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Kukur Tihar: The festival FOR dogs (and other creatures)!

Hello everyone! Again I want to thank all of you who showed an interest in my latest post regarding the Yulin Festival, I am super pleased that this post has been viewed a total of 399 times within the past week! I hope that everyone who read it not only learned something new but signed the petition, as pressures from all across the world as well as within China itself are pressing on this annual event; each year the number of people that participate in the event decreases and those that stand against it increases. I am happy that I have raised awareness of the event to roughly 300+ people, and I pray that this is the last year for the Yulin Festival!

So today I bring you another pooch-related post, but thankfully this one is all round positive! Today I am going to discuss ‘Kukur Tihar’!
image006Kukur Tihar is the second day of the five-day-long Hindu autumn festival celebrated in Nepal to show reverence to humans, Gods and animals with a close connection to humans. Day 1 is the celebration of crows and ravens which is known as ‘Kaag Tihar’ and the third day is a celebration of cows which is known as ‘Gai Tihar’, but today we will be focusing on the second day which is the celebration of dogs!

Both pets and strays are celebrated as dogs are believed to be the messengers of Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death; they are worshipped each year on this day with the offering of garlands, tika and delicious foods to acknowledge the close relationships that they have with humans.
image010The garland of flowers that is draped around the dog’s neck is known as a ‘Malla’ which is a mark of respect and dignity; it is supposed to provide the dog with the look of importance and symbolises the prayers that go with the dog.
image009A paste made from Abir, a red-dye powder, rice and yogurt is made and a red mark is painted on the dog’s forehead which is known as the ‘Tika’. This is supposed to mark the dog as an object of devotion as well as a devotee to the righteous path as it is believed that dogs represent the concept of dharma, the path of righteousness. The tika is also supposed to endow the dog with an air of sacredness as well as acting like a blessing; it’s also the only kind of red substance that we want to see on a dog at festivals!!
image005We all know that the dogs’ favourite part of the festival is the food, and they are treated with many different dishes such as milk, eggs, meat, high-quality dog food, treats and sometimes sel roti, which is a deep-fried confection similar to that of a doughnut.
image011Overall it’s a very nice festival dedicated to dogs being celebrated, pampered and spoilt rotten, and THIS is the kind of festivals that we do want to see in the world, all over the world!! Because your dog is loyal and loves you dearly, they’re never mad at you and always happy to see you even when you aren’t happy to see them; the mistakes and messes they make are minor in comparison to the hours upon hours of devotion and unconditional love you receive from them. Go give your dog a hug, tell them that you love them, say thank you for all the doggy cuddles and happiness that they give you, because they might only be a dog to you but to them you’re their whole world.

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