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Tanks, trucks, planes and bikes – A day of different taste!

Hello everyone!!

How are you? Good I hope! It has been super hot here in the UK, reaching temperatures of 32 degrees! Super sweaty weather that has had me feeling pretty uncomfortable but it does mean that I have had a chance to wear some of my summer dresses since it has been far too hot to wear anything else!

For the past couple of weekends, R had returned from his job after being away for a month; we didn’t expect to do very much but thankfully we still managed to get out and do some activities!
IMG_0999I didn’t get an OOTD photo for what I was wearing but I was wearing a really pretty dress with this bohemian kind of pattern which was mostly orange, teal and brown; I wore it with my apricot platform wedges and black leather jacket (not that I needed it). We went to Street for the day and to be honest, I kind of wish I had picked somewhere else to go because I always forget that there isn’t much there for young people T_T. We had lots of fun smelling the Yankee candles though and we were only there for a couple of hours but it was still nice to get out for a bit. We visited Granny on the way back before chilling out at home. πŸ™‚
IMG_1010I think R watched Formula 1 whilst I blogged about the Yulin Festival and fell asleep haha; it seems that whenever we are together, one of us always falls asleep! Here is a super cute picture of Eric being a seal, I swear he’s a dog in a cat’s body because I’ve never known a cat to love having his tummy rubbed! So cute! At one point the weekend after he saw the opportunity to get on me and sprawl out, apparently I am very lucky as he doesn’t often do this to strangers. Mutual love~β™₯

I was meant to go to a BBQ the next day at R’s aunt’s house but I didn’t feel very well so he dropped me off at mine on the way there; I was quite sad to part from him but he ended up coming home early on the Wednesday, so I got to spend more time with him and had a rather active Saturday at some Royal Air Force day (I can’t remember what it was called or for I’m afraid, I forget lol)!
IMG_1016IMG_1018 IMG_1021 IMG_1027 IMG_1031 IMG_1046 IMG_1035So that morning we went to his friend’s man cave to check out a project on a Mini Sprite that needs to be put back together, and then we went to this RAF fair where they had lots of vehicles and even a Canadian Spitfire (did I get that right R? I swear you said Canadian, see I listen!!). You could pay Β£5.00 I think to start it up and hear the engine, apparently a thrill lol. It was incredibly hot that day but thankfully I dressed for it, but I was a bit grumpy when I didn’t know what to eat which consisted of a crappy burger and an ice cream haha. R was completely in his element, complaining about people not holding their gun correctly or wearing something right, or what out of the stuff they were selling he could get for free lol.

We then went back to his and he fell asleep until I pestered him awake and then we went and got Wagamama’s for dinner – his treat! It was really nice and he even got a little flirting from the waitress at the end Β¬_Β¬ lol.
IMG_1057 IMG_1054 IMG_1058He looks grumpy because I was taking photos of him lol. I wasn’t entirely feeling Wagamama’s but he was super excited and I couldn’t deny him that, so I got a Katsu Chicken Curry which was super yummy and he got a Ramen Noodles with duck.
IMG_1064I was really sad on Sunday because R had to go back and I won’t be seeing him now for 5 WEEKS. So I got myself into a mopey, self-pitying, ‘it’s not fair’ mood that night. However saying that and everything with regards to my anxiety post, I have been doing fairly okay (not as best as I could be but I’m getting there); I am slowly getting used to the idea of him being away for long periods of time, I hope that in time that it won’t even phase me any more and I won’t get extremely miserable everytime before he goes (though can’t promise that).

Thankfully we were going to see my sister that Sunday, so I had very little time for moping and had to get ready; Vince got to meet Summer for the first time (yes we can all be a fan of his moustache too), and as you can see she is already becoming an expert poser for photos, just look at that pout!! She’s so adorable and has got much bigger, super chubby cheeks and mega smiley too!!! Love her so much, she’s so cute!!~β™₯β™₯β™₯

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to; been working non-stop all week at work and then working after work on my CA course and managed to hand my first assignment in on Thursday! Met with J yesterday for the first time since she returned from Tunisia and we discussed plans for going to Hyper Japan next weekend!! I am super excited!! She’s super excited too as she has never been to anything like this before, I am excited to show her what it is all about and to experience Kawaii for the first time! I think I am going to do a make-up trial later on tonight! Tomorrow me and my dad are doing a GoT marathon for Season 5, so I can finally be in the know about what happens!!

To end my post, here are some funny pictures that have collected on my phone again; I started following a Tumblr page on Facebook and now my feed is constantly bombarded with funny pictures!
IMG_0989 IMG_0990Star Wars made a serious come back for Father’s Day and here are the cards that I found! I really liked the Stormtrooper one but I didn’t get it for him as I don’t really think he has watched SW much and might not understand the joke here lol.
IMG_0987Funny dog picture and the caption was ‘Me when someone asks if I want to finish their food’ or something to that effect lol made me laugh and is pretty fitting to what I can be like when there is food around haha.
IMG_0988Found this picture after watched Jurassic World and tagged my brother in it, a possible idea for Sootie; my cousin’s girlfriend then posted a status that my cousin has agreed to her getting a cat when they move in together provided she shave it to look like a dinosaur lol.
IMG_1011Here’s another funny cat photo, aren’t they cute? What a good photo! But seriously this is how I feel when I’m stood next to Pixie haha!
IMG_0956 IMG_0980 IMG_1012The top picture made me laugh so much, probably more than a normal person because I took Philosophy and Ethics in Sixth Form haha. The puppy is SO adorable and one that I might like some day in the future, and the Pitbull photo is such a wonderfully cute photo; her puppy looks just like her and such unusual colours!!
IMG_1077Ending the post with this adorable puppy picture sent to me by Pixie; it’s her brand new puppy, Zero, named after the dog from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. He’s really cute, I can’t wait to meet him!!

I am so psyched for next weekend, I love attending conventions because I’m totally in my element! I can’t wait to show J a little bit of my world and hopefully get myself a new Alpaca!! Are you going?? If so then see you there! Don’t be afraid to say hi if you spot me! Until next time~β™₯

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