now because the traffic was horrendous!! It was a Friday in the middle of the day, and it was heaving!! We were really panicking that we weren’t going to get there on time and on top of that, worried that we weren’t going to get anything to eat! No food places in the town centre of the city has parking unless you park in the multi-storey which we weren’t going to waste time doing, we were so lucky that we came across a BP garage and managed to get some food to scoff.

We arrived at the church and waited around an hour before the ceremony started, so we decided to take some photos beforehand whilst we waited!
P1090797 P1090801 P1090805The ceremony was religious with prayers and singing, and lasted over an hour; the majority of my family aren’t religious so we remained fairly quiet throughout, especially Vince who considers himself a Scientist at heart. However he still managed to look smart and holy for the occasion haha. I think me and R scrubbed up pretty well too!

The ceremony was really nice and it was really sweet to see both the bride and groom well up as they said their vows; I had Liam and R sit separately because I was afraid that they would somehow cause trouble haha, no faith in them whatsoever. The reverend bored me a bit though, for some reason he kept going on about marriages in different soaps and some of the things he said didn’t make me feel uplifted at all…Eventually it was over and we all went outside for photos, the weather was a bit sucky but the rain held off! Whilst the professional photographer was snapping the bride and groom and ordering certain family members in and out of the shots, me, R and my brothers goofed around a bit and got some nice photos ourselves!
P1090806 P1090832 P1090834 P1090836 P1090838 P1090845I haven’t had many decent photos of me and R so it was really nice to get some good ones; the ones of us laughing are because Vince shouted out a rude word and we cracked up lol! Liam is taking the piss in the last photo because I just kept snapping photos of him and Vince haha.

At one point we were called to stand behind the bride and groom whilst they sat on a bench; my aunt did ask for a photo with and without R because she hadn’t yet met him and of course I have previously had the issue where an ex has been in a family portrait and we broke up, but I think he ended up being in the photos anyway because my family encouraged him. When we were getting ready to have photos without him, I gave him my handbag to hold and the photographer told him that the colour suited him and made his eyes stand out haha so he posed with my handbag as a joke and the photographer snapped a photo of him! Can’t wait to get that photo 😉

Me and R were taken to the venue early and we helped set up some of the decorations before everyone arrived; there were lots of flowers, fake diamonds on the tables and a pastel coloured theme! We sat in our allocated places and waited for food to arrive; me and R in particular were getting a bit fidgety because we were so hungry!!
P1090850 P1090851 P1090862 P1090891 P1090863 P1090865 P1090880Haha thanking R for getting that snap of me looking impatient for food; dinner was a roast with various veg and turkey, and then we waited for the most exciting part – the desserts!!
P1090900Everyone got served their dessert except me because they forgot my lemon mousse/posset thing! Meanwhile Vince had taken my nan’s desserts off of her hands (she’s diabetic) and also my dad’s girlfriend’s posset (she can’t have citrus); I was getting pretty grumpy that I had not yet been served mine whilst he was scoffing everyone else’s as well as his own!!
P1090898Finally it arrived; here we have a dark chocolate stick, dark chocolate coated strawberries, a lemon and blueberry posset, and a (very rich and stodgey) chocolate brownie with caramel sauce!!
P1090867 P1090868Oh hello stranger from behind the camera! Have we seen you before?? Got a selfie with one of my favourite people of course! So far, so good and the food was yummy! Dad managed to brave the crowd and give his ‘father of the bride’ speech (he gave my aunt away since their father died many years ago) but didn’t even get through half of it before the best man stood up and took over because he thought my dad was handing it over haha dad didn’t mind though, I bet he was itching to get the speech over and done with since he was fretting about it for weeks!!
P1090913 P1090917After the food and cake cutting, we were sent into another room where coffee and tea was being served; they had a traditional sweet cart and a fun photo booth which everyone was taking full advantage of, including my dad who had also been taking advantage of the free wine and was quite tipsy by this point.

I took some more selfies with friends and family, and ran around after the children who for some reason were constantly getting into some sort of trouble! One of my cousins was crying before we swapped rooms because she stubbed her foot on the decking on the balcony, so me and nan comforted her and I told her to ‘Shake it Off’ like Taylor Swift (along with some tickling) and told her that she needed to be careful and that she didn’t really want to cry.

Later I spotted the younger cousin with a pouty lip, so I stopped her and asked her what was wrong when she started crying; I took her into the quiet (with Vince in close pursuit) and found out that her friend had stepped on her foot by accident and it hurt =_=’’. The children were running around barefoot because of the bouncy castle slide outside so being accident-prone, kept hurting their feet…I did the same thing with her and used my ‘magic hands’ before telling her to go and have fun.

