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Snippets of the past few weeks – Feeling good, selfies with Summer and using my face without permission!! (Photo post)

Hello everyone! How are you??

Me? I’m surprisingly good!! Was a little down yesterday but mostly happy, since last Wednesday I have been feeling much more peppy and happy-go-lucky and just in general starting to feel a bit more like myself. I’ve been finding myself just floating along taking each day as it comes, and then after work I get really excited that another day is done and I can relax and enjoy myself for the evening! Already this weekend is almost over, time has just FLOWN by; I can remember last weekend like it was yesterday!! I know they say you should never wish for time to fly away but you kinda want it to when you’re at work all day, especially when you have exciting plans upcoming!!

I’ve been living by the advice my brother gave me as well as taking trusty Kalms meds, and it feels sooooo good to feel human-like again; I’ve also just enrolled on a Computerised Accountancy course and after a few days of being unable to sign up properly, I can finally start. I think this has helped me to feel like life is moving forward, one step at a time, and that I am no longer stuck in a rut. Planning things ahead to look forward to also has me feeling excited and happier, especially if they are plans that I can blog about!!

One plan that is 90% certain is a charity ball that I will be attending on the 1st of August with R, and it’s Great Gatsby themed!! We all know that I love dressing up, so I am currently looking for a dress that will fit the theme whilst being modern and wearable for other events; I also need to figure out the make-up and hairstyle!! That lands on the last weekend of July which I have booked off, so providing R can get it off too, we will hopefully be doing many more exciting activities that week!!

Despite planning fun activities and enrolling on a course, I haven’t been up to all that much since the wedding, so this is going to be more of a ‘snippets of my life’ photo post since I have nothing much to blog about!
IMG_0366I loooooove Tsum Tsums still and my collection is slowly growing! When I was in Southampton, I got to visit the Disney Store there which also happens to be the closest store to me now that the ones in the two closest cities were closed down! I was super happy to see their large Tsum Tsum collection, and managed to get my hands on a pair of Tsum Tsums that are from one of my favourite Disney movies – BAMBI!!! Thumper and Bambi are just too cute!! I also picked up Marie from The Aristocats, and Anna and Sven from Frozen; I’m not a massive Frozen fan tbh but Anna looked cute, and then the lady at the till told me that they only had 3 left of Sven in stock and then wouldn’t be selling them anymore and persuaded me to buy one of him too. £15.00 spent on tiny Disney plushes and I DON’T REGRET IT! Now I can stack my Tsum Tsums nicely (although running out of shelf space fast).
IMG_0481I thought this was a pretty photo so thought I’d share; back when Summer was only 3 and a bit days old, here’s mine and Summer’s first selfie together! Get ready Summer ‘cause your aunt is gunna teach you the ways of vain selfies!! My sister is gunna hate me haha =_=’’
IMG_0485I’m sure I’ve mentioned this ‘recipe’ before (if you can even call it that) but this is one of my all-time-favourite comfort foods – CHEESEY PASTA!! It’s so delicious and yet so naughty, but all those calories mean jack when you indulge in the melty-goodness that is Cathedral Cheddar!!
IMG_0677 IMG_0678Okay, so first of all let me just say that YES I am a blogger and YES I do post my photos online for people to see, be it Instagram, Twitter or my blog, but that does NOT give someone the right to use my photos without my permission! It’s the same as someone posting their art on DeviantART and then having someone steal their artwork; it’s one of the unwritten rules of the Worldwide Web, you DO NOT USE PEOPLE’S PHOTOS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. PERIOD.

Still some people believe that because it is on the internet that they can use what they like and to some extent that is true provided you use them in an innocent manner; yes I have posted photos here before that I have nabbed off the net but I have ALWAYS given credit where due if I know who to give credit to! I most certainly never claim it to be mine (have dealt with art thieves on DeviantART before) or, even worse, claim it to be ME. Ever seen the show Catfish? No? Please do it’s a great watch. Catfish is now a word in the dictionary with an added definition – ‘to lure (someone) into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona.’ Basically to pretend to be someone you’re not and lie to people.

Well this kinda happened to me, and it’s not the first time I have seen someone use my photo for their profile picture! R was browsing Facebook and saw that someone had liked a page called ‘Naughty Snapchat Users’ and spotted that my face was being used as the page’s profile photo!! Omg wtf? At first I wasn’t too bothered but it really bothered R who immediately attacked them for it. I told him that this had happened before and that I was sure with some negotiation they would remove it. So I messaged them and they just asked me which photo was mine, I explained which one and their reasoning for them using it was that they had found it on Google Images and it was one of the first photos that had come up! I checked this under my blog name, my personal name and under Snapchat and it did NOT come up on any of the pages, let alone the first. Which meant that this person had probably found it through Twitter or my blog and stole it! I told them to remove it or myself and my friends would report the page to Facebook and their response was ‘Okay go ahead babes’. W.T.F.

