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A busy weekend in the East – Train rants, Great Gatsby and a 5+ hour journey with a wannabe American Cowboy!

Hello everyone!! How have you been? It has been a little while, I do have plenty of upcoming blog posts but unfortunately I have not had much time to sit down and sort out all of the content yet but I promise you will be seeing them in due time! Other than working and wishing away my work hours, filling what spare time I have with my CA Course and tasks that desperately need doing, I have been doing well, nothing that exciting. Standard for me really, you only ever hear about the excitement and snippets of my life, which is exactly what today’s blog is going to be about (but not before a massive rant so bear with or skip on ahead)!

On Friday 31st I had the day off because I was going to be travelling East for the whole day as I was going to visit R for the first time, so I wanted to have plenty of time to do it in where I had no other plans; I’m not gunna lie, it was a crappy as hell day! I was absolutely exhausted by the end of it, so continue reading if you want to know what happened and why I think First ‘Great’ Western are the biggest bunch of f*** nuts to ever grace the words ‘public transport’, if not skip to the writing in bold to hear about the actual excitement of that weekend!

So I set off to my local train station which was completely out of power, meaning I couldn’t print off my tickets that I had pre-booked for the journey. The guy who usually sits at the desk told me that I could get them to print the tickets off for me in London Paddington for the rest of my journey which stressed me out because anyone who has been to a London station will know how jam-packed it can get and how long it can take to get your tickets. I really didn’t need this as I only had about an hour to work out the tube by myself and then navigate Kings Cross station, both of which I have never done before! As if that didn’t put a dampener on my mood, my train was also delayed by 15 minutes and I realised that I had less time than I thought in between catching my trains, which meant the delay would only give me 15 minutes to run around KC station looking for my platform provided the trains were on time from here on.

The train ride seemed smooth but we didn’t manage to catch up on time, and I ended up getting into Paddington around 15:20; the barrier man was kind enough to send me through just by flashing the email of my pre-booked tickets at him, so I ran off to tackle the tube without purchasing my tickets. The tube could’ve been another disaster because I had almost thrown away my Oyster Card which was hiding amongst the leaflets that I had collected from Hyper Japan and only just thrown out; if I had thrown out my bedroom rubbish sooner then it would’ve been bye-bye Oyster Card and another setback for the day! Thankfully I found it, and navigating the tube was the easiest part of my journey (pretty proud of myself tbh)!
Kings-Cross-Station-Concourse-2Kings Cross station is BIG, it’s not just the little part you see on Harry Potter. I had no idea whether the underground station was attached to KC station or not and so I just followed the signs out of the building and down the road to the main entrance to the station; I had 2 minutes to spare and couldn’t find my platform, so I missed my train and had a massive rant to R down the phone about FGW being s*** and how I wouldn’t get to him until 19:00. I got my tickets printed off and the man informed me that I had just an hour to wait until the next train to Cambridge which would get me to my final destination at 18:35. I got myself a sandwich since I hadn’t eaten since 9am and then spent 10 mins trying to find a damn bin (yeah KC station has NO bins despite there being a ton of food stalls/places to buy takeaway food from), a guy with a bin cart got my attention and let me dump my rubbish in his cart.
IMG_2663I got a peek at the Harry Potter shop and the Platform 9 ¾ photo area (photo above not mine) but I couldn’t do anything as there was a massive queue waiting to get their photo taken with the trolley and even to enter the shop! I wasn’t too fussed as I was hoping to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour during my week off but unfortunately it was completely booked out!!

16:44 came round and I boarded my train to Cambridge, only to find out that some selfish idiot was walking around the tracks outside the station and therefore we couldn’t depart! I had to call R and tell him that I would probably miss my next connection too (which I did as we waited 15 mins in the station and I only had 15 mins to swap at Cambridge for my next train); he told me that he would get me from Cambridge as it wasn’t far but because I didn’t text him when we were leaving KC station, he ended up leaving when I had already been travelling for 40 mins @_@. So I got into Cambridge which was not only very hot but FLYING ANT CENTRAL (btw I HATE, HATE, HATE flying ants), and I had to wait at least 40 mins until he picked me up. I practically kissed the car when I had got in. It wasn’t long before we arrived in his town where I would be staying for the night!!