“Finally! I can go and get that tissue I need- wait why is she crying AGAIN!?” The first cousin I attended to was outside crying yet again as she hurt her foot on the hard ground; I told her to shake it off again and told all the girls to be careful with their bare feet as the ground was hard before telling her that she didn’t really want to cry and that she needed to get back on that bouncy castle and show it who’s boss!! Tissue time! But not before I shouted at them all to be bledy careful!! =_=’’

I can’t really remember what happened around this time, I know there was an incredibly drunk woman who was being loud and flirting with my dad (and almost elbowing my nan in the eye in the process) about how he didn’t seem nervous at all in presenting his speech. Finally we were directed back to the first room because the disco had been set up!
P1090944My dad was rather drunk by this point and found it rather amusing to stuff two small helium balloons down his waistcoat to look like boobs…This is Liam’s tame reaction to my father’s antics, R then thought it would be funny to join in but his waistcoat was too tight…

It was then time for my dad and the bride to have their dance on the dance floor, and he was going all out that the bride ran away halfway through! He was doing proper dad dancing and posing with his ‘breasts’, so I took advantage of the situation and video’d him which I will use to blackmail him with in the future mwuhahaha…

The newly weds then had their first dance and my brothers joined them with my cousins since they are their God Fathers; it was a really sweet and touching moment, and I got some lovely photos of them all dancing together (although shame the girls weren’t in their dresses anymore). People started to join them and then dad ran in and popped the confetti balloon! It was all pretty exciting! I always thought weddings were boring because that is what everyone told me but I was thoroughly enjoying it! Then came the humiliation…

My brothers told me that they had cooked up some sort of plan for me and R and that it would all become clear on the night of the wedding, and no matter how hard I tried, they would not tell me! Turns out they were just winding me up and actually had no plan, that was until Liam came up with an idea on the night. I was at the bar with Liam waiting to get served when the DJ called out for me; wandering over to the dance floor extremely confused and still holding onto my purse, he then asked where R was! He announced that a special song had been requested for us but no one thought that everyone would then clear the dance floor especially for us!! I was still holding onto my purse and asked Liam if he still wanted me to pay for the drinks, before throwing it to Vince still very confused as I had not yet caught on to what was expected of me…
10996528_10152875518268994_1489547127123473695_n‘Puppy Love’. Seriously? Yes. My lovely brother requested the song ‘Puppy Love’ for us. R’s reaction is very clear in this photo, I’m almost certain he is saying a bad word lol. We could’ve walked off the dance floor and been spoil sports but then there would be no point even mentioning it in this post! So we owned the dance floor instead.
10440994_10152875518793994_2394142875096550524_n 11215861_10152875519763994_6377695680958970459_n 10404179_10152875523458994_4844485995126592246_nWe can’t dance for s*** but we gave it our best shot (really hard to keep up with an uncoordinated dance partner when wearing heels btw); however halfway through, R decided to go solo and I was left standing! At one point I thought he wanted me back in but he went back to being solo again!! We made it quite comical, and R was busy trying to ‘rope’ my dad on the dance floor (who was hopping around being paparazzi with my iPhone)!
11377091_10152875520283994_1390860047708014752_nEventually he took me back and we finished the dance with a nice bow and curtsey; afterwards I practically charged at my brother like a bull haha. Thanks for humiliating us!! My aunt and cousins however thought it was very sweet and everyone enjoyed watching us have fun and being happy; apparently some people thought that R was going to propose! Haha people please!!

I haven’t got any photos of this as of yet but me and Vince also owned the dance floor for ‘Uptown Funk, which we agreed on when we first heard the song! Hopefully I’ll get some photos of that!

Not much else went on that night to be honest because well…it is a wedding after all so people were getting more and more…jolly…and the lights went down so taking photos was pointless because they weren’t well lit. I had a fantastic time dancing with R and my family, and letting my hair down; it was mostly just my family on the dance floor going all out but I think those who weren’t dancing found it rather entertaining to watch! My cousins are smitten with R, especially the youngest who spent the entire night trying to get his attention by having him copy her dance moves ( as well as my brothers and myself)! We (mainly me and Vince because we really like that song) also went wild for Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ haha.
P1100083Guess who has who under the thumb in this relationship??? Hint: It’s me. I got him first with that nice print on his forehead and he made me resemble Simba from TLK with it smudged across my forehead haha. Looking worse for wear here and we looked even worse the next day!!

When the night had ended, we went back to my aunt’s with my dad and cousins; they all played Ludo in the morning (which R won – such a sore winner) before we drove back home, grabbing a Harvester meal on the way back!

The night was special to me in many, many ways; I was especially thrilled that my family were really pleased with R as a boyfriend choice, that my brother and me got to dance and be happy, and above all that my aunt and uncle got the wedding that they deserved!! It is a night I’ll never forget and I’m looking forward to attending more weddings in the future although I can’t promise that I’ll be as actively involved in them as I was at this one haha!

Unfortunately life goes back to normal for good now…I will return to doing 5 days a week, R has gone back to his job and we won’t be seeing each other for at least 3 weeks T_T. I have nothing new or exciting planned at the moment but I am determined to keep positive and plan some more things to look forward to! I am somehow hoping to attend Hyper Japan again this summer even if it is just for one day, because unfortunately Pixie has a wedding to attend so she won’t be able to stay in London with me, so I’m hoping to attend the Saturday event probably with Vince again and get myself another Alpaca!!

If you read all of this then well done and I hope you enjoyed it, I mainly wrote this post in thorough detail so that I myself can be reminded of all the amazing and happy memories of the night!! Until next time~♥

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