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A quick turn around – Babbles about the past week and upcoming plans!

Hello again! I don’t have much if anything to really talk about to be honest, within the last year an a half I have only used my blog for large photo posts or interesting events when it comes to my personal life but when I first started, I literally used this as an online diary to post about my thoughts and feelings as they came. I think I might start doing that a bit more because I feel that I don’t really blog that much, definitely not as much as I would like to, because I tend to have long periods of time where I lack excitement. I just really feel like blogging right now even though it isn’t about anything exciting.

So the last time I posted, I wrote a very depressing post about my sufferings with Depression and Anxiety; these bouts come and go, quite often they will be rather vicious and make me feel like the world is coming to an end, then suddenly I will perk right up and everything will be okay again.

Well I did just that, I started Wednesday (the day that I published my last post) with low expectations as advised by Vince and I’m not gunna lie, it turned out to be a very good day! My favourite colleague came in and she brought me homemade Millionaire Shortbread!! The last time she made it I got just one piece, and I have been hounding her for ages to make me my own little batch; being the amazing person that she is, she thought it would be nice to do just that since I have been so down lately! It really cheered me up and it tastes amazing (note to self: take photo of shortbread)! And the day just kept getting better and better; the weather cheered up, my favourite client called in and told me about the weather and how she would one day like to meet me, the books for my new course arrived, I went to the train station early to sit in the sun but a delayed train arrived and I got to go home 20 minutes early!!

Just when I thought that the day couldn’t get any better, I arrived home to find R’s dad chatting with my dad; these two have been friends for a long time (as well as our brothers being best friends) and I still find it weird that not only does my boyfriend get on so well with my family, that his family also get on amazingly with my family because they all knew each other before we did!! I’ve never once had a boyfriend who was so involved with my family! You know in the movies where the girl’s parents meet the boy’s parents and they have dinner? That can actually happen now! Actually it already has happened, long before me and R even crossed paths they were going out for dinner together!

The next time I see R, we will have been apart for a month (half of America trip btw so you can understand why it’s taking its toll on me T_T), so it was really nice to see his dad because it made the relationship seem more real; I know that sounds odd but imagine not seeing someone for a long time, nor seeing anyone connected to them, it will soon have you feeling that your relationship with that person is more your memory and imagination than reality! Anyway, it was really nice to listen to them chatter away, complaining about new roads to be built, their working conditions and sounding really country in general haha.

I’ve been feeling much better, I’ve started taking Kalms again so that might be taking the edge off of my anxiety; I’ve also got a busy weekend ahead of me what with seeing my family tomorrow and seeing my sister on Sunday, so I won’t have much time to think, be anxious, be bored or lonely! Next weekend I have booked me and my dad to see Jurassic World and I am SO EXCITED!! Me and my family are big fans of the JP trilogy and dinosaurs in general, so we are ecstatic that there is new film coming out!!

Then hopefully the weekend after that R will finally be returning home! Also fingers crossed that he will be able to get the last week of July off so that we can spend more time together and go and do some exciting summer activities! I was hoping to go on a proper holiday with him after our Portsmouth one like to Butlins or something, but I have a lot of other things that I would like to do and that we would enjoy just as much, and I think I would prefer to do them than spend the money on a Butlins holiday because even though I’m sure I would enjoy it, I think I would enjoy the activities I have in mind much more! Thankfully R is willing to drive me about, so I am hoping that July will be very eventful indeed, especially since I am still planning to attend Hyper Japan on the Saturday!

SO EXCITING! I will have lots more to write about, yay! I am such a big kid, I am looking forward to having lots of fun this summer before we blink and it’s Christmas! What do you have planned for the summer??~♥

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