End of rant. If you got this far after reading my rant then congratulations and thank you for reading, can you relate?? If not then I totally don’t blame you for skipping past the tedious dramas of my life. On with the exciting part!

So we went to Frankie and Benny’s for dinner because we were both starving; I had the spaghetti bolognaise and he had some ‘blue burger’ or something, then I had the chocolate fudge cake for pudding! It was super nice to catch up and to be treated to dinner ^_^. He then drove me to his base where we would be staying and after getting my photo taken for a pass, we were finally in his room! He was pretty excited to have me finally visit which was really nice, and since we both had had a pretty exhausting day we ended up dropping right off to sleep!

The next morning I woke up and we had to start getting ready because…it was the night of the Great Gatsby-themed Charity Ball!! I was quite exhausted and super nervous as I was going to be meeting all of his friends for dinner later that day! I decided to do the majority of my make-up and curl my hair for the night’s hairstyle that morning so that I didn’t have much to do later on. When we were ready, we had to drive a little while to our hotel where we would stay for the night and get ready! We went to Nandos for dinner and I got to meet all of his friends who are all very nice and made an effort to interact with me and make me feel comfortable ^_^. We then headed back to the hotel to get ready which was a bit of a rush, there were a few things that didn’t go to plan such as my headband being broken and my forgetting to pick up more elastic to fix it, lack of time to fix my chipped nails and lack of time to make my make-up more glamorous (with false lashes etc.); R also walked into the bathroom several times which completely ruined the surprise reveal I was going to give him T_T. Anyway, here’s our #OOTN (outfit of the night yeah?)!
P1100541 P1100545I don’t understand why we both look so different in that top photo lol. R wore the grey suit that he wore to my aunt’s wedding which was actually very fitting for the theme! I wore a rose gold skater style dress with a gold sequin top and chiffon skirt, teamed with my pale beige platform heels (with a gold glitter heel) that I had originally bought for the wedding but liked so much that I kept, my hair in a textured side bun, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, a number of gold rings, a gold pearl hand chain and a large clutch that matched my shoes perfectly (though not pictured).

I would’ve looked more 20’s had I fixed and worn the pearl headband that I had but I still think that I looked pretty nice! I didn’t know if people were dressing up for fun or dressing up formally because it technically was a ‘ball’, so I thought that I would downplay it just in case and buy a dress that I could wear for other occasions as well!
$_12The dress I am wearing however was not my original choice! I originally ordered the dress above which is a dusky pink ‘bridesmaid’ dress with a v-neck neckline (popular back then to have deep necklines), a lace-up back and a lace overlay (another popular choice of fabric); the fact it is a skater style and a dusky pink was more to do with it suiting me as well as being usable for other formal events, and would still look 20’s enough when teamed up with the jewellery and hairstyle I had planned to wear. Unfortunately the dress didn’t arrive. Why? Because I ordered it on the 1st July and the seller didn’t send it out to me until 2 weeks later because of some ‘Chinese holiday’ that I saw no notice for on their shop or to even have a polite email from them after ordering! When I messaged them they said that they had sent it out via fast shipping and that it was in my country and would be with me within 3-5 days; well it got to the 23rd and I started to worry that it wouldn’t arrive on time so then I ordered a backup dress from the UK which arrived the following Tuesday and I decided to wear for the event because the original dress didn’t show up!

2015-07-30 05:14 

BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE, Item returned to sender

2015-07-30 04:50


2015-07-28 10:49

BRISTOL SERVICE CENTRE, Scanned as part of secure process

I ordered it from sheen_bridal999 on eBay, do not order from them or be fooled that they have 100% positive feedback!! When I chased them up on the Monday, they told me that they have checked the tracking service and that it was refused delivery but nothing had even been delivered to my house as my dad was in all week and no note was left by the postman to say they had attempted a delivery! I told them that I wanted a refund but they said that it would help if I signed for it and then sent it back; I agreed only if I was to be repaid for sending it back to them since it is their fault this has all messed up in the first place! They didn’t seem to want to comply and just asked me to sign for it and send it back if they contacted the depot and got it sent to me again otherwise it would be destroyed.

