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“Your traffic is booming!” – Thank you for taking an interest!~♥

Hello everyone!

Just posting a short blog post today to say thank you to those of you who have taken an interest in my blog. My views boosted to 250+ on both Monday and Tuesday which although might not seem like a lot to some people, it makes me very happy to see that I wrote something that people have suddenly taken a keen interest in.

I’m speaking about my Yulin Festival post of course; the event took place on the 22nd-23rd June I believe, and I’m pleased that so many people took an interest in reading the post and hopefully they left having learned something and signed the petitions too! It makes me feel good to know that thanks to my post, more people are aware of this dreadful event and hopefully more people did their little bit to help by signing. There are lots of issues that I am passionate about, I know people could say that I should be writing about war and famine but everyone in the world is already aware of it, but not everyone is aware of the issues that occur daily on a smaller scale; I can help to raise awareness on the smaller issues whilst the press can continue to deal with the bigger ones. I hope to write some more issue-related posts in the future, maybe someone will learn something new or can relate.

On another note, I haven’t done much since my last life post; R returned home after us spending a month apart and it was really nice to see him again. It really sucks that I don’t get much time with him because a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning really isn’t enough and always goes way too fast!!

We visited Clark’s Village in Street near Glastonbury for a few hours on the Saturday, the weather was super nice!! I wore my new shoes and they rubbed a lot on my feet but I’ll wear them in over time. Glastonbury Festival has begun as we saw that all of the preparations have begun when we drove through, no chances of people sneaking in!! They must set up so early with marshals to prevent anyone sneaking in early and hiding within the area haha; people started making their way there today because the train station was packed with people carrying camping equipment. Afterwards we visited R’s Granny before returning to his and watching the F1 whilst I blogged about the Yulin Festival; I was unwell on Sunday so I didn’t attend a BBQ that R’s aunt was hosting, boo!

That’s been about it really, I’ve just been working and doing my accountancy course when I get home. I’ve been struggling to sleep and my anxiety has been a bit mean to me, not quite sure why; I really want to go on another holiday but I’ll be lucky if that happens anytime soon – that’s a lie, this is the real reason why my anxiety has been playing up! T_T

Anyway, thanks again for reading my blog! It’s nice to see another of my posts being number one instead of the ‘Anime Boobs’ post that I wrote a while back lol! XD

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