So Facebook war broke out and many of my friends were reporting the page and sharing it for others to report. Within half an hour I think, the page had removed the photo entirely from the page. I had some people screenshot the conversation they had had with the page’s admin and many were told to ‘f*** off’!! Seriously, it’s not cool to use other people’s photos without their permission, regardless of where they post it online and especially for something resembling a ‘naughty’ and potentially pornographic page! I’m an online blogger, I don’t want my readers to think that I send dirty photos over Snapchat!! Especially when my Snapchat is private with a total of 22 personal friends!! Okay rant over – no I am not giving out my Snapchat.
IMG_0713So with the realisation that I am an adult and as an adult I do have responsibilities and life is going to be boring at work ‘blah blah’, my dad kindly reminded me that despite all that, the fact that I live at home means I have NO responsibilities – huh really!? I reached my savings goal and he reminded me that now is the time to do crazy things and go on holidays, go to these conventions and spend money on what I want because once I’ve move out, it gets very difficult to do such things! Now is the time to make memories and experience life! So realising that having hit my savings goal means not having to squirrel away so much each month, I can now afford some of the bigger purchases that I have been hoping to get in my life at some point! Here are just a few of the things that I am after: A pink computer, an Instax printer, a giant ice cream lamp and a pastel kitchen (for when I do eventually move out).
IMG_0886THIS is the sort of stuff I send over Snapchat lol. I don’t know why but since being with R I hardly take selfies anymore, be they made-up for and posed or ‘in the moment’ Snapchats; maybe I am not so vain anymore eh?? Did I get bored of my own face?? Who knows? Anyway, this is what happens to me the minute a little wind kicks up, seriously considering chopping it all off and sporting a bob.
IMG_0908The weather here has been really nice and the sun has been shining (though not so much today), sometimes the wind is warm and sometimes it’s cool. Regardless the sun is still boiling so I managed to get a little burnt just sitting in it for 10 minutes! >_<
IMG_0882R is quite a fan of Britain’s Got Talent and tbh I don’t really care for it, but this year I decided to watch it each night with him so that we could text each other about it; I think Matisse is a beautiful dog and I’d love a Collie, I’m quite happy that they won. I know that ‘dancing’ dogs have won in the past but I thought their performance was particular cool because they had a story to it rather than just dancing to music. There was a massive outrage because Matisse had been replaced with Chase the ‘stunt dog’ for the tightrope stunt because Matisse isn’t very good with heights. The most I thought of it was that she probably should’ve made it clearer that Chase had been used instead but at the end of the day, she still trained these dogs and they still performed well. I’m glad that it didn’t go to that magician though, he was seriously crap compared to what magicians can do these days!
11427221_679497668861428_4908276931700514524_nLast weekend I visited my cousins as a surprise! My dad took this photo of me and the girls on some roundabout seesaw thing, I’m such a child haha. I spent the majority of the day building my little cousins Lego Elves set that I bought her and then her Lego Disney Little Mermaid castle – I had SO MUCH FUN. Any hints where I might be going this year…???
IMG_0913 IMG_0391“Welcome home Master!” Guess what arrived!? When I returned from my aunt’s, I was welcomed with a parcel containing my cosplay maid uniform!! I am thinking of using this for a mini project! I thought this was really cute because it looked more like a cafe maid rather than a home maid which is what I was looking for, and I thought it would suit me more; it needs an iron but it looks really cute! I won’t be wearing this to Hyper Japan this year but you will hopefully be seeing this again soon! The little headband is wonky and kinda hurts so I doubt I will wear that but the rest of the outfit is really cute!
IMG_0952Speaking of Hyper Japan, this will be me when I search for the newest addition to my Alpaca herd!! I really want a new one and it’s kinda tradition for me to get one when I attend a convention now; I am hoping to get either a pale blue, pale yellow or lilac coloured one!
IMG_0961My hair is getting SUPER LONG and I have mostly grown my fringe out now but I think it makes me look really untidy, so I expect I will get my full fringe cut back in before Hyper Japan! I think it makes me look more youthful whereas atm my hair is just all over the place lol.
IMG_0414 IMG_0418 IMG_0419 IMG_0423IMG_0975Guess what I watched yesterday!? OMG IT WAS AMAZING. I’m not going to give any spoilers but as a JP fan, this was absolutely brilliant and exceeded expectations!! It could’ve been terrible but thankfully it wasn’t!! Of course I dressed for the occasion with matching colours, JP top and a bone/fossil theme!! I ended up ill yesterday but I am still in awe!
IMG_0974Went to the same restaurant chain that me and R visited in Portsmouth and I ordered Mac and cheese again; it’s super yummy but I don’t think I will order it again because it is so rich. I still enjoyed it though!
IMG_0965Found this photo online and it made me lol because every time that I’ve watched SW, someone has always made a comment about how the Stormtroopers can’t hit s***. XD
IMG_0282 IMG_0437 IMG_0439 IMG_0440 IMG_0444 IMG_0449 IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0455 IMG_0483 IMG_0916 IMG_0966 IMG_0688I’ve been hoarding all these funny animal photos on my phone, I don’t know why but they really cheer me up! I find the salad cat and driving cat really funny because of their expressions haha! The last photo belongs to Bong QiuQiu of her two huskies Tiffany and Drago looking super excited for treats haha, thought their expressions were brilliant!

So that concludes my blog post! I am looking forward to this weekend because the boyfriend finally gets to come home! Don’t have anything planned as such, maybe go out somewhere nice! I’m all excited again for next month, better get saving for all the spending that I’m gunna be doing!! Until next time~

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