I checked the tracking myself and discovered that the dress had NEVER EVEN LEFT the depot, so the refused delivery was something their end and nothing to do with me; the latest status said that the item was being sent back to the sender, so I asked for a refund and opened a case against them on eBay. Funnily enough, they immediately complied by refunding me the full amount and said that if the dress did show up then I could keep it free of charge if I could give them 5 star feedback. I did but my comment made it clear I had been given a refund for my item, I think their positive feedback is down to their quick communication and (albeit slow) refunding of previous customers and allowing them to keep the item as a gift! When I first ordered it they sent me an email (didn’t even mention this ‘Chinese Holiday’ then either) to confirm my size and dress style but they were confirming that I wanted a size 10 in the dress when my order clearly stated size 8, so they couldn’t even get it right from the start and I even stated then that I needed it by the 30th latest for a special event!! STAY AWAY FROM THAT SELLER!!

ANYWHO, we got ready and headed off to the event! Unfortunately I did not take my camera with me because I wasn’t sure of what the event would be like and didn’t want to risk losing my camera or having it handled by strangers! The venue was at a football ground and was decorated nicely; there were tables for people to sit at (I probably would’ve taken my camera had I known this), lots of nibbles on each table, a bar, a sweet selection section, a dance floor, a raffle (which we did not win – R so badly wanted the Kettle Chips) and a fun photo booth! The charity that we were supporting was Cystic Fibrosis for a 4 year old boy, the disease itself is one close to my heart and with everyone chipping in between £5.00-10.00 for raffle ticket strips and £20.00 for the entry ticket, I am hoping that they raised a lot for the disease!! I won’t lie and say that it didn’t make me emotional to finally get a little involved with the disease and that a little boy not much older than my darling Harry was affected, because it really did and quite often I was in my own world trying not to cry. Thankfully a few drinks cheered me up and I was able to stay off the wobbly side.
11781759_854970877889751_923205038009997508_n 11822320_854972397889599_3161486244439415045_nHearts to protect people’s identities!! Us girls went in the photo booth first and then all of the couples went and had their photos taken together; the rules were that we needed 1 nice one, 1 prop one, 1 kissy one and then one of our choice. Mine and R’s are ‘too nice’ according to his mate but that’s kind of what I wanted anyway since we don’t get many photos together! We then had a group one which consisted of 4 large blokes and 4 ladies cramming into the tiny booth, but it was a lot of fun – and yes, I do have a pig on my head!

After lots of drinking (hur hur) I loosened up and got on quite well with everyone ^_^ R seems pretty happy with my efforts! When 23:30 swung round we decided to make a move as we had a long day ahead of us on Sunday with a 5+ hour journey home! I woke up the next day feeling incredibly hungry and extremely tired as even though I slept, I felt like I hadn’t slept at all! We left about 09:30 and someone wanted McDonald’s but the food I wanted wouldn’t be available until after 10:30 when they stopped the breakfast menu! I was so grumpy and seriously tired but cheered up dramatically when I got some food inside me! I then had to spend many hours in a hot, loud car with the windows open, American country music blaring and someone ‘singing’ to his heart’s content (bless him~♥); he kept telling me to get a nap but with how loud everything was, it was a little hard haha! We got home by about 15:00-15:30 O_O I felt it for days after!!

I had such a fun weekend overall, me and R really love to dress up and formal occasions don’t pop up very often!! It was also nice spending time with R after a short while apart and then he was home for 2 whole weeks! I’ll write about what I got up to during that time in my next post as this is already long enough!

I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end soon, this month might well fly by and we’ll be coming into the cooler months before we know it! Best get as much use out of my summery kit as I possibly can within the next 4 weeks!! Are you having a nice summer?? Thanks for reading!~♥

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